Cold Fusion Now to speak at LASER UCLA

Cold Fusion Now will be representing at the next LASER event this Thursday Feb 21 at California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA in West Los Angeles, California. Talks begin at 7PM.

laser-logo-2_150-borderThe Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) series of lectures and presentations on art, science and technology is a project of Leonardo®/ISAST, started by Piero Scaruffi in San Francisco. Events take place at a number of venues: the University of San Francisco, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCLA and a New York Studio and bring scientists together with artists to foster inspiration and innovation between disciplines.

The CNSI series is led by Victoria Vesna, Chair of Design and Media Arts at UCLA and Director of Art/Sci Center and Lab along with co-director and Professor of Chemistry at CNSI UCLA James Gimzewski.

If you are on the West side, come on out and support Cold Fusion Now’s Ruby Carat speaking on “New Energy Emerging”.

Go early (West LA rush hour traffic alert!) and print the MAP – the room is deep in the campus!

The UCLA Art|Sci center has two great events for you tonight and we’re looking forward to seeing you at both of them!

UPDATE: Thursday’s release:

First, from 5-7pm in our Art|Sci gallery (CNSI 5419), we’ll be exhibiting and play testing our board game, Dog Nose Knows! The game Dog Nose Knows evolved from the 2011 conference “Made for Each Other? Dog and Human Co-Evolution” as a fun and simple way to introduce the concept of a dog’s sensory world to people. In creating a game about a dog’s sense of smell, we hope to evoke the player’s curiosity in the sensory world of a dog – and how this sensory world differs from a human’s. Come check out the game art, meet the game designer, Adeline Ducker, and play the game yourself!

Later in the evening, we will be hosting our second UCLA Leonardo Art Science Rendezvous (LASER): Games People Play, from 7-9pm in the CNSI 5th floor presentation space! You’ll get to hear from the following people and interact with other Angelenos working at the intersection of art and science:

Nina Eidsheim (musicologist, UCSD)
Ruby Carat (Cold Fusion Now)
Blanka Earhart (independent media artist and author)
Douglas Campbell (Founder, ProjectFresh)
Adeline Ducker (Dog Nose Knows board game design / graphics)
Alex Groff (independent game and web designer)
Alison Lipman (co-founder of SELVA International)
Mathias Dörfelt (graduate student, Design | Media Arts)
Zac Harlow (graduate student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

7 Replies to “Cold Fusion Now to speak at LASER UCLA”

  1. Well done Ruby and good luck.
    If you move the venue to the south of England I will happily come along to support.

  2. May the Lord open the flood gates of energy at this Art show! WE can’t wait till we can buy our own energy producing mini plant for all of us here in the Philippines! Yes, keep up the great work of getting out the knowledge of cheep quality energy!

  3. Thanka again , Ruby, for the update. It looks like the sun is indeed beginning to shed light on true science. The potential here for good for all the world is beyond even of imagination.

    What we need now is to apply it just as soon as possible whereever possible.

    God speed!!!

  4. Let us hope that they grill you Ruby. That is much better than being ignored. Get some handouts so people know where to go to find their own answers.
    Courage. They are room full of friends.

  5. Wish you could be there! They are a great group of open-minded people, and super-smart too. If we can get their brain power on solving this reaction, we will surely have clean energy ASAP!

    Yo george, why not go to your local university and give a talk yourself! You been on this for a couple years now – I’m sure you’ve learned plenty to share with others.

    the Cold Fusion Now South of England Chapter is in your hands,

    1. I’m inspired to take a ‘Cold Fusion Now Info” table up to Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley. It has been decades since that was my “day off work mornin’ hang out spot”.I’ll sure want to display some info on LASER as well, the art of science and the science of art… one of the keys to wellbeing.

      The best to you Ruby, have fun and great success with your presentation at LASER UCLA.
      I hope to attend the Bay Area event.
      Be well…
      simple energy yearning goes super radiant thanks
      modern mantras – run on poetry powerful as a cold fusion reaction – gbgoble

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