Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project brings cold fusion back to TV landscape

Paul Hunt and his son Ryan formed the Hunt Utilities Group (HUG) and initiated the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project to reproduce and test cold fusion experiments.

They announced the project at the most recent International Conference on Cold Fusion ICCF-17 in Daejon, South Korea, and since then, have been experimenting with Francesco Celani‘s nickel wire, making surprising discoveries about the material. Their work is open-source and can be found at

While the reporter incorrectly states Paul Hunt as the originator of the name New Fire (that was Andrea Rossi), the story brings ultra-clean cold fusion energy news back to the TV landscape, and we love to hear it.

Cold Fusion Now associate Arthur Robey made this image from some of the Hunt’s publicly available data writing:

Choose the European cell, toggle all the lines off and then toggle excess power on.
Then choose dates from Jan 2nd to the present at 15 min sampling intervals. You will see a steady increase in the excess energy line.

Efficiency μ
=output power / input power (x100%)
=1.091 p.u.

or nearly 110%!

HUG data history

Not quite commercial-ready technology, but for a project started only within the last year, it is a major accomplishment showing the reality of the science.

The self-funded project is seeking financial support and you can contribute. Make a donation at and win a cold fusion “powder cell” constructed by the team!


The New Fire by Ruby Carat

Big Bang Theory AND Cold Fusion

System crashing, nuclear threat,
riots in streets, fiat paper debt,
mass extinctions, despot measures-
I’m changing the channel for TV pleasures.

I am not familiar with most current TV offerings – and this is old news for you hipsters – but while visiting family, I learned about The Big Bang Theory, one of the biggest shows on TV. It’s about a couple of super-smart science geeks, and the limitations they have as whole people.

Steve Wozniak on Big Bang TheoryOne particular episode, Season 4 Episode 2 The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification, aired on November 30, 2010 and had a guest appearance by Apple computer legend Steve Wozniak AND a mention of cold fusion.

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DJ spins with Cold Fusion Now on NBC6 Miami

Bologna, Italy may be the center of the universe for cold fusion action, but Miami, Florida is gearing up as a contender for 2012.

DJ LeSpam of the Spam Allstars, a ensemble that mixes multiple genres into a futuristic, Cubano funk, slapped a sticker on his tables, and everywhere he spins, the floor gets more than just a beat; they glimpse the future of energy too.

The band includes Tomaz Diaz on timbales, AJ Hill on sax, Mercedes Abal on flute, Chad Bernstein on trombone, and Jose Elias on tres and guitar.

And they made history as the first to show-off Cold Fusion Now on national TV.

The crew assembled last Monday October 24 at the NBC6 Miami television studio for a promotional spot to support the Kiwanis Club of Little Havanna and their Spooktacular Halloween event. During the performance the camera panned across the the tables and revealed to the TV landscape the message of cold fusion.

OK, it was a tiny message, but visible nonetheless.

spamallstars on nbc6 miami
DJ Le Spam sports Cold Fusion Now on every jam.

Watch the video of the spot here at NBC6 Miami.

Yes, yours truly was an early member of Spam, when back in the day, an official Spam recipe was cooked onstage at every gig, with plenty of MSG on the side.
Here’s a recently unearthed photo from 1995.

Spam Allstars circa 1995
Spam Allstars circa 1995

Miami is a musical town, where a musician can actually make a spare living playing in the myriad of nightspots that cater to the tourists who come for the beaches and shopping.

In 2012, Miami could be hosting another type of visitor, shopping for clean cold fusion reactors, soon to be the energy bargain for a world in need.

Cold Fusion Now!

See where Spam Allstars are playing and download music for free on their website HERE.

And if you are in Miami, catch them every Thursday night at Hoy Como Ayer en La Pequeña Habana. You will not have a better night on the town.