Honoring Martin Fleischmann

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Too many obituaries like these continue the myth:
that cold fusion is a phenomenon imagined in the minds of lesser scientists.

(A shriekingly loud wailing erupts) Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghgghhhhh!

O my peoples! Let us correct this – We got your back Martin!

Please take a moment to write to your local newspaper, your national newspaper or news magazine, and tell them that cold fusion is real, and has been replicated hundreds of times in labs around the world.

Tell them Navy researchers have confirmed the effect twenty years ago, NASA is testing technology, and commercial products from independent companies are in development.

Tell them to look at the interviews with scientists on coldfusionnow.org.

You could engage in no greater honor for Martin Fleischmann, as well as the collection of scientists who continued to work on the Fleischmann-Pons Effect despite the hostility of the conventionally-thinking minds and myths like this headline above.

Of course, the greatest tribute to Martin Fleischmann remains the body of work these scientists produced in spite of the offensive conditions.

The “fax” that started it all:
M. Fleischmann, S. Pons, M. Hawkins, Electrochemically Induced Nuclear Fusion of Deuterium J. Electroanalytical Chem., vol. 261, pp 301-308, and erratum, vol. 263, p 187 (1989). [.pdf].

A discovery that wrote the names of Martin Fleischmann, Stanley Pons, and Marvin Hawkins in the pages of history forever, with the glory, and the sacrifice.

Hal Fox‘s
Fusion Facts
Volume 1 Number 7
January 1990 [.pdf]

Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons named
Fusion Scientists of the Year 1989

New Energy Times Fusion Facts Archive is here.

Additional archives sorted by author from New Energy Times here.


Our tribute, from the community of new energy supporters, continues to create expressions of love and peace for better world, which we firmly believe, is possible.

Love 2 Martin Fleischmann by Ra Superstar

Patty and Barry Simon performed a beautiful set of music, embellished in the video with Dr. Fleischmann’s fellow scientists words.

Martin Fleischmann leaves brilliant legacy of courage in pursuit of truth by Ruby Carat
The Deep Reach of Martin Fleischmann by Ruby Carat
A Story of Cold Fusion Power: Barack Obama and the New Green Energy New Fiction by Joe Shea

And ….?

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  1. There’s hope. A young man’s response to this LA Times headline was: “How can people get away with this s#*t?”

  2. Hi Ruby,

    You have a great site! Just trying to move this field along after 23 years and little revenue for everyone!… The warm glow of Mr. Celani’s reactor is Hawking black body radiation from some collapsed matter hiding in those voids and cracks of the metal lattice. I have updated my WordPress paper at

    My theory explains the following observations:

    Ed Storms, well respected in the field for years predicts based upon observations the anomalous effect occurs in the cracks and voids of the lattice. Collapsed matter from hydrogen ion collapse would certainly occur in these locations due to concentrated energy charges and collisions. Prof. Celani has witnessed the same effect.

    Once collapsed matter singularities are formed they instantaneously seek thermodynamically stable states with their surroundings. Prof. Celani witnessed that once his metal lattice had been loaded with hydrogen and had previously shown anomalous heat generation he could shut the system down, transport it and it would immediately show further anomalous heat upon excitation without additional loading. The singularities remained within the lattice during transportation to Austin.

    Conductivity inversion effects in a metal wire/lattice. It is well understood that a singularity carries charge, angular momentum and radius like any other particle. It is also understood that when they evaporate they emit charged particles. This can have a direct effect on the conductivity of a metal.

    Temperature Inversion. Dr. Brian Ahern mentioned temperature inversion within samples in the nanometer range. It is well understood that singularites can consume heat from their environment, temporarily cooling their surroundings. Eventually, they will evaporate that energy and entropy back to their surroundings through Hawking radiation.

    Hawking Radiation should emit RELATIVELY low energy level radiation due to quantum gravity redshifting of the radiation as it escapes. This has been witnessed in most all anomalous heat events.

    The amount of energy released can be great. This has been witnessed in the Intelligentry/Papp Engine as well as claimed by Rossi, DGT and Celani. Since Hawking Radiation obeys e=mc2, very high levels of energy may be released as the newly formed singularity seeks thermodynamic and spatial equilibrium within its environment. Some of this radiation may also be elementry atomic particles such as quarks and gluons.

    Hawking radiation may create Fission and Fusion products within the near vicinity. Since this radiation covers a wide spectrum, it will bombard the local environment with low level, wide spectrum radiation which over time should transmute additional elements. The good new is that the quantum gravitational pull of the singularity will lessen the radiations energy.

    Collapse of nearby matter by falling into the singularity may lead to additional elements being transmuted in the local vicinity.

    The “heat after death” syndrome is caused by the ongoing evaporation over time of the singularities as they continue to seek a thermodynamically stable state in their immediate environment as well as emit Hawking black body radiation. This has been witnessed in many cold fusion situations.

    Now let’s get on to building some of these things and transform our world – I am impatient!

  3. The Los Angeles Times distinguishes itself as a has-been newspaper with its hatchet hewn “obituary” for Martin Fleischmann. Times writer Thomas H. Maugh II leads:

    “The electrochemist, together with former student Stanley Pons, purportedly achieved cold fusion at the University of Utah in 1989, but they were never able to replicate the experiment.”

    This, in the “art” of disinformation leads the reader to believe the LA Times says current LENR experiments have not been replicated. Pure, utter hogwash! We have 23 years of replications. LENR experiments have been replicated hundreds of times around the world over, and over again. Dr. Rob Duncan reminds us three National Laboratories have replicated.

    However, let’s examine Thomas H. Maugh II’s confused, incomplete obit. First, Maugh was an MIT undergrad and chemist who has-been a writer for the LA Times since Pons & Fleischmann’s announcement. Maugh twists his obit to make it appear as if Fleischmann’s cold fusion experiments all failed. Abundantly false. Pure F U D. Maugh implies the entire LENR field is without merit and pointedly avoids any mention of current cold fusion replications at three National Laboratories, or at NASA, MIT, SRI, Navy, Uni Missouri, etc. Much less a working cold fusion reactor on public display at a scientific convention THIS week (Dr. Celani)!

    More interesting is what Thomas Maugh wrote for the same newspaper in 1989:

    “The vessel is cooled to the temperature of liquid nitrogen and allowed to warm to room temperature. During the warming process, the vessel emits bursts of neutrons. The process can be repeated over and over.

    These bursts of neutrons are the most convincing evidence that cold fusion actually occurs, according to Nobel laureate Robert Schrieffer of UC Santa Barbara. ‘Something quite special is apparently going on.’”

    In a separate Times article:

    “Physicist Howard O. Menlove of Los Alamos [National Laboratory] reported last Wednesday that, in two separate types of experiments, he and his colleagues had seen the same amount of neutrons observed by Jones. It was the first confirmation of cold fusion by a U.S. government laboratory.” 5/30/1989 Thomas Maugh II, Los Angeles Times

    The obit submitted by Fleischmann’s family states Dr. Martin Fleischmann, considered a world class electrochemist, was a Fellow of the Royal Society, Britain’s Academy of Sciences. Thomas Maugh II pointedly leaves this out of his obit. Why would that be, if not incompetence??

    1. Thank you GreenWin for this background.

      Mr. Maugh writes in 1989 of the confirmation of cold fusion by a US government laboratory – and now writes it was never replicated!

      Oi. Perhaps it is not incompetence. Perhaps we can be kind and call it senility.
      In either case, why Mr. Maugh still has a job at this paper is perplexing.

      Was his 1989 paragraph there supposed to describe a Fleischmann-Pons cell? Nothing in the description is recognizable to the reality.

      I am grateful that you shared this background with us.
      If I may, I will include your comments in a response to the LATimes.

      1. Ruby, it has been explained to me that journalists like Mr. Maugh II are expected to tow the company line if they are to climb the ladder. This apparently means recanting hard evidence and verifications from experts like a Nobel laureate. Which reminds us of demands made by religious orthodoxy on priests and aspirants intent on entering higher circles of the church.

        As to the technology, Mr. Maugh was writing about the work of Steven Jones at Brigham Young University and Los Alamos National Lab. Mr. Maugh apparently believed that Jones and his counterparts at LANL were the first to confirm cold fusion WAY back in 1989!

        Mr. Maugh II, has bachelor’s degrees in English and chemistry from MIT and a doctorate in chemistry from UC Santa Barbara. He has been a science writer for the LA Times since 1998, and is famous for articles like that dealing with methods to guess penis length in human males by measuring the length of their fingers. Senility perhaps, either way he and the LA Times come up short on this story.

  4. It’s not the LA Times. It’s us. We may be suffering from Reality Dependency Syndrome (RDS). But don’t worry, they’re working on a pill for that (ask your doctor).

  5. The discovery DR. Fleischmann and DR. Ponns made in 1989 was one of the most important discoveries ever. It is so sad that DR. Fleischmann left us before he could see his discovery change the world.
    There is no doubt that the Fusion Era is about to begin and it will change the lives of everyone on the planet, it will raise living standards,help to eradicate starvation,provide safe clean drinking water and almost eliminate pollution from the planet.
    Thank You DR. Fleischmann for giving mankind hope for a brighter future.
    P.S. Thanks also to the likes of Ruby Carrat and Sterling Allan for keeping cold fusion in the spotlight.

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