2020 the Breakthrough Year?

Greetings Friends, Happy 2020. These are challenging times and as we continue to wait for breakthrough, there still remains reason to hope that a cold fusion/LENR solution can and will provide deus ex machina.

Those who have the means to effect great change know the great promise of this technology, and are on task working to find answers to the scientific questions that remain.

For labs developing a technology, their last assignment is to scale up the on-demand LENR-power and then, the world will have a usable zero-carbon energy generator, and new living arrangements all around. It’s more than doable, and feeds my flickering optimism.

The Cold Fusion Now! website has been dormant, and I apologize for my hasty retirement. Circumstance demanded I give up the blogging to work on another project, and it’s finally coming to fruition. I think you’re really gonna dig it. Together with artist Matt Howarth, we’ve created a graphical story of the early days of cold fusion.

DISCOVER COLD FUSION is a comic book with big aspirations and brings us the experience of Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons as they discover a new kind of nuclear reaction, and the drama that ensued after announcing that discovery at the news conference.

The 32-page B&W comic with laminated color cover describes a series of events as recounted in the literature. Personal interviews with scientists who lived those awful and exciting years also contributed to the story. Order a copy from publisher Curtis Press Publisher of Science at https://www.curtis-press.com/.

The text forms a fictional narrative based on true events. In many cases, direct quotes are taken from books such as Fire and Ice by Eugene Mallove , Excess Heat by Charles Beaudette, and Nuclear Transmutation by Tadahiko Mizuno. The website https://www.discovercoldfusion.com/ has a complete listing of sources.

Chemists Michael McKubre and Melvin Miles consulted on the project and statements about their decades-long research into the LENR reaction are included in the pages. They also provided insight and perspective from the scientists’ point-of-view, knowing Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, both personally and professionally.

For over forty years, artist Matt Howarth has specialized in science fiction, working with authors such as Vernor Vinge, Greg Bear, Hal Clement, Nancy Collins, and others. He has collaborated with musicians including the Residents, Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach, Hugh Hopper, Conrad Schnitzler, to name a few. See a collection of his work here at http://matthowarth.com/

In DISCOVER COLD FUSION, Matt Howarth captures the wide-ranging emotion that runs throughout the story, as blacklisted scientists and honest engineers from around the world search for a solution to the mystery of the reaction, and are maligned for their effort.

Ruby Carat at the 22nd International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Poster Session with DISCOVER COLD FUSION. Photo: Mitchell Swartz, JET Energy and NANORTech.

But this is a comic about science, not science fiction. It begins with a short history of where humans have sourced their energy, and includes educational material that explains the question of cold fusion. Young adults are mature enough to grasp the mottled humor throughout the dramatic parts, while older adults will recollect in their memories the way it happened for them.

These sample pages illustrate the most “sciency” part of the story.

We wanted to broaden the opportunity for distribution and have the comic published, as opposed to putting it out ourselves, and we contacted a couple, but no one was ready to do it. One publisher remarked “Didn’t you know? Cold fusion isn’t real!”

But one daring publisher was interested, and that was Neil Shuttlewood of Curtis Press Publisher of Science. He’s part of a small publishing house with a unique taste for non-fiction. Space exploration and science is their focus. In choosing DISCOVER COLD FUSION to be part of their library of titles, they reveal an openness rare in today’s miserly world.

Read the interview with Ruby Carat by Christy Frazier, Managing Editor of Infinite Energy Magazine.

DISCOVER COLD FUSION is the promotional item to take cold fusion outside of the inner circle and into the mass mind. You can drop a copy by the high school chemistry club, or leave one at the doctor’s waiting room, your political representatives office, or the airport terminal – someone is sure to be inspired.

The need for a new energy solution should be apparent as the collapse of eco-systems accelerate and pandemic sweeps man’s crumbling edifice. Here I was thinking Peak Oil would be our undoing, but mass extinction is the looming endgame. It is Zero Carbon Now! or “Soylent Green” tomorrow.

I can’t seem to will a technology into existence, but as artists, we can only express our desire for a better tomorrow and describe what that might look like. I hope this story of courage and integrity gives you the same inspiration it gives me to keep on going.

Get a copy of DISCOVER COLD FUSION exclusively from the publisher’s website at https://www.curtis-press.com/. It’s sold and shipped from the U.K. so here’s a currency converter https://www.xe.com/ to help with the exchange. When you get your copy, tell me what you think and post your review on LENR-forum.com. I’ve decided to hold a virtual comic book release party in a couple weeks, so look for details on that.

THANK YOU for your support. THANK YOU for your work. And THANK YOU for being part of the solution to save a planet full of species and give humans an opportunity for a greet tech future.

You haven’t heard the last of me. I’m just starting on new project now and I won’t stop until I’m done.

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