Andrea Rossi interview on Ca$h Flow: “What you call pressure, I translate as responsibility.”

Not afraid to enter a specialty that kills careers, Mr. Rossi says, “To work in this field you have to be absolutely non-reactive towards controversy.”

The reason he had success, out of thousands of attempts, was because “we did not lose our time in controversy. We just let everybody say what they wanted.”

James Martinez interviewed Andrea A. Rossi on his Ca$h Flow show this past Thursday, December 29. You can download an .mp3 of the hour-long conversation directly from Cold Fusion Now here, or, go to the Achieve Radio Ca$h Flow archives here.

James has conducted interviews with a long list of new-energy researchers and presented to the public a catalog of scientist’s voices in their own words which you can access from the Cold Fusion Now audio page. In the recent interview with Andrea Rossi, James touched on a number of topics including how Mr. Rossi first got into energy research, the politics of cold fusion and the economics of his new technology.

Paying respect to Drs. Fleischmann and Pons, Mr. Rossi said it was the announcement of their discovery in 1989 that was the “spark that ignited the fire”.

Despite the thousands of early experiments with null results, Mr. Rossi was convinced that he would eventually achieve his goal. “Something like instinct” brought him success.

Along with Sergio Focardi and his team, they focused on the real practical undertaking “to make apparatus’ that work”.

“This is the only thing that counts. I absolutely do not care about all the meaningless noise that surrounds this kind of work.”

Mr. Rossi responded to a question about home units saying distribution to the public of household units is expected to begin “in autumn of 2012” adding that “We are in talks with Home Depot for the diffusion”.

“We have already started the sales of the industrial plants of 1MW, but now focusing on the household, we have to resolve the issue of certifications, and we are working on those, and we are organizing the production.

The target price will be between $1000-$1500 US for an E-Cat with a power between 10-20 kilowatts. Such an E-Cat is able to give the thermal energy and air conditioning for an average family house.

With this price, in a few months the E-Cat is paid back, and the expected life of an E-Cat is around 30 years.”

He believes that his team will be able to start production with one million units “in 2012 with the help of God.”

“Until now we have worked to make the technology. Now we have to make the production. Up to now, we have been able to do all we said that we would have done, and I hope that it will be so for this.”

These first E-Cats “will be made in a way that it will be possible to retro-fit them continuously with all the new arrivals of technology.”

When James asked Mr. Rossi if these home units would be easy to install, he outlined the plans for a network of installation specialists.

“The device has been designed to be very simple to install. It can be installed in parallel with existing heating systems, if they already exist. We will have our network that will go to install but to enrich our network, we will use this system: when anybody will buy an E-Cat we will ask him to communicate to us the address of his contractor who already works to maintain his house.

At that point we will contact immediately his contractor, give him the necessary instructions and send him to make the installation and at that point he also will become, if he wants, a contractor with our network.

This will be the system that we will use. If he will refuse to do this, we’ll send somebody else. But first of all, we will try to enrich and give work to the people that are already in place.”

English is not Mr. Rossi’s first language, and these excerpts are written in the spirit of his meaning. He gave James Martinez a generous interview with alot more exclusive info, but we won’t spoil the listening experience for you!

Download the .mp3 and hear the inventor of the next revolution in clean, abundant, affordable energy in his own words.

“The most important thing that can be learned from the work that we are doing is that we will overcome any critical moment, so in this difficult moment for everybody, if anybody works, believing in what he does, and works with all his efforts, we can build up a new, strong economy.”

Cold Fusion Now!

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28 Replies to “Andrea Rossi interview on Ca$h Flow: “What you call pressure, I translate as responsibility.””

  1. Thanks Ruby, for your timely update on the progress of this LENR device…Looking forward to installing the Ecat in my home. I also enjoyed the Rossi interview by Martinez.

  2. Great article Ruby, What a true scientist Rossi is proving to be to battle against all the odds for so many years to follow the evidence, maybe one day official science will learn how to make new discoveries.
    One does not religiously list all the evidence for the big bang and declare it fact and Dogma.
    One first highlights in any discussion or papers any facts that do not agree with the theory, the slightest anomaly, not matter how small, and encourage youth to investigate.
    Highlighting the things that do not fit is Science, follow the evidence, hide nothing, truth.
    The World is Quantum not classical, science knows virtuly nothing, but instead of excitedly moving on in wonder at the marvels to be found most fear the unknown and try to make out they have all the answers.
    Perhaps an apology to P&F would now be in order.

  3. Although I am pleased that Mr. Rossi is pursuing a major company for the distribution of the E-Cat I am also puzzled. I am one of the original 10,000 that signed to take delivery of the e-cat, (actually 2 units). I thought at the time they would be coming directly from the factory to my home. Why should I have to pay home depots huge markup. Very disappointed in this turn of events. I worked for home depot for 7 yrs as an inventory manager and know there markup are sometimes as much as 50% or more. After the way I was treated by this company I vowed to never shop at one of their stores again and haven’t since I left. I absolutely hate the idea of having to give them any of my money.

    1. That 10,000 list was just to find out if people were actually interested in his product (to see if he had a market to produce a product for). You didn’t pay him any money or actually buy an E-cat. Still, there might be direct buy options, Home Depot is probably just for the mainstream.

      This move is very smart for him to do, as distribution is a difficult problem, especially for any new business to tackle. Now, he can have a retailer not only help distribute, but also advertise for him (as it would make money for Home Depot, so it’d be in there interest to advertise).

      I also worked at Home Depot, part of paying for college, so I understand your sentiments. But whatever personal misgivings a person may have, this was a wise choice on Mr. Rossi’s side of things.

      We’ll see, have to know if the tech even truly works in the first place, and the deal hasn’t yet been made from what it sounds like. But if it is, it would be -huge-, and help propel the e-cat straight into the mainstream; something direct factory sales could never do.

    2. Even if it does work the question rneiams for how long. How often would one need to replace the catalyst and at what cost. And a better question does anyone think that the oil companies or Israel will allow something like this to come on the market.

  4. I’d like to thank everyone especially Andrea Rossi for this interview. It certainly is a great cause for optimism that Andrea Rossi is looking to distribute his home E-cats through companies such as Home Depot. This is one great way to leverage existing infrastructure to get E-cats into homes as quickly as possible. I am impressed!

  5. There are some confusion about priceing. Usualy it is given in dollars or euros per kilowat. Presently it is around $2000.00/kW
    Rossi told that with mass production the price will be lowered to $400.00/kW
    So the price given above as $1000-1500 per unit is not what Rossi said.
    $400/kW it is low price compairing to other sources of energy. But this way the price of 10kW-20kW units wil cost $4000-$8000/unit.

  6. Well, I’d hope that we of “the 10,000” may still be supplied direct as many of us are not in the US and I cannot see Home Depot being bothered to ship E-Cats around the world.

    1. Mmm lets see, its been 2 months since I peostd this. Did I miss a major news report stating there is any possibility of this being true? anyone? anyone riiiight. So the whole world is in a energy crises ignoring this, right? The richest country’s in the world are ignoring this and not funding it because . anyone, anyone? Yeah I am a idiot, whatever helps a obviously sad little self righteous person feel better, I’m your idiot ROFLMAO what a troll

  7. In the calculations comparing the amount of oil used per day compared to nickel, and using 1 gram of Nickel, one has to also consider that that 1 gram of nickel lasts for 6 months. So the comparison should be 1 gram of nickel/6 months to the amount of oil used in 6 months.

  8. Could we please have a transcript of the interview?
    Many people who are following LENR and E-Cat developments don’t understand spoken English or don’t have time to listen to a 1 hour audio file.

  9. Take , at least, as punishment, ten times all the paychecks of those con artists/socalledscientists who were involved knowngly or unwittingly conspired to deface and to ridicule and then laughed like hyenas while taking out the truth and livelyhood of dear F & P (the father of Cold Fusion/LENR) . I’d guess at least that being couple of trillions $$$$$$$$$$$…… ( hey included are oil barons and government puppets and boffuns and other idiots by the millions) that comes to tidy sum huh ? And then you will know what Rossi had to live with trying to outwitt them all…. and still strugling.. Why Google or Bill Gates or Buffet and the likes comes to the table . Or are they all in the other side too ?????

    1. I observed the ireenvitw and found both Dr. Focardi as well as Mr. Rossi to be open and direct in answering the questions posed. Their responses seemed totally reasonable and not evasive.Could it be that the earlier negative results observed during the taped video of Mr. Rossi’s demonstration are not typical? It is entirely possible that the E-CAT being tested was not behaving as expected and Mr. Rossi would rather wing it than allow the inconsistancy to be made public. As we are all aware, the difficulty of acheiving consistant results has long been a nagging problem of LENR devices. If Mr. Rossi has achieved a success rate of 60%(?) for the E-CAT units, he is a hero. He should set aside the other 40% for now until the process is understood sufficiently.

  10. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, a lot of effort is required to take a new technology from theory to production. A proven operable system will go along way to convince the naysayers that the idea really is delivering much more energy than it consumes in electricity and in other expendables. I hope this can be demonstrated soon so equipment suitable for installation in homes can begin mass production.

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