Frank Acland of E-Cat World on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

Frank Acland started on April 4 in the year 2011 after Andrea Rossi had performed a public demonstration of his nickel-hydrogen-based steam generator named the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat.

“A Focardi-Rossi news conference was late in January of that year, and I became aware of it through some friends. I just got interested in it, and thought, why isn’t this being reported on more anywhere else?” he says.

“I thought it was a story worth following, and I thought it was worth putting out there, and once I started, I really haven’t been able to stop.”

Listen to Frank Acland on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Ruby Carat on our podcast page.

“To me, the story has never died. It’s become a long and winding road, but I’m just as interested now as I was then. So I haven’t stopped, and I don’t plan on stopping until there is some obvious resolution. Since I don’t know what the future holds, I’m just going to keep going until something happens where I can’t go any longer.”

Back in 2011, the Vortex-l mailing list was where speculative science and new energy talk happened. had been in existence barely a year, and rejected the belicose comments and unknowable claims. stepped in to host the debate over Andrea Rossi’s technology, but even there, comments were quickly curbed to prevent all but the news and blow-by-blow of the engineering developments.

“I didn’t want to be administering a website that was full of acrimony and arguments, so I set up the rules that I was comfortable living with,” says Frank Acland, whose been actively screening the comments since.

“I wanted E-Cat World to be a place there this topic is taken seriously. I have always felt that Andrea Rossi came up with something important. I’ve never felt he’s been telling a big lie all years over what he’s done, though, obviously, he’s extremely secretive. So I just made it a policy that this would be a forum where we’re not going to argue over whether he’s a fraud or liar – that’s not what I wanted the website to be. I’ve set up moderation rules that are listed on my site and I’ve stuck to them.”

“I know there’s some people who don’t like the fact that certain comments are not allowed on the site. People can talk however they want to elsewhere. For me, it’s worked well.”

With over 3000 posts to-date, E-CatWorld maintains a hopeful outlook on a Rossi reactor. Frank Acland is not a scientist, but a librarian by training, and has catalogued the details of the E-Cat drama since it emerged through the Internet in 2011.

A visit with Andrea Rossi

It was 2017 when Frank Acland visited Andrea Rossi. “I received an invitation to come and visit with him in Florida in March, early 2017. He took me to his lab, and I believe it was in the actual Doral facility where he had been running that big machine for the yearlong period.”

“I never actually saw that unit. This was right in the middle of the lawsuit with Industrial Heat. He spent the year inside the shipping container, and this was shortly following the end of that test and when he was involved in litigation.”

“At that point, he was working on the Quark, it was a small machine that was on the desktop. The best picture of that has been published by Mats Lewan back in January. It was a little tabletop thing. We took measurements and he showed me calculations, and at that time, the COP was around 20,000 or something like that. That was at the beginning of when he had developed the first iteration of the plasma system, and that’s what he’s continuing to work on now.”

See QuarkX presentation and Mats Lewan’s presentation .pdf Nov 24, 2017.

E-Cat QX Claims: volume ≈ 1 cm3, thermal output 10-30 W, negligible input control power, internal temperature > 2,600° C, no radiation above background.

“It was fascinating of course, because I’d never seen an E-Cat in my life. I was a student and he was a tutor. He was showing me what he had, he was taking measurements with a spectrometer. He showed me how he calculates the energy in the plasma. Of course, this is not an area where I have any expertise at all. I was basically sitting there like he was the teacher and I was the student, and he was explaining how he was coming to his conclusions as to what the COP was.”

“So I saw it with my own eyes and I kind of followed along with his calculations. But this was in the early days, and I did notice there was a big control system on the desk, and he was putting some kind of secret waveform into his plasma, and I did not know what was in there.”

“He was measuring the energy on the plasma side of the control system, but he wasn’t measuring the input into the control system. So there was that issue.”

“I was basically there as someone who was following along, and thinking, ‘Wow, if this is true, it’s a really a very big deal.'”

“At the time that I went, before I went into the room, he pulled out a piece of paper and I signed an NDA. While I was there, I wasn’t taking photographs. I realized that this isn’t something I’m going to be able to go home and report about.”

“Later on that year was the presentation held in Stockholm, and he showed the same system, and then I asked him after that, OK now you’ve shown to to the world, is it OK if I report on what I witnessed? Basically, what I saw was what he showed in Stockholm.”

Videographer Eli Elliott and Andrea Rossi are seen in Miami, FL when Cold Fusion Now! visited and interviewed Andrea Rossi in 2012. Polaroid Photo: Ruby Carat

The MegaWatt IH Lawsuit

Frank Acland had visited the Doral location, but had never seen the MegaWatt unit. Andrea Rossi had abandoned the idea of a large energy generator and returned to the problem of controlling the reaction in a smaller reactor first.

Says Frank Acland, “I never saw the megawatt unit. All I learned about the megawatt unit is what he reported during that time, and what came out in the court case.”

“I think the megawatt unit actually worked, but it sounded like he had to be there constantly to keep it going, it needed constant care and attention. It was not something he could commercialize in that at that point in that format, but I believe he learned a lot from it.”

Photo: Rossi states that 1 megawatt energy catalyzer is being used for commercial heat production

“I think he was able to translate information he got from the big unit and start making small units, and he’s still perfecting it, so we’re not there yet.”

Why did Andrea Rossi give up on the possibility of $100 million dollars and support to develop the reactor offered by Industrial Heat? Frank Acland gave his take.

“I don’t much beyond what was reported in his blog and also what came out in court, but when Andrea Rossi made a deal with Industrial Heat, my sense is he probably thought they were going to be supporters of him, and that they would be working together. When they started working with other researchers – and I think this was the thing that upset him initially – was that they were not only supporting him and the E-Cat, but they were supporting other researchers.”

“I don’t think that sat well with him. As we know, from the very beginnings, he’s very circumspect about what he says about his technology. He probably told Industrial Heat things that he assumed were going to his supporters – and this was one of the complaints in the court case – that he was concerned that they were sharing things that he told them in confidence with other researchers. Maybe he felt like his IP was being violated or shared, and that was not what he was hoping for when the deal was initially struck.”

“That was not something that he had envisioned, and he wanted to fight to get out of it. I don’t remember the day when he started that lawsuit, but that’s when everything blew up.”

See Rossi v. Darden docket and case files here courtesy

Frank Acland is still confident in Andrea Rossi’s ability to generate a reaction, but whether or not a technology will emerge from the Leonardo Corp. lab is another question.

Andrea Rossi stays the course

“My feeling is that yes, I think he has a very advanced technology. That may not be the consensus. I think a lot of people had hoped that following the press conference with Sergio Focardi, all of this would be out in the open by now, and we’d be using E-Cats in the business world, if not in our homes, but it’s been a long time.”

“But my impression is that Andrea Rossi has always had very big ambitions as an industrialist. As an industrialist, he is extremely secretive because probably – and I think he’s a very smart man whose worked extremely hard over these years – but, if somebody knew what they were doing, and knew the ins and outs of the E-Cat it would not be too difficult for them to replicate, and I think that’s something he definitely does not want to happen, because as an industrialist, this is not in his business interest to share this information.”

“I think that’s the reason he is being so guarded. He wants to make that possibility as slim as possible. I don’t know if that’s possible to happen. There are many people who realize there is something this LENR phenomenon, and mainstream science has dismissed this as being an area for people on the fringes of science.”

“When the day comes that they realize, ‘hey this is for real’, I think there will be an explosion in research and there will be people developing this technology in different ways all over the world, and at that point, it will be impossible to keep secrets.”

“But I don’t think Andrea Rossi is going to change his course. He’s made the decision on how he’s going to go about it and I think he’s going to stick to his guns.”

When asked if Andrea Rossi has heard about the Tadahiko Mizuno report, Frank Acland said “His standard response when it comes to questions like that is, ‘I never comment on my competitors.'”

“I don’t know what he thinks about the Mizuno report. Obviously, if they are using systems that he has experience with, then I’m sure he’s paying attention to it, and trying to maintain his advantage.”

“I think he might be able to learn from people, but I don’t think he’s going to collaborate with people. That’s just the way he’s operated all these years. I’m sure that he reads; I’m sure he pays close attention to what gets published. I don’t think he’s going to change his way of operating. He’s set his course and he’s going to do his best to stick to his course, and whether it’s successful or not , we’ll have to see.”

“I honestly think he has a very advanced technology. I do not know how successful his business plan will turn out to be. That’s yet to be seen. It’s still not entered the mainstream of business or industry. As he said recently, ‘he is in a pioneer phase’. So I think he’s working with select customers. I have no information about who any of his current customers are. There’s a great deal of mystery, even to me, though I’ve been following it closely for years.”

“I’m not really scouring the Internet – ‘oh, who could he be working with?’ Unless someone reveals themselves, I don’t think we’ll know. Until there is something to sell or on the market, it will take a customer speaking out to get more information.”

Optimism fuels the future

Several other labs have recently achieved increasing levels of excess heat from their heat generator designs, including Tadahiko Mizuno, who has reported kilowatt-sized excess heat.

“The encouraging thing about the Mizuno technology,” says Frank Acland, “is that he’s written a paper giving the instructions, saying exactly how he did it, and encouraging others to follow suit. And from what I’ve seen, there are numerous people who are interested in doing this or already are doing this.”

“Actually I read on your website Cold Fusion Now! that Mizuno said that he’s given reactors to 12 different groups to test out, and I’m very interested to learn what they report. I hope it won’t be too long. Mizuno himself said the he was going to reveal data, maybe at the ICCF-22 conference.”

“I also saw there was a group in Estonia called Deneum and they put a video out showing themselves doing the actual preparation.”

Ruby spoke up about the possible toxicity of nickel dust and that preparation of the mesh should be done in a glove box for maximum safety.

“Mizuno sad that nickel powder is very toxic, responded Frank, “I’m sure it’s important to take every safety recommendation.”

“Also, the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Alan Goldwater has published a live document talking about his preparations, I’m not sure what stage he’s at yet, but I’m encouraged!”

Energy 2.0 Society prepares for breakthrough

“The Energy2.0 Society is a small group of people mostly from Iowa, though one of our members is from Washington State. We formed in 2015 because we all felt like LENR was an important technology, and we all wanted to encourage more people to investigate it and learn more about it.”

“For quite a while, it’s been difficult to get this message out, there’s not really much that one could point to in terms of a third party saying yes, this is real and this works.”

“We’ve had some discussions recently about the development of the Mizuno technology and we’re hopeful that within the not-to-distant future, we’d like to have more meetings and discussions with people outside of the LENR community about what this technology can do, what its potential is, and what the implications are for society in general. But we haven’t had very much to hold up and say ‘look at this!’ We’ve been sort of watching and waiting, along with many other people following this technology. and we’re hoping that maybe in the next year or so, there will be more to talk about.”

“The cold fusion community is a very small community by the size of it, when you compare it to other things that people are interested in like politics, music, sports. I’d say there’s probably maybe 10,000 people around the world who follow it seriously. The solar industry is a huge industry, with many thousands of people working in it; it’s massive compared to cold fusion. But I think at some point, cold fusion will be where solar is right now.”

“Go to and that’s where you can find everything I’ve published over the years, I think its over 3000 posts – it’s been a long time – and I’ve never tired of it yet. Someone’s got to do it!”

“Sometimes it’s a bit of chore, but most of the time it’s a labor of love.”

Listen to Frank Acland creator of on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Ruby Carat on our podcast page.

Fundraiser for Ruby Carat to attend ICCF-22

LENR-forum has initiated a charitable fund-drive for Cold Fusion Now! to attend the 22nd International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ICCF-22 and we are asking for your financial support.

For nine years, Cold Fusion Now! has been providing activism and media in the service of new energy from cold fusion. This year marks the 30-th Anniversary of the announcement of the discovery of cold fusion by Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. I will be attending the conference in Assisi, Italy taking video interviews and statements from international scientists around the globe who are able to make it to this historic event. These interviews will form the basis of a documentary on the history and future of cold fusion/LENR/metal hydrogen energy … and it’s Rumplestiltskin-like nature.

Do you enjoy our reporting on cold fusion? Why not show how you feel?

July 2010 in Eureka, California. Cold Fusion Now! was only three months old. Part-time math teacher and sometime musician/artist Ruby Carat shows off new sticker on her truck.

Getting access to international nuclear scientists isn’t easy, but at ICCF-22, we’ll have the top CMNS researchers in the world together to discuss current results, and talk about the past history and their experience in this historic global collaboration since 1989.

Be a part of this historic moment and contribute to Cold Fusion Now!

I’ll be showing off another project at the conference, too!

Sci-fi comic artist Matt Howarth has inked the drawings for a 30-page comic book on the early days of cold fusion. I wrote the text, which was based on the reporting in Eugene Mallove’s Fire from Ice and personal interviews with scientists.

Here’s a sample page of Matt Howarth’s excellent illustrations where we have Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons in the kitchen making dinner – and working on the designs of the experiment.

Early version of illustration of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons designing experiment from the cold fusion comic book written by Ruby Carat with art by Matt Howarth.

It is not “the” story of cold fusion. No 30-page condensation can come close to the complexity of cold fusion history and the multitude of stories that each and every researcher experienced as they tried to replicate the most difficult experiment of the century, and were punished mercilessly for if they succeeded. That’s for the screenplay!

Here, no names are used in the global cast of characters except those of Martin Fleischmann, Stanley Pons, and Steve Jones. Many characters are distilled amalgamations of multiple people, and intended as symbolic icons representing a whole group or paradigm. Other characters will be instantly known by “insiders” from their picture. Still other characters will be recognized through the exact quotes sprinkled among the word balloons.

This cold fusion comic book is a distillation of events focused on the story of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons and what we know of their experience. We also occasionally educate about the science as well as the history, as this version of page 7 shows:

It’s just about finished – we’ve been working on the happy ending, where our heroes of science achieve a green-future victory for all of lifekind – their only weapon – a tiny test-tube. We hope to introduce a cold fusion story to a whole new generation of adventurous youth.

We’ll work on getting it published through the mainstream, and I understand from Matt, that could take some time. But I’ll be showing off a version at ICCF-22 to get comments and feedback from the community – whatever they are!

Over the last nine years, Cold Fusion Now! has created a positive presence for scientists in this revolutionary field, paid for by the personal funds of one part-time math teacher. LENR-forum has gifted me their fundraising efforts for our attendance at ICCF-22 and I’ll be sending photos and updates to the Forum from Italy.

Won’t you help us with this historic effort? Contribute to Cold Fusion Now! Your assistance gets you a Prize in October!

THANK YOU to all those who have supported our work over the last nine years. It made a difference to know you were there for me.

10/10/10 Global Work Party Cold Fusion Now Outreach
She was told the best thing to do was “start talking” about cold fusion. She didn’t stop for nine years. Ruby Carat 10/10/10 in rainy Eureka California.

Community support means everything. Cold Fusion Now! is all volunteer – for a better future for everybody! Contribute to our success and be a part of this historic moment!

ICCF-21 Monday and Tuesday Presentations

Cold Fusion Now! attended the 21st International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ICCF-21 held June 3-8 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, US and captured video and snapshots of the event.

Pages summarizing the presentations are currently under construction, but take a peek at Monday and Tuesday’s summaries enhanced with audio files of presentation lectures:

ICCF-21 Cold Fusion Now! Compilation Monday Presentations
ICCF-21 Cold Fusion Now! Compilation Tuesday Presentations
ICCF-21 Cold Fusion Now! Compilation Wednesday Presentations

Thanks go to Robert Ellefson who contributed the audio files. Not all presentations were able to be recorded. Additional processing was done by Esa Ruoho. Please report any errors and we will address them.

Look for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s lectures this week! We’ve got more photos, more audio, and a positive feeling that the field is stronger and more diverse than ever.


Open Power Newsletter #20: Appeal to ICCF-19 for Open Power’s voice

Open Power Association at has issued Newsletter #20. The following was written in English, and slightly modified before re-posting here.

Read the original .pdf in the Open Power Newsletter Archive here.

Newsletter N. 020 – Special issue – April 2015
Editorial: ICCF19 Committee in Italy gives no voice to the Italian Open Research Organization.

Open Power unbelievably anticipates the “move” in the chess game, filing a Patent Application on march 9th, 2015 to protect Open Science against mere business: in prospective, free licenses will be distributed to selected major protagonists.

As inferable from the titles of the interventions allowed to the Congress, numerous “titles” will contribute to confirm the whole mosaic of the Open Power process (e.g. Bazhutov, Biberian, Celani, Goryachev, Gromov, Huang, Li, Parkhomov, Petrucci, and so on).

We would have preferred to expose, share and discuss our work together with the involved researchers, instead of merely communicating. However, luckily, the free circulation of the advanced ideas is guaranteed by the Net, stronger than any obstacle.

Thus, we can now show in advance that, according to the preliminary experiments dealt with in the attached report, the “fig. 2” reactor as conceived in the related Patent Application, does indeed properly work about experimental scopes it was designed for.

-Ugo Abundo Open Power Association

The adventure continues…
To the full report prepared for ICCF19:
Link to the video of experimental set-up:

Link to the full text and drawings of the patent Application:
We have not received a reply to our e-mail request for an explanation sent to ICCF19 at 29/03/2015 below?! Read .pdf here.
We leave to the readers judgment on the matter…
always look:
for the latest news
If you do not want to receive this newsletter any more, send an e-mail to:
with subject: no more newsletter

Open Power Association Newsletter #17: Roy Virgilio honored; collaboration with Francesco Celani moving forward

The Open Power Association at has published Newsletter #17. Selected excerpts of interest to readers are google-translated and posted here.

Read the full and complete newsletter in the original Italian here.


2015: if it were a good year?!

Dear Friends,
The reactor ITAbetatron is now ready to support the experiments planned. In the coming weeks we will enter the heart of the work, and we all wish you success in this endeavor!

In this case we will finally have a new source of energy: clean, inexhaustible and economic, that creates the conditions for the welfare and prosperity of the peoples of the Earth, and at the same time to combat global warming, and therefore dangerous climate change in place thus also saving the planet Earth.

All your help will be useful if not decisive. Therefore you renew your subscription to ‘Association Open Power or subscribe for the first time. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself! CLICK HERE and with your association, also receive a nice gift!


in the foreground a particular extension of the reactor ITAbetatron:


Are you entrepreneur-minded? Then you may want to consider the possibility of investing in our promising research to find a new source of energy: clean, inexhaustible and economic.

Seize this opportunity now!

Send us an e-mail with your proposal to:

We will evaluate and if necessary, fix an appointment for you to learn more about our program, and what we can do to collaborate.


The Directors of the Open Power Association resolved unanimously to appoint the Honorary Member in 2015: Roy Virgilio

Roy Virgilio, Honorary Member 2015 Open Power Association
Roy Virgilio, Honorary Member 2015 Open Power Association

Roy Virgilio, deals with conventional renewable energy, and more exotic for about 10 years.

In September 2002, he founded, covering cold fusion experiments and other clean energy, with a focus on biofuels. In 2004 he also founded the Shared Forum on Renewable Energy Sources ( where the threads of all energy sources are collected.

In 2005 he organized the National Conference on Cold Fusion held in Pisa in April, and participated in the foundation of the NPO and Social Promotion “EnergoClub” for the conversion efficiency of the planet.

Since 2004 he has been a speaker at several conferences throughout the country, talking about Free Energy, Cold Fusion and Biofuels.

He also writes articles for magazines of science and environment including “AamTerranuova“. In 2007 he published his first book “Biofuels Yourself”, currently in its second edition.


Hubble-montageSometimes we humans are hypocritical, selfish, evil and even violent.

Nevertheless: Our nature is Divine! Let us help you remember this by connecting to the beauty of the ‘Universe also watching the beautiful images taken by the space telescope: Hubble!






Francesco Celeni
Francesco Celeni
And ‘We are honored to be able to announce that Francesco Celani
(website: officially collaborates with “Open Power”!

Francesco Celani, besides being always our friend and esteemed scientist, is an honorary member of “Open Power” from the foundation of the ‘Association itself. Thursday, December 11 (2014), Francesco Celani has visited our new laboratory in Rome where he met amicably with Ugo Abundo, our President and Scientific Director of the ‘Association “Open Power”, for a scientific debate on issues of common interest. On this occasion was made official the relationship of scientific collaboration that will elapse between us.

Interviewed by Luciano Saporito, he had words that fill us with pride about our commitment in the field of new energy.

Francesco Celani also claimed that “the laboratory Open Power is well structured, the enthusiasm of the researchers involved transpires, the search ranges in different directions that complement each other, carried out in specific work islands; the procedures are scientifically confirmable, and equipment built, well-engineered, integrated fields of investigation and promising, and proposals for innovative solutions and optimal desirable to make the maximum effort in running projects designed”.


Celani-cell-of-discoveryA NEW DISCOVERY (June 25 2014) FRANCESCO CELANI!

It is an electrical phenomenon, apparently not due to known phenomena, due to the interaction of Hydrogen gas with long (100cm) fine wire (diameter 100 microns and 200-meter) Constantan (alloy Cu_55%, Ni_44%, Mn_1% with traces of Iron from 0 to 0.5%) having the surface covered by the same Constantan to reduced dimensionality (measured between 50 and 5000 nm with SEM) as methodology developed in LNF also with the help, at various levels of external colleagues. The whole is measured, at a macroscopic level, when such INDIVIDUALS wire, electrically isolated from each other with sheaths made of borosilicate glass, placed inside a reactor having also the hydrogen gas, have an internal temperature of> about 150 ° C and external next environment. In other words, it is as if you were in the presence of a new form / method (apart from the well-known Seebeck effect and / or Thompson) CONVERSION DIRECT from Heat to Electricity. E ‘truly challenging, from the point of view of scientific speculation, the role of Hydrogen understood as mono-atomic and / or even proton. Obviously we’re just starting. New recent (December 15, 15:00) results show that the ignition temperature is not 150 ° C but only (about) 55 ° C. ”

PRECIOUS were some suggestions on the issue of “abnormal current” provided to Francesco Celani also by some researchers and collaborators Open Power.


Published on:
An interview by Maurizio Melis with Francesco Celani aired on Thursday, December 25, 2014 on Radio 24 under the heading: “Smart city, voices and places of’ innovation ‘directed by Maurizio Melis.


movie-clipPublished in:
a new video in which Ugo Abundo illustrates some details of the ItaBetatron reactor. TO SEE THE FULL MOVIE: CLICK HERE




Alexander Parkhomov has confirmed the Hot Cat experiment.
Alexander Parkhomov has confirmed the Hot Cat experiment.
Russian scientist Alexander Parkhomov
Would successfully replicate the E-Cat Andre Rossi.
The reactor prepared for the ‘experiment

Fig. 2 Reactor prepared for experiment.
Fig. 2 Reactor prepared for experiment.

Fig. 4. The reactor in operating time. The covers from a thermal insulation and vessel with the reactor are removed
Fig. 4. The reactor in operating time. The covers from a thermal insulation and vessel with the reactor are removed
The reactor operates during the ‘experiment.
Read more HERE







Published in the articles section of, the new article:
“Science, brain and spirituality” by Luciano Saporito


“A ‘picture sometimes speaks a thousand words”:
Sri Krishna


For the full Open Power Association Newsletter #17, please go to the Archive here:

Open Power Association Newsletter #13: Lab photos and “magnacules”

The Open Power Association’s recently released Newsletter #13 contains a wealth of news and information touching upon science, politics and the environment. Below are selected excerpts of interest to cold fusion readers, google-translated and slightly modified to facilitate understanding.

Go to to download a .pdf of the file.


Open Power Laboratory is in full swing! See the whole gallery of photos here:






Luciano Saporito: The new chemistry “magnecules” (a term coined by prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli) paves the way for an energy revolution unprecedented in the development of clean technologies and even able to restore the environmental balance strained by two centuries of use of traditional fuels. Even for the non-specialist it is possible to approach these issues by reading the book by RM Santilli “magnecular structure with the new fuels.”
Full article:


Full article:



“The oil will run out by 2067”
Full article: 100048.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter:+Greenstyle&utm_content=15-07-2014+petrolio-si-esaurir-entro-il-2067

“Shale gas: California orders to stop fracking”
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“The war of Gas: behind the Israeli invasion of Gaza, there are fields”
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“Let them eat carbon. How Big Tobacco and Big Energy to build on the developing world ”
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6-no-water“Water, a tempting resource that is going to end”
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NASA is certain: “aliens exist”. Thanks to the new data and new telescopes, within a maximum of twenty years, astronomers could announce the breakthrough. “We are not alone in the universe.”
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“Mystery on the Yamal hole; the hole appeared out of nowhere” in Siberian Russia

“NASA: successful test of the” flying saucer “Mars”
Full article:

“Phones in Space”
A next-generation smartphone will be the heart of a small robot that will start in a few hours for the ISS. Here’s what will be its tasks and the live video of the launch.
SPEHERES, the robot with the brain … Google. | NASA / AMES
Full article:

“Stella, the solar powered car”
He has developed a group of students dell’Eindhoven University of Technology
Video, Full article:

Air conditioning heat pump DIY: Just a little time and less than 50 €
Video and Article:
L. S.