Addendum: Andrea Rossi on Ca$h Flow

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But, Mr. Moho asked, and so here it is: what I flash-transcribed from the recent Andrea Rossi interview with James Martinez on Ca$h Flow – albeit in a loose, short note form.

Andrea Rossi speaks with Massachusetts State Legislators about manufacturing E-Cats.
In the beginning of the interview, James mentioned Nikola Tesla as one of the greatest inventors that ever lived, and introduced Mr. Rossi similarly for his revolutionary technology.

When James asked about the pressure on him and his team to produce a good product, Mr. Rossi replied “What you call pressure, I translate as responsibility.”

“This is why we are working without limits of time to achieve the targets that we wanted to reach in due time. Absolutely, yes, we feel the responsibility. But this feeling of responsibility is also a source of energy to make our work and to overcome the stakes we have to pass through everyday.”

Mr. Rossi gets a lot mail from all over the world and responds “very fast”, dedicating 2-3 hours each day to answering inquiries, because he “can learn a lot from this”.

James believes the entire planet will benefit from this technology saying “We are at a great new time in the world, right now”, and “this is some of the best news for the entire world.” He wanted to give Mr. Rossi a chance to reiterate how safe and clean this new energy technology is:

“The planet will benefit immensely. Eventually, we won’t have the pollution and problems we’ve had from nuclear energy ever again.

We do not use toxic material, we do not use radioactive material, we do not produce radioactive material, and in the thousands of tests that we have made with specialists from the University of Bologna, we never have found any emission of radiation. We have no emission of smoke, no emission of waste of any kind, we have no CO2 emissions, no noise emissions and no liquid emissions.”

James asked: Is it easier to integrate your technology in a developing country, or, do you think it is easier to do it in a more “modern” venue like the United States?

“This is a very good question. There are pros and cons in either case. Because, of course, in a developing country, the pro is that there is less resistance, because you have a blank paper to write upon. In this sense, there is a pro. But the con is that there is less “???” preparation to accept a very new thing.

The contrary is in the developed countries… I can say this, I have an extreme high level interest for this technology in countries like USA, North America, and Europe mainly. Of course, also interest in other areas, but less intense.

Your question is very good, and I am not sure I’m able to answer. In the beginning we will diffuse our work better in developed countries, but would be delighted to go wherever we will be called, absolutely.”

When James asked which countries will have access to the technology first, Mr. Rossi replied they were organizing a network around the world, but the “first point of development and the main center of production will be in the United States.”

On the topic of implementation, James asked whether he had met any resistance from power companies.

“I think that all the energy sources will be integrated. I do not think that we will displace other energy sources. I think that we will reinforce the energy network of the world.

Maybe other sources will be employed in the fields where they are more “???”. I think that we can be integrated in the global energy system. Of course there will be some competition, and this will be better for the public.”

Looking forward, James asked if this technology would be able to be used in an automobile. Mr. Rossi replied that it was a difficult question to answer right now, but he thought that ships and trains would most likely be an easier application.

“To be applied to an automobile, I think yes, but the application of this kind of energy to the cars or trucks will need not less than 10-15 years because there are very big problems to be resolved
with electricity.”

Asked if he was using an E-Cat in his own home, Mr. Rossi said:

“Yes. Yes, because it’s a test. Of course yes, I am using it. This is important. There are some that are working in some houses of my team and I and we have to collect all the data and analyze all the problems. They are our guinea pigs.”

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  1. I would be VERY interested if Rossi was asked specifically about China – the scale of that rollout and it’s relationship to the authoritarian regime is would be fascinating.

    Also, Rossi’s answer about LENR’s relationship to other energy sources was intreging (i.e. live and let live), and was in direct contradition to this quote (live and let die):

    “Total replacement of fossil fuels for everything but synthetic organic chemistry.” –Dr. Joseph M. Zawodny, NASA

    Particularly oil-sands, which needs a price of over 80 $/barrel to be profitable, and (in my opinion) is one of the grossest, most stupid energy technologies I’ve ever seen (even compared to fracking, which is almost as bad).

    1. Fleishmann & Pons have kept the light in the window all these many years. Though epollriid by rigid self effected Physics Authoitarians’ code of ridicule and banishment to the outer darkness anyone who brings up new and unproven topics.Shame on those self centered egotists who rant and rage at any premise that has not already been accepted and endorsed by thier lofty assemblage of super intellectuals.History of all advances since the early days of the Flat Earth idea, has been done by thinkers of impossible thoughts, like flight, Heart Transplants, Newtons’ Gravity musing, Copericus concept of the solar system and ,and on.Enter Dr. Rossi and Associates; welcome to a time in the history of a struggleing Earth in desperate need of a clean and abundent energy source. On behalf of all those self appointed keepers of all things Scientific cowering in a dark corner in the hopes that your E-Cat dies in the borning. Hail Dr. Rossi and Associates; God Speed to your plans to fill a vital need at a critical time.Jon Dee

  2. Thanks for your effort, this will help propagate the latest audio interview with Rossi over the Net.

  3. By the way, lately Francesco Celani has written a series of emails to 22passi blog explaining what he will talk about during WSEC 2012 at Geneva in the next few days and answering related questions that people made on that blog. This was the important bit of the full abstract available there:

    In these weeks our group, working with long and thin wires having the surface coated with micro-nano-particles, get re-confirmation of a phenomenon, by us, seldom observed in some previous experiments: the specific alloy used (Cu-Ni), that usually has Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) of the resistance, if absorbs large amount of Hydrogen, changes to Negative TC. Such phenomenon is correlated to anomalous heat production and increases as the anomalous heat increases. If such key phenomenon will be kept under full control, because its behaviour can be observed with simple instrumentation, it can be open the door to systematic work, worldwide, to find the “optimal” material and operating point.

    1: Original post about the World Sustainable Energy Conference 2012 (partially in English)

    2: Post containing an important excerpt from Celani’s abstract to his talk (partially in English)

    3: Post regarding the WSEC conference (downloadable press conference in English)

    4: Celani answers some questions and clarifies a few things (I) (in Italian)

    5: Celani answers some questions and clarifies a few things (II) (in Italian)

    There’s also been a short discussion about this on Vortex-l mailing list.

    1. Don’t be so naive to think this world is the way it is at random.You can hcoose to act out of love or fear. If you act out of fear, keeping the info to yourself; the ones who keep the world the way it is will act out of fear.The only way for your invention to get out is to spread all the details across the world far and wide, electronically and physically.There are only 2 ways out for you: In your birthday suit (humble) or in a body bag.

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