Revolution-Green’s Mark Dansie On Transition Technology & LENR

Interview with Revolution-Green’s Mark Dansie. Mark is recognized as a world-renowned evaluator of energy technologies and is currently helping develop several new energy concepts himself. Over the last seven years, Mark has traveled the world evaluating many new and free technology claims. He specializes in magnetic motor and HHO gas evaluations, but has reviewed many other technologies as well. He has been featured as a speaker at several energy conferences, and his catch cry is “show me the data” as he is a believer in scientific methodology when evaluating claims. More information can be found at

We discuss various topics including “free” energy, stepping-stone technologies such as thorium-power, as well as what Mark expects from Cold Fusion-LENR in both the immediate future and the long-term.

If so desired a downloadable MP3 version can be found here, and on iTunes. Thanks for taking an interest.

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  1. To John,

    Probably you have never heard of Belgian patents in the field of “cold fusion”. Have look at BE1002780, BE1002781 and BE1009632 to be read in English through the e-Cat Site in the articles: “Belgian LANR Patents”, LANR by Coulomb Explosion” and “Cold Fusion Catalyst”.
    Good luck, Jan.

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