Open Power Newsletter #20: Appeal to ICCF-19 for Open Power’s voice

Open Power Association at has issued Newsletter #20. The following was written in English, and slightly modified before re-posting here.

Read the original .pdf in the Open Power Newsletter Archive here.

Newsletter N. 020 – Special issue – April 2015
Editorial: ICCF19 Committee in Italy gives no voice to the Italian Open Research Organization.

Open Power unbelievably anticipates the “move” in the chess game, filing a Patent Application on march 9th, 2015 to protect Open Science against mere business: in prospective, free licenses will be distributed to selected major protagonists.

As inferable from the titles of the interventions allowed to the Congress, numerous “titles” will contribute to confirm the whole mosaic of the Open Power process (e.g. Bazhutov, Biberian, Celani, Goryachev, Gromov, Huang, Li, Parkhomov, Petrucci, and so on).

We would have preferred to expose, share and discuss our work together with the involved researchers, instead of merely communicating. However, luckily, the free circulation of the advanced ideas is guaranteed by the Net, stronger than any obstacle.

Thus, we can now show in advance that, according to the preliminary experiments dealt with in the attached report, the “fig. 2” reactor as conceived in the related Patent Application, does indeed properly work about experimental scopes it was designed for.

-Ugo Abundo Open Power Association

The adventure continues…
To the full report prepared for ICCF19:
Link to the video of experimental set-up:

Link to the full text and drawings of the patent Application:
We have not received a reply to our e-mail request for an explanation sent to ICCF19 at 29/03/2015 below?! Read .pdf here.
We leave to the readers judgment on the matter…
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4 Replies to “Open Power Newsletter #20: Appeal to ICCF-19 for Open Power’s voice”

  1. So, there won’t be any high school kids at ICCF-19. It will just be the same old farts. That’s a great way to promote LENR to the next generation.

    1. HI Alan! I actually belive there will be more younger people than ever at the conference. I hope the Pirelli H.S. students do show up and participate somehow.

      There is such a back log, and “pent up” research to be brought out into the open, it will be a long before we are caught up. As this field grows, we’ll need multiple conferences to allow everybody to present.

      Happy Springtime!

      1. Thank Ruby. So, the young folks will be taking over before we become landfill. That cheered me up.
        Now, let’s enjoy this spring day.

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