James Truchard of National Instruments to share Keynote Address at ICCF-18

The presence of National Instruments in the LENR field has brought attention and gravitas to the historically marginalized science. Despite the lack of a theory to describe it, engineers are creating a new technology and company president and CEO James Truchard continues to pull the field of condensed matter nuclear science (CMNS) into the mainstream that neglected it for so long.

Dr. Truchard will speak at this year’s International Conference of Cold Fusion (ICCF-18), sharing the keynote address with Dr. David Kidwell, a Naval Research Lab scientist who will present Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Research at the Naval Research Laboratory [.pdf abstract].

Truchard has supported cold fusion research for years, offering LabView software free to all researchers in the field. Last year, LENR featured prominently at NIWeek 2012, the National Instruments showcase of their new products and solutions for scientific research. Dr. Francesco Celani of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) also demonstrated a live cell on the floor of the show, giving participants a close-up view of the tiny technology that holds big promise for clean energy in our future.

This year, NIWeek 2013 will include a live demo by Defkalion Green Technologies, a company developing a commercial product based on nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions called the Hyperion.

A multi-faceted individual who enjoys photography and is author of a book on gardening, the Leonardo-like Truchard will talk on The Role of National Instruments in the Global Environment on the opening day.

The multi-billion dollar company could play a big role indeed.


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  1. Hey Ruby, That’s pretty damn good to see National Instruments step up to the plate. I copied Al on it.

    I think we are approaching a turning point.


  2. What happened to THERMACORE cold fusion; seems to be related to Celani-system.

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