Martin Fleischmann leaves brilliant legacy of courage in pursuit of truth

Martin was probably the greatest scientist that I have ever known… I believe that eventually truth will win out. I don’t know how long it might take, but eventually Martin will be honored by many for his great scientific work in the cold fusion field.” —Dr. Melvin Miles

The world is slowly, but inexorably, moving toward a better place because of Martin Fleischmann’s transit through it.” —Dr. Mitchell Swartz

He was chosen to pay the price for success. Now he has peace and the rest of us have the responsibility not to let his sacrifice be in vain.” —Dr. Edmund Storms

Martin Flesichmann was one of the greatest scientists that ever lived.” —Dr. George H. Miley

Martin Fleischmann has left the planet, on his way to better beyonds where knowledge is total and awareness a mere triviality in a larger existence.

New Energy Times has reported here that he passed away in his home in the United Kingdom Friday, August 3, 2012 with his family in attendance.

Born March 29, 1927, Dr. Martin Fleischmann was lauded as one of the greatest electrochemists that ever lived. Co-discoverer of cold fusion with his partner Stanley Pons, the pair embarked on an epic scientific journey that adds their names to the list of greatest scientific figures in history.

Enduring decades of ostrasization from their conventionally-thinking peers, both Drs. Fleischmann and Pons have been vindicated for their claims as cold fusion, also called lattice-assisted nuclear reactions (LANR), and low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), has been reproduced hundreds of times by multiple types of systems.

Cold fusion offers a viable alternative to the continued use of dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power that uses radioactive materials leaving waste so dangerous, it threatens biological systems worldwide. Cold fusion presented an ultra-clean energy-dense source of power using as fuel hydrogen from water. The development of both the science and technology of cold fusion was almost extinguished by a coordinated effort from hot fusioneers and conventional energy physicists in 1989 who sought to discredit their results, and succeeded in delaying the development of clean energy technology for two decades.

It has been a small group of intrepid researchers from around the globe that have continued the work, bolstering the data with over-two decades of experimental confirmation that cannot be refuted. Commercial development of cold fusion technology in the form of hot water heaters and steam generators is currently ongoing by a new generation of scientists that were inspired by initial announcements of Drs. Fleischmann and Pons.

Andrea Rossi, inventor of the Energy Catalyzer, has said in an interview with James Martinez that ‘it was the announcement of their discovery in 1989 that was the “spark that ignited the fire”’. [read]

In an interview with Ruby Carat, hot- and cold-fusion pioneer Dr. George H. Miley remarked that “Martin Flesichmann was one of the greatest scientists that ever lived.”

Referring to the wild emotional backlash from physicists who felt their research threatened by the discovery, Dr. Miley said, “Any personal ramifications of individuals is so unfortunate. But you know that’s happened to many people in the field. The field has had a series of tragic events occur where workers in it have been maligned. Emotions grew so high. It should have been done in a scientific fashion, it would’ve been so much better. But I have nothing but the highest respect for Pons and Fleischmann, such great scientists, anyone would be privileged to follow their lead in science.” [read]

Cold fusion researcher and author Dr. Edmund Storms responded to the news of Martin Fleischmann’s passing with, “I was not part of his major field of interest, so my role in the LENR field was not important to him. Nevertheless, I’m sad that he paid such a high and unreasonable price and is now gone. His efforts to make the CF effect work could just as well have been as unsuccessful as experienced by most attempts at replication. But he was chosen to pay the price for success. Now he has peace and the rest of us have the responsibility not to let his sacrifice be in vain.”

He was further quoted here:
Martin demonstrated that Nature has a diabolical plan. He and Stan were
not the first to cause the LENR process but they were the first to attract
attention. For that, they paid the price Nature always extracts when a
great discovery is made. They attempted the “impossible” based on a flawed
model, using lucky material that most people could not duplicate, and
stirred up a firestorm of antagonism from people who were their colleagues
and friends. They were rejected for reasons both ignorant and self-serving
by people who we all thought should know better. Sadly, Martin did not
live long enough to say he told them so, and have the last laugh.
Hopefully, the rest of us can complete the process and gain acceptance for
what he and Stan paid such a dear price to make known. We will all miss
the man who led us into this crazy field.
” —Edmund Storms

Scientist and designer of the NANOR device currently on public display at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy has written:
The world is slowly, but inexorably, moving toward a better place because of Martin Fleischmann’s transit through it.

He was involved in two of the most important things in life: learning and teaching. He taught at King’s College, Durham University (later, University of Newcastle upon Tyne) and University of Southampton. He discovered and taught surface enhanced Raman scattering effect and the achievement of high energy Cold Fusion in a palladium lattice

Martin and his two partners were the first to achieve the purposeful attainment of cold fusion (fusion of deuterons to helium 4) using applied electric fields and a lattice in salty heavy-water.

As the cat whisker junction is to the Internet, Dr. Martin Fleischmann’s contribution in cold fusion will be to space travel, fully powered artificial internal organs, and much more.” —Mitchell Swartz

In a recent interview with Ruby Carat, former-Navy researcher and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Melvin Miles remarked that the data analysis Martin Fleischmann did on their collaborations that confirmed his own calculations was like none other in the world in it’s detailed meticulousness. “Only Martin could have done an analysis like this”, he said, calling him “one of the greatest scientists ever”. [read]

Dr. Miles responded to the news today re-iterating his assessment:
I have had many communications from Martin starting in about 1994 and have these here at home. Martin was probably the greatest scientist that I have ever known. I hope that this will someday be recognized by many others. I have spent many hours, days, and weeks studying his calorimetric equations and methods. He was far ahead of any other group in his calorimetric designs, modeling, and data analysis. This will be the topic of one of my ICCF-17 presentations and what led to my recent question for him. One of the main inspirations for me to continue with the difficult cold fusion research and calorimetry was my recognition of Martin Fleischmann’s brilliance that shown so far brighter than that for any Caltech, MIT, or Harwell scientist who worked with calorimetry.

Martin Fleischmann visited me here in California in October of 2000, and we took him to see again his favorite spot in Yosemite National Park. It was always a pleasure to spend time with Martin and to learn from him. I will greatly miss him. I believe that eventually truth will win out. I don’t know how long it might take, but eventually Martin will be honored by many for his great scientific work in the cold fusion field.Melvin Miles

The courage and character of Martin Fleischmann, along with his pal Stanley Pons, and including Eugene Mallove and all the scientists who continued their bold and honest inquiry into the workings of nature for the benefit of humankind, are the inspiration for Cold Fusion Now, and remain the heart of our existence.

With respect to his family, the cold fusion/LANR/LENR community, and all peoples of the globe who long for freedom, we dedicate ourselves to the same tenacious quest for the clean energy to power a green and peaceful human future.

Martin Fleischmann will emerge again when the new documentary by 137 Films called “The Believers” is finally released later this year. Until then, here is Martin Fleischmann speaking in 1999 at the American Chemical Society meeting on the 10-year anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion. He is introduced by Dr. Melvin Miles, a long-time researcher who collaborated with Dr. Fleischmann on many investigations.

Thank you to the New Energy Foundation for archiving this historical sequence.

With Love and Peace to You Martin. Thank You.

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  1. The tears that come from missing someone are precious, they flow from the deepest place… knowing and love. Thank you MARTIN

  2. The thing about great men, is that their names live long. Small men, spiteful men, men who pursue flattery over truth, are soon forgotten.

    This principle applies to all people. Pity we tend to pursue flights of fantasy in the now instead of a legacy that lives long after us. Add Mr. Fleischmann’s name to the List that includes Newton and Einstein, for this discovery will change the world just as profoundly.

    1. Although I am pleased that Mr. Rossi is puunsirg a major company for the distribution of the E-Cat I am also puzzled. I am one of the original 10,000 that signed to take delivery of the e-cat, (actually 2 units). I thought at the time they would be coming directly from the factory to my home. Why should I have to pay home depots huge markup. Very disappointed in this turn of events. I worked for home depot for 7 yrs as an inventory manager and know there markup are sometimes as much as 50% or more. After the way I was treated by this company I vowed to never shop at one of their stores again and haven’t since I left. I absolutely hate the idea of having to give them any of my money.

  3. Thanks for another great article Ruby, we look forward to seeing them and try to get them all shared at “The Free Energy Facebook Group” 😉

    Dr. Fleischmann was owed a some great debts.. that of gratitude, and that of apology. What M.I.T. and the media did to him and Dr. Pons was disgusting and criminal. And now the evidence is clear that it was M.I.T., Cal Tech, and others… not the accused who were loudly slandered and publicly libeled… who used “Junk Science” in their verifying experiments.

  4. My website includes my compilation of 95 cases of suppression of energy inventions. I just counted five stories of suppression regarding cold fusion. One of them tells about the shabby and inexcusably dishonest treatment of Martin Fl;eischman and Stanley Pons. In my new compilation of 130 Electrical Energy Innovations, I count nine inventions relating to cold fusion. It’s truly interesting to see how a fundamnetally new scientific discovery can lead to the most unexpected and odd consequences.

  5. Dr. Martin Fleischmann has left a most impacting legacy to the fusion energy world and to humanity. My colleague, Mark LeClair, and I send our condolences to Dr. Fleischmann’s family, to his friends and to all of his admirers. We shall continue our quest to advance fusion energy in his honor and to others who have untimely succumbed before witnessing their tremendous efforts and dedication rise to the prominent level of attention and utilization that it deserves.

  6. Hi Ruby, Here’s a tribute I put together. I borrowed quotes and photo’s. I guess up till now I had the image from 60 minutes of him being a dejected older man. There is a picture by Kudwik Kowalski that shows MF at ICCF-10. He looks happy. It’s a good one to remember him by.

    Tribute to Martin Fleischmann

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