Open Power Association Newsletter #12: 400+ parameter tests and a model

The Open Power Association at published Newsletter #12. The original newsletter N 012_Luglio_2014_Ottimizzato in Italian is here.

Excerpts below are google-translated to English, then, in some cases, slightly smoothed out.

Dear Friends, there is much news this month!

It is a matter of pride for us, as well as honor, be able to announce that Our Scientific Director Ugo Abundo has been officially invited as a speaker at: “First International Workshop on on Nuclear Syntheses Without Harmful Radiations”
Organizers: A. Bhalekar (India), C. Rope (Italy), and T. Vougiouklis (Greece)

Session 110 of the ICNAAM meetings in Rhodes, Greece, September 22 to 26, 2014
TITLE: An Intrinsically Irreversible, Neural-network-like Approach to the Schrödinger Equation and some Results of Application to Drive Nuclear Synthesis Research Work

010 NEW REPORT: Open Power Association Main aspects in the modeling of an electrolytic cell: effect of parametricoinvolti.

Study of Anomalies [.pdf]
Theoretical Analysis: Prof. Michele Di Lecce
Experimental Campaign: Prof. Ugo Abundo

It is also experimental evidence for the presence of anomalies that existing partial models do not wholly explain, first of all the “negative resistance” that many cite as a condition for the possibility of direct extraction of electrical energy from the natural oscillations of the plasma.

This report also analyzes the main aspects of the behavior of an electrolytic cell, in order to gain a following consistent pattern that frames the role of the parameters involved, and operational status, the complexity of the response to the operating conditions.

The data of the experimental campaign (more than 400 structured tests) conducted by varying the interelectrode voltages, the exposed electrode surfaces, the interelectrode distance, the temperature, the concentration of electrolyte, reading the resulting intensity of the circulating current and detecting any scintillations to the cathode and electromagnetic waves (frequency and intensity) show different anti-intuitive aspects.

It will be the task of a subsequent report grant the concomitant phenomena, and often antagonists, in order to obtain a model of the mechanisms, with some parameters to be estimated by means of ad-hoc tests, usable as a forecasting tool for the design and operation of equipment for plasma electrolytic.

To a classical scheme of the electrolytic cell and its power supply system, is added, in parallel to the electrodes, a series RC circuit with the load (lamp), to which the alternating voltage is monitored extremes generated, which turns on the lamp.
Full report:

We are pleased to announce that by unanimous decision the Executive Our Association “Open Power” resolved to ‘inclusion as Honorary Member of: Prof. Walter A.N. Valeri “For scientific merit and Scholars”


MFMP-NOBEL-PEACE-NOMINATION4 In the scope of the conference “Innovation and Research” held in Assisi June 28 last was the official candidate of the MFMP (Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project) and Francesco Celani for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“Innovation Research Conference on the trails of Matter and Spirit,” Gen. Murace delivery to Bob Greenyer, Francesco Celani and Ubaldo Mastromatteo for Live Open Science for Peace.

ALWAYS PRESENT! Interviews with major initiators of cold fusion in Italy:
Profs. Giuliano Preparata, Emilio Del Gudice and other researchers with limited funds braving the hostility of the official academic culture and started the first fundamental studies that have contributed to the present results. The interviews were extracted from a RAI program: Format of a few years ago.


Segnialimo ‘s article by Luciano Saporito on Brown’s Gas: Yull Brown (an Energy for the Future)
Full article:


PROF. CHRISTIAN ROPE ON GRAVITATIONAL WAVES “GRAVITATIONAL RADIATION OF FUND AS SNAPSHOT OF THE UNIVERSE PRIMORDIAL” Much has been made recently of the so-called gravitational waves, also because of the ‘”Antenna” for the detection of the same which is under construction in Cascina, near Pisa, the famous Project VIRGO …
Full article:

“Turn Tesla patents car open-source” Elon Musk, we free the way for the creation
ARTICLE copleto:

“Bicycles in the anti-aircraft bunker, when saved the life cycle”
The ancestors of our bike-generators come from the bunker of World War II, where pedaling meant to ensure the continuity of ventilation systems and ventilation
Full article:

“Environmental Crimes 213 billion a year”
Did you know that the global environment-related crime in the name of profit goes over to any rules and rule on the enforcement of ecosystems has a turnover of about 213 billion dollars every year?
Full article:

New Law on Forests: Here comes the green light in the Lombardy Region for minorities and associations: “Easier to cut the woods»
Full article:

“Greenhouse gas emissions: just 18% from the livestock sector”
The FAO report: “In his 2006 report ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’, – true milestone on the subject – FAO had found that 18 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions were caused by the livestock sector, taking into account the entire life cycle aggregate. The final report on greenhouse gas emissions will take the same approach, but using updated data and providing a disaggregated analysis of the different production systems, as well as indicating solutions for manufacturers, for the processing industry and for the political organs. ”
Full article:

“THE SECRET OF SHAME ALEMA” FEPES (Foundation for European Progressive Studies
2008 to present, the FEPS has received 16.7 million Euros!
Massimo D’Alema is committed to the FEPS, Foundation for European Progressive Studies. The former prime minister has been president since 2008.

And the public support for our Open Power Association, which is responsible for identifying energy “cheap, clean, inexhaustible”? ZERO EURO! How so?? This type of research study is unimportant? Or maybe we are not as good as those of the “FEPES”?!

“But all this confirms the mechanism of a double-track EU austerity for citizens and then payments to parties and foundations” … D ‘Alema help you …
Full article:

DOES NOT SEEM REAL: “At the expense of our 70 nuclear warheads on the Italian territory”
According to a survey by L’Espresso, Italy is by far the country which holds the highest number of U.S. nuclear weapons.
Full article:


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Open Power Association Newsletter #11: New Office in London Opens

Newsletter #11 for the Open Power Association at has been released. A google-translate of selected excerpts follows.

The full issue in Italian is here.

Newsletter No. 011 – June 2014
Dear Friends,
Also there are many news this month!

page. 2 “OPEN POWER” has opened an office in London
page. 3 “Survey of the occurrence of species of symbiotic algae subjected to weak electric stress (microvoltaggi)”
page. 5 “Historic 25th Anniversary Meeting at MIT Cold Fusion”
page. 6 “Cold fusion: the E-cat greek has come to an end”
page. 7 we indicate the website:
page. 8 Please note the website:
Page 9 Please note a wonderful website!
Page 10 There segnialimo’s website: “Foundation Homa”
Page 11 There segnialimo the website: “GasPiro”
Page 12 Please note with pleasure the Blog: Marco Giai-Levra
page. 15 “Energy Festival 2014”: interviews with protagonists
Page 16 “Unidentified Flying Objects Crashes in a small Village in China!”
Page 17 “Siam three small tubicin …”
Page 18 “Archeology, Anthropology, and interstellar communication”
Page 20 “The animals are born libei!” 1

We are pleased to announce that Our Association “OPEN POWER” has opened an office in London with these references:

Ugo Abundo Communications, an Open Power facility
3rd Floor
207 Regent Street

“Detection of occurrence of species of symbiotic algae subjected to weak electric stress (microvoltaggi).”
Experiments conducted by researcher Quirino Puppies, a member of the Open Power.
The system under study is composed of three elements:
a) A cell containing biological substance, which acts similarly to a stack;
b) a system for the transmission of electrical signals;
c) a culture of algae, and in electrical connection with the system), by means of the system b).

The device Rotoverter (RV) + Alternator is a device consisting of two identical three-phase electric motors connected to each other by a joint where the first (PM) serves as the main motor and the second from the alternator. It is a technology that modifies an electric motor making it capable of producing much more power, using less energy than normal.
In addition, modifications can be applied to “rotoverter generators,” in an attempt to obtain overunity …

“Historic 25th Anniversary Meeting at MIT Cold Fusion” by Christy L. Frazier
Sincere appreciation is extended to the speakers for reviewing summaries of Their Work. Photos are courtesy of Ruby Carat at Cold Fusion Now.

“Cold fusion: the E-cat greek has come to an end”
Interview by Roberta De Carolis (NextMe) Franco Cappiello (Mose Ltd)

Final technical report on calorimetric measurements used in the demo Defkalion GT
Luke Gamberale – CTO Mose Ltd.

particularly in the materials section, you can read: “Space full or empty space” by Marco Todeschini, Edited by Fiorenzo Zampieri.

We inform you with pleasure: “Bioenergy Research Centre Georges Lakhovsky” Directed by: Gianfranco Galvani
You can also download free of charge from the center of interesting notebooks in PDF format:

The Foundation Homa
The foundation Homa was born in Novara May 4, 2009, from ‘initiative of a group of friends, united by gratitude for the infinite potential and wealth that nature provides to humans every day. Its purpose, therefore, is to endeavor to facilitate the spread of a lifestyle distinguishing trait of the coexistence between humans and nature on the basis of mutual respect.
The activities that pursues Homa, in Italy and abroad, aiming to raise awareness and education of individuals to environmental issues. To work to raise awareness, Homa combines an active part of research that aims to design simple purificazionedell’acqua technologies for the production of renewable energy and the promotion of natural farming.

GasPiro is a “green idea” where they merge together innovation, ecology, economy, issues more relevant than ever, especially in this period, themes, this, that a more careful observer have always been the pillars of our “modern civilization”, which should co-exist in harmony, but often we do prevail one over the other.

GasPiro, in about a year, has evolved since its prototype base for cooking / pitched to his older brother for use on energy requirements, demonstrating that the road taken, even if uphill is the right one. The research done in recent years has absorbed times and charges; Research is expensive, even the failures they are, but they can always go back to their mistakes, which if accepted humbly open to new solutions.

energy-festival“Energy Festival 2014”: interviews with protagonists

Help support Our research and experimentation on LENR. We remind you that you can join the ‘Association “Open Power” by connecting to at:–adesione.html

or please make a simple donation:

This section of the site accessible from the main menu is published interesting news:

“Articles” are accessible from the main menu here:

HEADING: “Pills of Wisdom”
PILL 008
Animals as living beings have the right to be respected and loved. Their freedom must be defended! Animals should not be used, enslaved. Also the respect for human life passes through respect of life of all other living beings. The ‘Man will make an evolutionary leap and realize true peace only when also learn how to protect the lives of animals. We are not owners of the lives of animals. Our animals are often also friends, and they give us so much love and joy … You do not need to eat animals! There are alternatives: cereals, legumes, various seeds, fruits and vegetables. We live very well from vegetarian to … C ‘is then the milk and its derivatives, and then there are also eggs, which give us the cows and chickens, both animals can be raised with love and respect, in the wild … What need c ‘is therefore to inflict suffering and death on animals? In slaughterhouses, with hunting (hunting would be a sport?) … Not to mention that the so-called “scientific research”, which is just business, and that involves practices of real torture against so-called “animal Laboratory “(guinea pigs?). There are no laboratory animals! There are only living beings, in this case animals, which have their own sensitivity, which are born free and on earth! A “science” that inflicts pain is not worthy of the name, but only a tool in the hands of ignorant people, poor and often sadistic …
L. S.

National Science Foundation – Cold Fusion & LENR – Search Engine Censorship


The National Science Foundation falls short. According to them, popular Cold Fusion – LENR Science does not even exist. In the age of the Internet this equates to search engine censorship. Recently (last year) the U.S. finally revealed links to LENR. Yet the National Science Foundation site still leaves people clueless, without any information provided on low energy nuclear reaction science or engineering.

The incident leading up to my investigation of search engine censorship of LENR was a World Wide Science Alert for “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” sent on Jun 19, 2013, informing me about Doug Wells  – NASA “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft” research grant; which enabled our coverage of it.

I then found this about World Wide Science org.

On behalf of the World Wide Science Alliance, was developed and is maintained by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), an element of the Office of Science within the U.S. Department of Energy.

At World Wide Science you will find hundreds of publications about LENR – Search 2013 and 2012 LENR  and 2011 LENR. Including this paper picked up by the “Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China” web search engine. The Chinese science web portal yields high LENR returns; which leads me to believe more Chinese have news of LENR Energy than do Americans.

NUCLEAR, AND CLEAN 原文传递 Joseph Zawodny, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 2011-01-01

Experimental evidence indicates low-energy nuclear-reaction (LENR) technology is potentially an extremely clean and green energy source that could revolutionize not only aerospace but the wider field of power generation for home and industry. But much work remains to turn today’s inefficient and self-destructive devices into practical powerplants, LENR is a form of nuclear energy. Although research goes back to the birth of nuclear physics, recent work began the late 1980s and the “cold fusion” debacle of Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann. A growing body of increasingly repeatable experimental evidence indicates the LENR effect is real and is likely not fusion, cold or otherwise. Theories to explain the phenomenon have emerged, but the majority have relied on flawed or new physics, often being used to explain only a small subset of the extant evidence and ignoring the rest.

Yet nothing is listed about LENR at the U.S. Department of Energy OSTI.  Their search engine censors out the LENR publications found by the World Wide Science search engine. Why? It certanly shouldn’t.

  • Your search – LENR – did not match any documents.

  • No pages were found containing “LENR”.

Only recently has the DoE revealed links to LENR science through their Science Accelerator site. It fails to provide much of the information available, censoring out almost every paper on LENR research. Science Accelerator lists only two LENR publications for 2013, four from 2012, and three from 2011.

U.S. National Science Foundation Fails Mission – Shows Ignorance

Regarding LENR Science

“The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 “to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…” With an annual budget of about $7.0 billion (FY 2012), we are the funding source for approximately 20 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by America’s colleges and universities. In many fields such as mathematics, computer science and the social sciences, NSF is the major source of federal backing.

We fulfill our mission chiefly by issuing limited-term grants — currently about 11,000 new awards per year, with an average duration of three years — to fund specific research proposals that have been judged the most promising by a rigorous and objective merit-review system. Most of these awards go to individuals or small groups of investigators. Others provide funding for research centers, instruments and facilities that allow scientists, engineers and students to work at the outermost frontiers of knowledge.

NSF’s goals–discovery, learning, research infrastructure and stewardship–provide an integrated strategy to advance the frontiers of knowledge, cultivate a world-class, broadly inclusive science and engineering workforce and expand the scientific literacy of all citizens, build the nation’s research capability through investments in advanced instrumentation and facilities, and support excellence in science and engineering research and education through a capable and responsive organization. We like to say that NSF is where discoveries begin….

Many of the discoveries and technological advances have been truly revolutionary. In the past few decades, NSF-funded researchers have won more than 200 Nobel Prizes as well as other honors too numerous to list. These pioneers have included the scientists or teams that discovered many of the fundamental particles of matter, analyzed the cosmic microwaves left over from the earliest epoch of the universe, developed carbon-14 dating of ancient artifacts, decoded the genetics of viruses, and created an entirely new state of matter called a Bose-Einstein condensate.” – end quote

The NSF Can “Begin to Discover”

At Cold Fusion Now!

Bose-Einstein condensates and the theorized role they play in the low energy nuclear reactive environment.

  • Purdue Nuclear and Many Body Theory Group – PNMBTG-6-2011

  • “Generalized Theory of Bose-Einstein Condensation Nuclear Fusion for Hydrogen-Metal System” (LENR)

  • Dr. Yeong E. Kim Department of Physics – June 18, 2011

  • ABSTRACT (download pdf)

  • Generalized theory of Bose-Einstein condensation nuclear fusion (BECNF) is used to carry out theoretical analyses of recent experimental results of Rossi et al. for hydrogen-nickel system. Based on incomplete experimental information currently available, preliminary theoretical explanations of the experimental results are presented in terms of the generalized BECNF theory. Additional accurate experimental data are needed for obtaining more complete theoretical descriptions and predictions, which can be tested by further experiments.

  • Read new data about the Rossi reactor (shown as this articles title picture), “Indication of Anomalous Heat Energy Production in a Reactor Device”. Found through a title search here at worldwidescienceorg and at scienceacceleratororg. No reference to the paper is found at the National Science Foundation.


  • The  state of matter called a Bose-Einstein condensate was not “created” by researchers funded by the  National Science Foundation. Rather its existence was verified through scientific experiments. (discovery)

  • Bose-Einstein researchers review LENR papers citing the role of Bose Einstein condensates in the low energy nuclear reactive environment.

  • Learn from Nobel Laureates about popular “cold fusion” science…..         LENR by –Dr. Brian Josephson and LENR by –Dr. Julian Schwinger.

  • The U.S. National Science Foundation assuredly knows about LENR Science and is certainly marginalizing LENR Research.(search engine censorship)

The National Science Foundation has an Impressive Budget

The  NSF FY 2014 Budget Request for the Research and Related Activities (R&RA) Appropriation is: (given in million to one dollars)

  • $6,212.29 million, an increase of $523.29 million, or 9.2 percent, above the FY 2012 Enacted level of
  • $5,689.00 million. Support from the R&RA Appropriation enables U.S. leadership and progress across the frontiers of scientific and engineering research and education.

$6,212,290,000 ($6.2 Billion) +/-  $493,290,000 / 8.6%

That’s 6 billion 212 million and 290 thousand dollars ” plus or minus an estimated $493,290,000

Plus or minus a budget variable of $493.29 million?

The NSF should give that budget variable to…

NSF – LENRgy – Engineering and Science

LENR Grants/$493,290,000/National Science Foundation

Not likely since, at NSF – LENR does not even exist…

Where is Cold Fusion – LENR Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Science at NSF?

LENR Censored at NSF Budget Poorly Spent

National Science Foundation – Cold Fusion / LENR – Search Engine Censorship



Your search – nasa lenr – did not match any documents.

No pages were found containing “nasa lenr”.


  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
  • Try different keywords.
  • Try more general keywords.

There is nothing about NASA LENR at the National Science Foundation.


Then there is this search for “cold fusion”  (link)

Which leads us to this list discrediting popular ‘cold fusion’ researchers

  1. – National Science Foundation (NSF) News – NSF  He organized and chaired the high-profile 1989 meeting on cold fusion that
played a major role in establishing a more scientific perspective on this – 57k – 2013-05-25
  2. Assessing Fundamental Science: III. Performance Measures with certain caveats: in a few cases, high numbers of citations may indicate
a negative evaluation (eg, the disputed cold fusion results); possible – 23k
  3. [TEXT] Title : NSF9046 – Directory of NSF-Supported Young Scholars  scrap metal into superconductor materials, finding ways to separate/analyze
vital metals like the palladium used in “cold fusion” energy experiments  – 1997-01-13


Search for “cold fusion energy” (link)

Yields Nothing!  Zip! (just a 1997 duplicate from the previous search) 

  1. [TEXT] Title : NSF9046 – Directory of NSF-Supported Young Scholars  metal into superconductor materials, finding ways to separate/analyze vital
metals like the palladium used in “cold fusion” energy experiments, or – 1997-01-13


Search for NASA LENR Documents at the NSF

Search for “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, The Realism and Outlook” link

by Dennis Bushnell Chief Scientist NASA @Langley (article)

Yields NADA! Zip! Shhh! Keep very, very quiet about it. At the NSF we believe in censorship by omission.

Your search – “low energy nuclear reactions the realism and outlook” – did not match any documents.

No pages were found containing “”low energy nuclear reactions the realism and outlook””.

Search for “The Nuclear Reactor in Your Basement” link

NASA – Climate Change News (article)

Once Again! NADA! Zip!


“LENR – A solution for all your energy needs.” – quote NASA

Not according to the National Science Foundation. LENR energy does not exist!

Contact (LINK)

Demand LENRgy at the U.S. National Science Foundation

NSF Director Subra Suresh – “New Era of Global Science & Engineering”

National Academy of Engineering – Washington D.C. September, 2012 (slideshare)


“Where Discoveries Begin” – sic –

FY 2014 Budget Request to Congress

April 10, 2013 (pdf)

End Search Engine Censorship

Begin to Discover @ Cold Fusion Now!


Explore these in-links to this article on the web
About 199 results  (i.e the Blog-O-Sphere)

Post Script

Excellent research and educational opportunities are enabled through the NSF. Most all of the folks at the NSF are outstanding, with zero tolerance for corruption or censorship in science and I respect them for their works. Thank you all for the loving works you do.

And Now… For the Rest of the Story

  • The Scientist Magazine: Exporing Life Inspiring Innovation

Now Part of the LabX Media Group: Lab Manager Magazine | LabX | LabWrench

Clandestine NSF Panel Warms To Cold Fusion

By Christopher Anderson | November 13, 1989

WASHINGTON—Four months after one federal agency killed the prospect of government support of cold fusion, a second agency has brought it back to life.

“The strange phenomenon of low-temperature nuclear fusion, announced at the University of Utah with great fanfare March 23 by two chemists, took another bizarre turn last month when a self-described “upbeat, enthusiastic” panel of experts assembled by the National Science Foundation’s engineering division concluded that the effects of cold fusion are real and “cannot be explained as a result of artifacts, equipment, or human errors.” Besides contradicting a preliminary report issued by another panel of experts convened by the Department of Energy in July, the October workshop was vehemently opposed by physicists and chemists at NSF. In seeming testimony to the audacity of their effort, the sponsors tried to keep the meeting secret, initially planning to transport the participants by bus to an undisclosed location for their three-day meeting. Then, after news of the event was leaked to the press, NSF agreed grudgingly to hold an informal “media opportunity” rather than a public press conference to declare the panelists’ support for further research.”


ICCF page on Wikipedia considered for deletion

The Wikipedia page for the International Conference of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS) is being considered for deletion “in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.”

Generally called the International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF), the apparent violation includes designation as a “Fringe topic with insufficient coverage in mainstream sources to establish notability“.

In Wikispeak, the article fails the “General notability guideline“, i.e.:

If a topic has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject, it is presumed to satisfy the inclusion criteria for a stand-alone article or stand-alone list.

According to Wikipedia, the article also fails for “Primary, secondary and tertiary sources“:

Wikipedia articles should be based on reliable, published secondary sources and, to a lesser extent, on tertiary sources. Secondary or tertiary sources are needed to establish the topic’s notability and to avoid novel interpretations of primary sources, though primary sources are permitted if used carefully. All interpretive claims, analyses, or synthetic claims about primary sources must be referenced to a secondary source, rather than to an original analysis of the primary-source material by Wikipedia editors.

While we find the article poorly written (focusing on the word “crackpot” one too many times), the article does not meet the deletion criteria above.

High level research more than notable

Cold fusion is an umbrella term utilized to denote the science surrounding the Fleischmann-Pons Effect (FPE) of excess heat generated from metal-hydrides, as well as the multitude of transmutation effects.

The back page of the 2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar lists all the ICCFs held.
The back page of the 2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar lists all the ICCFs held.
At every ICCF, researchers from agencies, academia, and private industry have met to untangle one of the greatest scientific questions in history: what conditions can cause such great heat to occur in tiny pieces of metal when exposed to hydrogen?

To find an answer, workshops have been conducted by every branch of the U.S. military, with the Naval Research Lab (NRL) scheduled to present results of their decades-long program at the next ICCF-18 meeting to be held at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri. The NRL’s David Kidwell will deliver a keynote speech on the opening day.

Sharing that opening address will be the CEO of a multi-billion dollar scientific equipment and software company, National Instruments. James Truchard will speak on the role his firm will play in developing both the science and technology.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) have seen fit to fund SRI International’s science program, among other programs. EPRI sponsored the proceedings of ICCF-4.

Low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research has been taken seriously by NASA, who have been the most vocal of U.S. agencies in advocating for increased attention and funding, given the huge ramifications for space exploration and society as a whole.

Open-source projects like the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have produced a coalition of citizen scientists and nuclear physicists across borders through international cooperation.

The American Nuclear Society and American Chemistry Society are but a few of the entities around the world working to provide answers in condensed matter nuclear science.

The service environment for a new economy is building around small independent start-ups seeking to produce a commercial product.

Is not this list not notable?

Secondary sources provided by federal government’s collection

For years, Wikipedia has unreasonably targeted cold fusion, low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), lattice-assisted nuclear reaction (LANR), chemically-assisted nuclear reaction (CANR), Fleischmann-Pons Effect (FPE), the anomalous heat effect (AHE), quantum fusion, low-energy nuclear transmutation (LENT), and Hydrogen energy nuclei interactions (HENI).

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax knows a bit about that, as he was one Wikipedian editor who advocated to keep the topic justly-treated, and was banned for his efforts. Now he seeks to develop a ‘cold fusion kit’ that would be available for the public to reproduce the experiment. Lomax provided the experimental set-up used by high-school student Eric Golab in The Believers movie.

For over two-decades, CMNS papers appeared only on community websites, such as the International Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science library or author Jed Rothwell‘s

Now, these papers find themselves in the federal stores at (search LENR). From the website: is an interagency initiative of 17 U.S. government science organizations within 13 Federal Agencies. These agencies form the voluntary Alliance which governs

Even the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE), who does not yet officially acknowledge the existence of the anomalous phenomenon, has a database of papers at (search LENR) whose list of citations includes many papers from ICCF proceedings themselves:

Science Accelerator is a gateway to science, including R&D results, project descriptions, accomplishments, and more, via resources from the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), U.S. Department of Energy.About

Thanks and credit go to Paul Maher for keeping tabs on the federal information banks, and watching the evolution of their fare. They show secondary sources on a science that is decidedly not fringe.

We suggest screen shots of Wikipedia’s page. There will come a day when the Wikipedia article on Wikipedia will need a good dose of historical fact.


ICCF Wikipedia article up for deletion Lenr-forum

LENR Conference Proceedings New Energy Times