Andrea Rossi’s Third Party Report RELEASED

“3rd party report shows anomalous heat production – The Rossi Effect”

“Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nickel powder”

The long awaited “3rd Party Verification Report” on Andrea Rossi‘s E-Cat has been released. The .pdf can be downloaded from HERE or

The announcement, which provides the abstract and the conclusion is posted here on Rossi’s E-Cat website.

Hot Cat reactor coreThe conclusion reads positive, yet also reads that much more testing is in the works, the next of which is slated to start this summer, and last 6 months.

This is just a breaking news post, thoughts or further commentary will be added here, or in a new post. Or better yet, share your own thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Alright! 29 pages is gonna take me a while to get through, but sounds positive.

    Congratulations to Mr. Rossi! Let the revolution begin!

    1. Everything is possible and every decision opens up a Universe of possibilities.


      I read the report first on you webpage
      Congratulations to you on all your hard work during the years!
      Love / Dr Bob

  2. Did the 3rd party also measure possible radiactiv emission of

    *the additives before reaction
    *the ash after reaction

  3. Ruby look forward to your analysis.
    Could this be the beginning of the end of energy and finance corruption and a new equality for all.

  4. I read the whole article and this is where we have all been waiting for: We have a new Engergy Source which works and can be manufacured at any moment, delivering usable amounts of energy and with an energy density which exceeds any chemical process by factors (1000 when calculated per kg and 10 when calculated per litre). This is the paradigm change, now hope mankind will be able to manage this for the good of all.
    Tell the world!
    Thanks to Rossi, Fleischmann and Pons

  5. Hard to overstate the significance of this, the dawn of a new age for the planet. Energy at a fraction of the current rate, a break from the controlling super powered energy monopolies, equity and growth for the third world, power to manufacture goods at extremely low cost resulting in lower prices for manufactured goods, compact power sources leading to low cost space travel, switch away from fossil fuels and other non renewable energy sources, less need for Military forces to control and protect fossil fuel resources in the Middle East and many other things that we cannot even imagine. The unattainable Star Trek universe of our dreams, suddenly becomes obtainable.

  6. Hip Hip Hooray!!

    This is just in time… I’ve been so hoping this could coincide with the following. Ruby I hope you can attend…. Please contact these folks for us and we could chip in and send you there. Maybe we could make it a cold fusion now event and go as a group.

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    1. As far as mainstream commercial availability-
      After these test results Jed Rothwell wrote –
      “I doubt that Rossi’s devices can be improved and tested enough for general commercial use in only one year. Twenty-first century standards for reliability and safety are too high for that. Devices would have to undergo thousands of hours of testing at places like the Underwriter’s Laboratory before they can be sold in most markets. There are similar requirements in Europe and Japan.” from:

      However the results of this test may speed things along in ways not yet anticipated..

  7. Ok. I’ve done a first pass reading of the report and seriously caution excitement. I looked at the report as I would as a peer reviewer (I am not aware of the academic credentials of the authors, but will look that up), which I’ve done dozens (a hundred?) of times. There are 3 major issues which would cause me to reject this submission. I will be happy to respond in more detail if anyone would like but here would be my comments for a journal submission

    1. While the author(s) provide Information regarding the thermal imager, no information is provided as to the calibration of the instrument prior to the measurement. As detailed in future comments, a small change in measured temperature will result in a large change (T^4) power calculation.
    2. Given the relative uniformity in measurement of the horizontal pixels, an R/S/T type thermocouple mounted on the system would provide more confidence in the measurement.
    3. The author(s) have fundamental mistake in the calculation of the radiative power. On page three, they state “if one relates the length of the verticle line (32 pixels) to the diameter of the device (11 cm)…..” This is a very large source of error in the computed temperature and power. Given the cylindrical geometry of the device, a 1 cm wide horizontal slice of the image will actually correspond to 17.27 cm^2 of radiative area. By the numbers provided by the author(s). They have computed only 11 cm^2, which is error. This can also be seen in the image itself. The homogeneity of the image should not be see if one calculates the radiative intensity of a thermal device with the apparent area. That is, the image appears to be at the same temperature even though there is additional area, given the incidence of measurement, these areas should appear cooler.

    Also please note, an order of magnitude difference in power is a 14% uncertainty in temperature. Given comments 1,2 and 3, the conclusions of this paper can not be substantiated.

    1. Thankfully peer review is now seen for the terrible incompetence shown by biased and corrupt reviewers in many cases.
      The Cold Fusion technology has already been delayed for 24 years by such people with the original P&F reports.
      Science is going through a crises of incompetent and corrupt work in many areas, including Global Warming, Pharmaceutical Research etc. Hot Fusion and all Esoteric non-reductionist sciences.
      These failures will continue until science begins to put right the horrific mis-managment that has been endemic for many years.

      1. Greetings,

        Perhaps what you say is true, but that does not change the fact that this report is very flawed. The statements made can not be substantiated. Regardless of our opinion of peer review, they have made very substantial errors which negate their conclusions.

        1. Maybe so, Vincent, but even if they’re off by 14%, it matters little at this point.

          What matters is the unit was hotter than hell and needs to be tested for 6 months to see what happens in that length of time. I’m sure they’ll consider your thought-provoking advice and make any necessary adjustments, however.

          Face it, nobody wants a power source that only lasts a hundred hours or so, so stay tuned for more interesting results! I wish they’d run dozens of test concurrently to cut down the wait time, but it all takes money.

          My question is this–what will come first, a workable 1 MW industrial powerplant, or a definitive theory?

          I’m rooting for the powerplant. Getting scientists to agree is like pushing a string. This Rossi also knows.

          1. Actually no, I posted a re-update on peswiki. Upon further review, I think the pyro metric data on temperature is pretty close to accurate. I’m doing more investigation on the power input issues. Sure would be nice if they had released raw data, but that is asking a lot.

    2. Vincent, you seem to have left out criticism of the most serious shortcoming of this paper. The forest of which they claim to show photographic evidence cannot be proven to exist by this research, owing to the unacceptably large amount of leafy, vegetative material present in the framing of the pictures. This grievous error obscures and obviously renders uncertain any claimed views of this alleged “forest.”

  8. Don’t be so naive guys.

    I believe, nothing really changed with this Rossi announcement. Why?

    Because on the other side of the field we have:

    1. The oil guys, with a total of
    2 292 050 000 000 USD / Year or 1.292 Trillion USD / Year interest.
    (Using the Daily production, multiplied by 95 $ / gallon and by 365 day / year

    2. We also have the natural gas guys on the other side, with
    1 280 000 000 000 or 1.28 Trillion USD / Year interest.

    3. We also have the old coal guys, with a yearly financial interest of about
    480 000 000 000 or 480 Billion USD / Year interest.

    I am Not even counting the classical Nuclkear guys, the hydro guys, the ethanol guys and other renewable energy guys and many others…

    The total worldwide impact would be well over 5 Trillion USD / year, against a relatively unknown technology, the cold fusion.

    World wide millions of people would become quickly unemployed, many oil exporter arab country would be dead withing 5 – 10 years, and not to mention, that the fiat money, and the petro dollar on top of those as the trading wehicle would quickly be dead within a few years.

    If you would calc the ROI of the cold fusion compared to any other currently used fossil fuel than the data would be really shocking!

    CF investments would be returned not in 5 – 7 – 10- 15 – 20 or 30 years (depending on fields above), but within 1 – 5 years!

    I know that in the past few hundred years scientist came out with many false claims, but I was 99.99% sure 2 – 3 years ago, that Rossi’s claims were valid, and I could state coultless reasons for my conclusions, mentions just one.

    There might be, but I don’t remember any energy – related patent acceptance by Italian authorities, that would have proved false claims after the acceptance of the patent documents.

    Don’t you think that it is probably Not a coinsidense, that Rossi missed basically all of the deadlines, related to retail – product availability?

    Don’t you think that it is a coinsidence that in the background the big guys, the corporations are making their secret work feverishly to create their systems and enter the retail market first at a later determined time. (SIEMENS, GE…)

    Some European corporations got together years ago to create huge solar energy power stations in the Sahara with a total capacity of 80 Gigawatts and to transfer that energy to Europe via electrical networks, but SIEMENS quietly abandoned that huge investment project last year.
    (And I strogly believe, CF had a big role in that decision.)

    The scene is slowly changing, but it is still unknown, what will be the real catalist for major shift toward CF industries.
    I believe, that with proper support we would already have a big part of the energy business transformed in the past 4 – 6 years.

  9. >>>ergo, massive de-centralization of power in a short space of time, which means that nations will need to become smaller.

    The political process has been corrupted and destroyed in various democracies, like the U.S. but the socio-economic effect of this technology might be the factor that breaks through the relentless mire created by banking, global markets, oil, Big Agri, Big Pharma, etc. A smaller geopolitical area will probably be REQUIRED.

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