Swedish Pilot Customer wanted for E-Cat plant

According to a press release on their website, U.K.-based Hydro Fusion is looking for a Swedish Pilot Customer to participate in an E-Cat power production pilot-program.

hydrofusionHydroFusion is the North European Licensee Group Branch for Andrea Rossi‘s E-Cat and has an office in Sweden.

Energy produced by the E-Cat is in the form of steam from a nozzle on the unit. The pilot operator of the 1 MW thermal generator “will only pay for the energy produced by the ECAT, i.e. Hydro Fusion and Leonardo Corporation will take responsibility for all associated costs including: the plant itself, installation and any transportation costs.”

The customer must agree to install the unit by this fall 2013 and allow the showcasing of the plant for other would-be buyers.

The 1MW plant consists of 106 smaller 10-kilowatt units fitted together in parallel within a 6-meter shipping container. A valve in front of each smaller unit allows re-filling of hydrogen fuel, as well as access to the heater that starts the reaction. These smaller units each contain three core reactors, each 20 cm x 20 cm x 1 cm, holding a specially-treated nickel powder, the heart of the nickel-hydrogen exothermic reaction.

Hydro Fusion claims, “per unit of weight, this process is at least 100,000 more efficient than any known combustion process.” A recent third-party report by scientists who conducted a test on several versions of the core reactor confirmed energy density “off-the-chart”.

The E-Cat technology produces no CO2 emissions and no radioactive waste.

On their website, Hydro Fusion outlines the E-Cat 1MW specifications to which the customer must agree to append all applications:

  • Heat energy is produced according to specs.
    • Heat energy 1 MW thermal at up to 120 C
    • Heat exchanger from ECAT system to customer heat application.
  • Electricity is consumed according to specs.
    • 250 kWe maximum power consumption
    • 166 kWe average power consumption, i.e. COP=6

Hydro Fusion would like to receive quotations from Pilot Customers on both thermal MWh price and electric MWh price, based on an assumption of 7,000+ operating hours per year.

Current estimated delivery time for the E-Cat is four months with functionality warranted for two and years and an expected 30-year life span.

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  1. Beginning to look as if we could have a Hot Fusion device working in an industrial enviroment before our wonderful scientific establishment has even admitted, despite all the Evidence that Cold Fusion exists.

    1. But George, there’s no need to even mention LENR. It was just dumb luck on the part of “incompetent boobs”. It can’t be compared to the absolutely brilliant complete failures of our most revered pillars of society who do “real science”. They were completely wrong for almost a quarter of a century for all the right reasons and that’s why we should continue to seek their council in the future.

  2. OFF TOPIC NEWS: In a google hangout that just occured, Vice President Al Gore said that there have been “VERY interesting” developments in cold fusion recently, and he used significant tonal inflection to emphasize his point. He also explained that the term LENR was preferred now, indicating he is following matters, but overall categorized the new developments as “still speculative”. He did refer in implicitly disparaging terms to plasma fusion’s ever-receding 15-year targets, and called for new technology investments. Not a direct call for LENR research, but pretty close!

    1. Oops, I was quoting from memory when I posted that message, and ended up somewhat misquoting him. Later stories covering this have more accurate quotes.

      1. He hedged a little, but at least he’s following the situation in some capacity. The barriers are breaking…

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