Open Power Association Newsletter #10

The Open Power Association at has released Newsletter No. 010 – May 2014. Here’s the original in Italian. Some excerpts of a modified google-translate to English follow.

PNH Pulsed Nanostructures Hydrobetatron: ITAbetatron reactor



ITAbetatron reactor for testing shared view Open Source Double reaction chamber (in an operating electrolysis, plasma electrolyte, gas, hydrogen plasma at low pressure, with circulation of electrolyte radioactive, with internal heat exchanger, cooled with circulation of electrolyte) to three electrodes for DC currents and/or pulsed for different rooms.




This is an area already identified and contracted by about 100 square meters, completely renovated facilities, centrally located and easily reached by underground, with parking with three car parking. The environment is quite adequate to accommodate our activities both for research and experimentation, and scientific documentation, etc. .

In addition, the space, just thought of as multi-purpose, will also be available to Members and Employees who want to lean on their experimental work, in common with us and/or confidential personal information, instrumented through the islands with the availability of a team of industry experts, or assign us specific assignments as long as these activities are, however, consistent with the purposes for which the Association aims.

Members of the Open Power also can now count on the presence of on-site secretarial services, documentation center, meeting room with projector, 3D printing facility and machine tool numerical control.

As you can imagine, this coordination requires an organizational effort and extraordinary economic from us …

Photo Lab Open Power under construction
Photo Lab Open Power under construction

The Science Sharing “Italian Way” in the World

On the “crowdfunding” campaign to raise funds for “Open Power” through the platform:
Who pays a minimum of $35 becomes Ordinary Member Open Power and receives tribute in the high-resolution files reactor “Athanor” (picture below), where you can also obtain a print -quality photo:

The Athanor Reactor by Open Power Association.
The Athanor Reactor by Open Power Association.

We are pleased to announce that Stephen QUATTRINI joined our Association “Open Power” as Honorary Member.

Posted always on the site, the report of the “2014 CF / MIT LANR Meeting”

Also, the video of the conference at MIT in 2014 by Francesco Celani
Francesco Celani – March 22, 2014 MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium

Both the video and reports by Francesco Celani can also be reached at

“Here we are, finally. After many false starts this know-how has been done in order to get organized and protected to the widespread use around the world. An international network of blogs that deal with genuine innovation on the technological, social, cultural, including that one you read now, is spreading around the world this pioneer project that impacts the scope of most critical and strategic [of systems], namely the production of renewable energy cost to near zero.

Many groups of engineers coordinating information, and exchanging information, with regard to detailed technical solutions are already in place in many nations. Our everyday landscape is about to change. The ability to cause no pollution becomes feasible. Welcome to the future, and see you at the next updates… ” –Jervé



Help support Our research and experimentation on LENR, etc. You can join the “Open Power” Association by connecting to–adesione.html

Make a simple donation

HEADING : ” Pills of Wisdom ”

PILL 007
Be wary of those who think they know everything, and that they believe (mostly illusory ) had it all …

There are people who cite from memory – and mechanically – whole passages of books written by others (and even wonderful passages of the Holy Scriptures ), which often have not in fact been understood or assimilated, and even less developed internally; and above all, then do not even have any ability to make these coherent and consistent, and then to put them into practice in their everyday life … And in doing so only out themselves superstitious ignorance and fear of death …

If we look at the history of science then, we see how the theories that have been taught for centuries, such as that the Earth was flat, were overcome, such as happened with the theory that the earth is in fact spherical, and compact ( with magma in the center). Now, even this theory, widely credited begins to waver, and in fact, there are theories and scientific evidence that the Earth might be hollow inside, and accommodate even the vast oceans …

“Even the dogma now prevailing, that nuclear reactions can take place only at temperatures of order of millions of degrees Celsius, was painstakingly refuted in 1989 by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, with their pioneering experiments on LENR …”

Even environments Spiritual and Religious then, unfortunately, as do those of Science, as we know, are full of people materialistic, dogmatic, fundamentalist and fanatical …

People use these types of Spirituality, Religion and Science, only to gain power, material wealth, and prestige Personal. They did not understand that without love, truth, spontaneity and sharing, all is vain, empty, and devoid of meaning in life Human …

These people unfortunately forget that Spirituality, Religion and Science are used to make us evolve and improve, and do not make us stupid, conformist, dogmatic, and “bad fats” automata …

It is not the material well-being which in itself can make us happy. There are riches and material goods sufficient to make us free, but rather it is in having few wants and needs, the ability to know contentment and joy having only what is necessary, wherein lies the secret of true happiness. It helps a lot, however, having awareness of being rich, ( Divine ), inside …

The planet Earth is now put in grave danger because of the activities of Human recklessness, dangerous and predatory, and selfishness of a minority of rich, often devoid of human and ecological sensitivity. Without a paradigm shift, without a “happy degrowth” and the use of new energy and clean, sustainable technologies, the Human race and planet earth will hardly have a chance to survive in the coming decades …

Let us commit ourselves then with all humility, to nurture free thought, right, creative and positive. We develop every day our ability to love alike all sentient beings, and to respect the planet Earth ( also Matter is Holy ! ). We aim to achieve a direct, personal, and authentic with the Divine (which is already in us !) …

Namaste !
L. S.
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12 Replies to “Open Power Association Newsletter #10”

  1. Ruby, the comment “pills of wisdom” puts the writer into thought patterns achievable by very few of the population, many I think would like to live in that un-materialistic caring World, given the opportunity, but those in control, in all areas, dictate that the brainwashing of the people must be directed to maintain their own power and riches.
    Unfortunately the vast majority of people are fooled into believing that there is “no other way” than ridiculous and corrupt capitalism, self-serving, etc.
    As my wife tells me continually the World is not yet ready to progress beyond the small-minded, selfish thinking of today.
    Perhaps Cold Fusion may be a catalyst for change, but the instinct of most to conform to the (wrong) establishment dictates, is certainly “religious” in it’s ability to take over a so called, reasoning mind.
    I say a “spiritual” prayer that the World may change, so that every individual and thing is cared for and considered before the riches of the few.

    1. Why can’t they just be jealous and get over it? We’ve heard enough of this.

  2. Our survival instinct is presently evolving to include each of each other and all life on the planet as a whole.
    Open source patents for nearly free, absolutly clean, nuclear dense energy, are the most glaringly obvious example of this evolution..
    Evolve energy your reality your real love energy…
    . Evolvenergyourealityourealovenergyevolvenergyourealityourealovenergyevolvenergyourealityourealovenergyevolvenergyourealityourealovenergyevolvenergyourealityourealovenergy ALWAYS

    1. Oh no! No gatekeeper? Have the rabble govern themselves?

      “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ”
      Zbigniew Brzezinski

  3. If we look at the elite as part of us and extrapolate it starts to make sense. All these issues with control of other people can be reduced down to relationship with God and Goddess. One dynamic that stands out for me, is the myth of Narcissus. Everyone understands he falls in love with his own reflection but if one looks deeper you see a pattern that resembles other fables such as, Sleeping Beauty; the scene where the chant, “mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” This chant and the word, “fair,” are taken to mean physical beauty but I see it as who is the most good. The mirror says, “why you are.” When a person believes that they are the most fair or only “good” in the world, this is huge when one thinks of how this dynamic elevates a person to an extreme place of separation from others. This mindset is of course on a sliding scale but it is one of the core reasons that human kind can act so carelessly towards each other. Narcissism, elevates one to believe they are the most fair and thus the best hope that other humans have and if a few eggs get broken in the process, it’s for the greatest good. How many systems of dominating others have been spun, from this incredibly separated place called narcissism? More importantly, is there a way out of this paradigm, to a place where everyone is good. It begins with a few, as so many innovations do.

  4. I hope a ‘coldfusioneer’ attends this play and provides a review as an article…

    I would love a copy of the script, sure to become a collectors item.

    Mach33 The Festival of New Science-Driven Plays at Caltech

    Capture the Sun by George Morgan, Saturday, May 17, 3:30pm
    1216 E. California Blvd, Pasadena
    An event for the Caltech Alumni Weekend

    What if someone created a non-polluting form of energy that was cheap and inexhaustible? In 1989, Dr. Stanley Pons of the University of Utah and Dr. Martin Fleischmann of Cambridge claimed to have done exactly that. They invited journalists from around the world to a press conference in which they announced their discovery – a discovery the media soon began referring to as “cold fusion.” After several highly respected universities began announcing successful replication of the Pons/Fleischmann experiment, all hell broke loose, and everyone everywhere began to believe that the Earth’s energy problems had been resolved forever. Through interviews and records provided by academic researchers – many from Caltech – George D. Morgan’s latest play shines a light on the dramatic story of two scientists whose rise to fame, and subsequent humiliation, was played out in front of the entire world. Capture the Sun will be directed by Brian Brophy, Director of Theater Arts at Caltech. Morgan’s first two plays in his “Pasadena trilogy” – Rocket Girl and Pasadena Babalon – were also produced at Caltech under the direction of Brian Brophy.

  5. Compare the ATHANOR REACTOR with the reactors described in Belgian patent BE1002780 avalable in English through e-Cat Site in the article Belgian LANR Patents.

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