University of Missouri hosts top scientists for ICCF-18

The 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) will be held at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, U.S. July 21-27 where Vice Chancellor of Research Dr. Robert Duncan has led the creation of a world-class research program based on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR).

Since his appearance on the CBS network’s 60 minutes program in 2009, Duncan has brought international researchers to the university’s business incubator park and helped to establish a new facility specifically devoted to the science.

The Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKNIR) is named after philanthropist Sidney Kimmel who funded the project. An overview of the facility will be presented by Director of the Institute and Former Navy Research Lab (NRL) nuclear physicist Dr. Graham Hubler on the first day of the week-long conference. Fellow NRL scientist Dr. David Kidwell will give the Keynote speech.

ICCF-18 brings together some of the top scientists in the world to report on their research. This year’s program “Applying the Scientific Method to Understanding Anomalous Heat Effects: Opportunities and Challenges” has been published and is accessible here.

Researchers will speak on multiple types of systems, both palladium-deuterium Pd-D and nickel-hydrogen Ni-H. Most talks will focus on experimental results regarding excess heat and transmutations, but theorists will present several models of the reaction as well.

Included are panel discussions on diverse topics of Tritium, and Emerging Career Opportunities.

A panel on Entrepreneurship and Innovation chaired by Mr. Matt Trevithick features former-Navy SEAL and new-energy entrepreneur Douglas Moorhead along with materials scientist and ARPA-E GRIDS program director Mark Johnson.

Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan, head of the Organizing Committee for ICCF-16, will chair Condensed Matter Nuclear Science – The Way Forward Panel that includes researchers from multiple countries.

A workshop held by Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) will be led by Dr. Vittorio Violante, and include Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI International, Dr. Robert Duncan of University of Missouri, Dr. Graham Hubler of SKINR, and Dr. Emanuele Castagna of ENEA.

A Transmutations in Biological and Chemical Systems Panel chaired by Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian will include Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan and Dr. Vladimir Vysotskii, whose research has reportedly revealed transmutations by biological systems that have turned radioactive isotopes into benign material, a process which may lead to the ability to rid the planet of radioactive waste.

A Start-up Showcase will feature new energy companies Brillouin Energy, Defkalion Green Technologies, JET Energy, and LENR-cars.

Cold Fusion Now author and patent expert David J. French will also present time TBD. Ruby Carat will attend to conduct video interviews and provide news updates throughout the week.

ICCF-18 is sponsored in part by Infinite Energy Magazine and the New Energy Foundation.

Conference partners include ENEA and National Instruments, who will be holding their own event that includes LENR during NIWeek 2013 August 5-8.

2 Replies to “University of Missouri hosts top scientists for ICCF-18”

  1. I hope it will be the last ICCF as we know it…

    We should also follow the “business” speakers that may be there…
    I have great hope.
    However it may turn uninteresting if we are not lucky… we will see.

    1. I do not think this will be an uninteresting event. In fact, I believe some “sparks will fly”.

      Of course, the one business that is not there is Leonardo Corp. But if they are busy readying Ecat generators, that is OK – the sooner the better for products to ship.

      We need advances on ALL fronts – ASAP.

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