Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project brings cold fusion back to TV landscape

Paul Hunt and his son Ryan formed the Hunt Utilities Group (HUG) and initiated the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project to reproduce and test cold fusion experiments.

They announced the project at the most recent International Conference on Cold Fusion ICCF-17 in Daejon, South Korea, and since then, have been experimenting with Francesco Celani‘s nickel wire, making surprising discoveries about the material. Their work is open-source and can be found at

While the reporter incorrectly states Paul Hunt as the originator of the name New Fire (that was Andrea Rossi), the story brings ultra-clean cold fusion energy news back to the TV landscape, and we love to hear it.

Cold Fusion Now associate Arthur Robey made this image from some of the Hunt’s publicly available data writing:

Choose the European cell, toggle all the lines off and then toggle excess power on.
Then choose dates from Jan 2nd to the present at 15 min sampling intervals. You will see a steady increase in the excess energy line.

Efficiency μ
=output power / input power (x100%)
=1.091 p.u.

or nearly 110%!

HUG data history

Not quite commercial-ready technology, but for a project started only within the last year, it is a major accomplishment showing the reality of the science.

The self-funded project is seeking financial support and you can contribute. Make a donation at and win a cold fusion “powder cell” constructed by the team!


The New Fire by Ruby Carat

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  1. We tried to emphasize to the reporter that this will be a long and winding road, and that there are others working on it. But she had to boil down hours of interview into two minutes. It seems that no media report gets everything right, but overall the result is probably good towards getting LENR some funding.

    1. This is a convoluted field; I been on it for three years, and that’s not nearly enough to understand the dynamics!

      It was an excellent expose and you are doing a fantastic job. I am grateful for your open source effort and the Public TV access to your work.

      Good luck!

  2. “Cold fusion” is in it’s infancy. Just wait until the big boys get involved after LENR makes a successful market debut. Corporate mentality doesn’t generally like to take risks, but to jump in with deep pockets and prolific talent after the concept has been proven commercially viable and successful. As such, HUG ought to be viewed as having success if it popularizes LENR. I ought to add that I have approached a number of politicians and corporate people, and have come to the conclusion that until LENR is accepted as commercially viable within consensus reality, development will proceed at a snail’s pace. Too bad, as LENR revolutionize our economy and speed technological development in other fields more than any other, even including AGI or SENS.

  3. Super open source progress.
    By comparison, hot fusion 50 years, 50 billion Government dollars, ZERO% net yield.
    LENR first named in 2003, 10 years, ZERO Government cost, 10% net OPEN SOURCE yield substantiated and up to 1000+% reported research yields, hundreds of reports, many theories, and many different mechanisms of fruitful avenues for further progress/research.
    So sad—-Government experts pick the wrong broken down nag race horse – again! Even another 50 billion nag steroids won’t make hot fusion a winner!
    Close hot fusion down!
    Write her off!

  4. WOW… this is fantastic. Thank You.


    I would love to see this group explore zeolytes (zeolytic LENR)

    The geometry of the container and oscillation frequency of the zeolyte is key…
    (a zeolytes’ electron shell oscillates)
    There are a whole bunch of zeolytes…
    Have fun exploring and sharing. LOve gbg

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