LENR Aircraft gets NASA research grant

The NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) was established to pursue “deliberate investments in innovative, early-stage, and potentially revolutionary aviation concepts and technologies.”

NARI announced the 2013 (Round 3) Seedling Fund Phase I Awards on January 28, 2013 and twenty NASA civil servants received awards of $150,000 for research efforts lasting 12 months.

NASA Langley Research Center’s Doug Wells of the Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch was awarded a grant as Principal Investigator for a concept project titled Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Aircraft. The discipline area is Propulsion/Airframe integration.

Wells holds a 2007 Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Western Michigan University, and is expecting to graduate with a Masters Degree from Georgia Institute of Science this year!

Wells was also named in the Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research – Phase II report [.pdf] as a member of the Virtual East team in the workshop that developed advanced concepts and a future timeline for Boeing, NASA and others to generate green aircraft. The team evaluated LENR as having “important advantages, but extremely high risk – if it works, revolutionary to World energy.”

Period of performance for the NARI project grant is February 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014. Efforts that show significant progress after a year could be selected to receive a larger grant for 12 more months of research.


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  1. Would this be good enough for a “premier” science comic to publish and confirm what is known about Cold Fusion from Research, or will science as with many subjects, continue to censor, distort and deny anything outside of the religious excepted dictates of their “opinion” experts, who just show how corrupt and incompetent our scientific establishment is in many areas.
    It seems amazing how most scientists allow themselves to be led by the nose by these people, there seem to be very few that are able to think for themselves and demand that the establishment start following that almost obscene word in this day and age, TRUTH.

    1. Oh so they have being working on this for a few months.

      Do we know something more except for this?

      1. “Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research – Phase II” – N+4 Advanced Concept Development

        “Even though we do not know the specific cost of the LENR itself, we assumed a cost of jet fuel at $4/gallon and weight based aircraft cost. We were able to calculate cost per mile for the LENR equipped aircraft compared to a conventional aircraft (Figure 3.2). Looking at the plots, one could select a point where the projected cost per mile is 33% less than a conventionally powered aircraft.”

        3.0 LENR Requirements Analysis …pg 24
        Figure 3.1 – Potential Heat Engines for LENR Systems ..pg 25
        Figure 3.2 – Parametric LENR and Heat Engine Performance Parameters …pg 25
        6.2.3 Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Technologies …pg 82
        Table 6.3 – LENR Technologies Success Criteria …pg 86
        Also pgs 15, 18, 19, 20, and 21.

        These are 39 folks who have been involved in this since May, 2011.
        Bradley (Boeing)
        Daggett (Boeing)
        Droney (Boeing)
        Hoisington (Boeing)
        Kirby (GT)
        Murrow (GE)
        Ran (GT)
        Nam (GT)
        Tai (GT)
        Hammel (GE)
        Perullo (GT)
        Guynn (NASA)
        Olson (NASA)
        Leavitt (NASA)
        Allen (Boeing)
        Cotes (Boeing)
        Guo (Boeing)
        Foist (Boeing)
        Rawdon (Boeing)
        Wakayama (Boeing)
        Dallara (Boeing)
        Kowalski (Boeing)
        Wat (Boeing)
        Robbana (Boeing)
        Barmichev (Boeing)
        Fink (Boeing)
        Sankrithi (Boeing)
        White (Boeing)
        Gowda (GE)
        Brown (NASA)
        Wahls (NASA)
        Wells (NASA)
        Jeffries (FAA)
        Felder (NASA)
        Schetz (VT)
        Burley (NASA)
        Sequiera (FAA)
        Martin (NASA)
        Kapania (VT)

        For more info and links…
        “Cold Fusion NASA LENR Part II Flight”


        Many institutions are heavily invested in carbon… large retirement funds, unions, school districts, states and fed employee funds, as well as non-profit foundations. Losses in the carbon energy sector could be devastating to these organizations. If you are part of one, or even if you aren’t, this information could be crucial to the fund managers! A whole lotta individuals could be hurt as well. Every fund manager and stock adviser should look into this now, not later.

    2. Lasyness and rationality.

      when you see what happend to a leading scientist

      imagine what can happen to a small physicists…
      and given that no powerful physicist dare to oppose the terrorists, the small physicists follow their opinion without daring to doubt. both by lasy trust and by rational fear.

      you may also read the detail of the Roland benabou paper (many gem are hidden in obscure discussions in that paper)

      “Implications. The types of enterprises most prone to collective delusions are thus:
      (a) Those involving new and complex technologies or products that combine a generally profitable upside with a lower-probability but potentially disastrous downside – a “blackswan” event. High-powered incentives, such as performance bonuses affected by common market uncertainty, have similar effects, as do highly leveraged investments that put the firm at risk of bankruptcy.

      (b) Those in which participants have only limited exit options and, consequently, a lot riding on the soundness or folly of otherís judgements. Such dependence typically arises from irreversible or illiquid prior investments: speciÖc human capital, company pension plan, professional reputation, etc. Alternatively, it could reflect the large-scale public good nature of the problem: state of the economy, quality of the government or other society-wide institutions which a single individual has little power to affect, global warming, etc

      “ Directions of cognitive influence. Going beyond multiplicity, interesting results emerge for organizations in which members play asymmetric roles. Thus, (18)-(19) embody the intuition that an agent’s way of thinking is most sensitive to how the people whose decisions have the greatest impact on his welfare (in state L) deal with unwelcome news….
      Workers thus risk losing their job if management makes overoptimistic nvestment
      decisions, whereas the latter has little to lose if workers put in more e§ort than realistically warranted. When the asymmetry is sufficiently pronounced it leads to a testable pattern of predominantly top-down cognitive influences,…”

      “The proposition’s second result shows how cognitive interdependencies (of both types) are amplified, the more closely tied an individualís welfare is to the actions of others. Groupthink is thus most important for closed, cohesive groups whose members perceive that they largely share a common fate and have few exit options. This is in line with Janis'(1972) findings, but with a more operational notion of ‘cohesiveness’, 1 : Such vesting can be exogenous or arise from a prior choice to join the group, in which case wishful beliefs about its future prospects also correspond to ex-post rationalizations of a sunk decision.”

      beware, part of the model should also warn us about our exuberance, or some LENr scientists delusion.
      the problem is that it happens too, and mainly in the mainstream community, when funding is controlled by centralised system of value. attacking the system of value is s suicide.

      for a LENR scientist, abandoning his research have no negative consequences except for his ego&illusions, but it can be very good if he succeed in busting ex-colleagues. So according to Benabou theory, if a LENR scientist find a way to disprove LENR he have strong incentive to do it.

      the problem is in organization like mainstream where seeing the truth give you no advantage, on the opposite (you get punished for realism). then delusion is a normal state.

      However if you are a businessman in real world (not finance), the more the others are stupid, the best it is to be realist.
      Finance is different because you cannot fight against the market… you only benefit from leading the crowd, not from being right alone.

      this theory is very powerful.

  2. Science is the tool we use to find the truth about reality. People are the problem not science.

  3. getting a grand for
    “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft” for ” Propulsion Airframe Integration ”

    is a HUGE news.
    the berlin wall is falling.
    It was said in a public document !

    1. I agree..

      “… the berlin wall is falling”

      “Change is difficult, but big change, fundamental change, is very very difficult…”

      In his “Advanced-to-Revolutionary Space Technology Options The Responsibly Imaginable” paper Dennis Bushnell speaks of change and sums it up nicely, ending with this quote of Ivan Bekey:

      “The battle is within. It is a cultural one: between glorifying the past or marching toward the future, between protecting successes or cannibalizing them, between averting risk or embracing it. The battle is for the soul of the of the Industry.”

      (one could say Energy Industry)

      Rossi and Bushnell are but two of many, this emergent technology is appearing across so many fronts and is sought with such earnest yearning by so many. The rich history of quality research by high minded individuals provides this generations “new physics” physicists with rich source material.

      Early on (1982 to 1991) this science was fairly well understood: the works of Harold Aspden, as well as the works of Van Den Bogaert Joannes; clearly state elements found in modern LENR devices applied patents. (and should never have been marginalized) LENR engineers should read their works when considering reaction chamber design.

      LENR is, quote Bushnel, “…not a narrow band set of physical phenomenon”, and as the dynamics of the low energy nuclear reactive environment is now understood many varied devices will be engineered and patented.

      This clearly rests on the shoulders and in the hearts and minds of many today and those from our Cold Fusion LANR history. Emerging all around the world, anyone who really looks will clearly see.

      The “success” of the oil and coal industry is about to be… ” cannibalized”.

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