A Story of Cold Fusion Power

The long cold fusion summer is heating up nicely. The transmutation era is readying to be launched. LENR engineering is entering the business world.

As I ponder this fact, I reflect with amazement at the amount, quality, and wealth of actions undertaken by “cold fusioneers” informing governments and politicos, activists and environmentalists, and many others about state of the art cold fusion; gratitude blossoms in my heart.

As the message conveyed by the likes of Cold Fusion Now .org and other media wizards reaches more and more people an exponential growth of understanding is inevitable. Big thanks to you all.

This novella was just published and is another example of exciting cold fusion media. It is also a “perfect kick back, relax, and read” story for this long cold fusion summer.

The story lends insight to intrigue, providing repast to the tension this summers’ suspense brings. Its’ cleverly crafted plot takes the reader thru a few twists and turns in the world of politics, cold fusion, and national security.


Fiction by Joe Shea

(Joe Shea started the American Reporter in April 1995, and has served as Editor-in-Chief ever since. This is his fourth novella, and only the second long fiction piece to run in AR. Write Joe at amreporter@aol.com, or call him at (941) 462-2616.)


Dedicated to Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann

“Who saw their careers deliberately destroyed by other scientists after their discovery of cold fusion.”


“A Story of Cold Fusion Power Barack Obama and the New Green Energy”

Vol. 18, No. 4,525 – The American Reporter – August 10, 2012 (read)

from the novella…


“President Obama, perhaps a few months too late (only time will tell), finally realized that energy and gasoline prices and their control would be the defining challenge he would face in his fight for re-election…”


“someone was supplying selected small utilities with a controversial device…”


“someone was out to kill King Coal again!”

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  1. I’ve (among many I’m sure) spent considerable time reflecting upon why there was such psychological resistance to the existence of a clean, very cheap, and super abundant energy technology. Is it because they’ve been disappointed before by false alarms? Is it because it is too good to be true? Is it because they don’t understand how important such a technology is? Is it because now days you hear all sorts of far-fetched notions?

    Narrowing the psychology to just politicians (i.e. “leaders”), why aren’t they publicly embracing LENR? Is it because they don’t want to take the risk (i.e. watch which way the crowd goes, then jump ahead and “lead” them)? Is it because they are simply waiting for further evidence? Is it because they benefit from the current status quo? Is it because they support other energy (both clean or dirty) that will be made obsolete by LENR?

    Given that humans are virtually genetically identical as ten thousand years ago, and the obtuse psychology they displayed whenever another disruptive technology emerged. Furthermore, given that the current political climate is such that important issues are rarely publicly discussed or debated, but only moaned about. Obama, Romney, or the press aren’t going to bring up LENR unless it is thrust into their campaign, and then only if it is a red state/blue state issue.

    In other words, it is simply wishful thinking that LENR will do anything but stay below the radar (incredibly, since those reading this know the significance of such a technology emerging), especially until it emerges onto the market. Too bad, so sad.

  2. Thanks Brad,

    You state,

    “Obama, Romney, or the press aren’t going to bring up LENR …
    unless it is thrust into their campaign, and then only if…
    it is a red state/blue state issue.”

    Seriously good strategic thinking.

  3. I think the answer to your question, Brad, is simply “Money.” Martin Fleischmann s reputed to have said that the economic impact of cold fusion deployment would be on the order of an “unfathomable” amount of money: $300 trillion dollars. It’s not hard to see where that would come from – ExxonMobil alone is worth more than a trillion. It and oil companies like it have 2 million workers. They take home a lot of money. But that is not to say that cold fusion would cause enormous losses, at least not for people of a little foresight. There would be literally thousands of new applications and millions of new jobs that would be cereated by cheap energy. It’s going to be a lot like the Internet suddenly broke upon us in 1995, when I started The American Reporter with 30 other journalists. We scared the AP and other news services to death with our breaking hard news stories from around the world that cost subscribers just a penny a word and $100 a year. We soon had more than 400 reporters writing for us and got terrific scoops from them. Today we seem to have been overtaken by the same media that once consemned Internet journalism – usually for mistakes the big boys made! But out of the Internet came thousands of applications we use today, from Facebook to Google to Twitter to Yahoo and countless others. If it were not for tyhe Internet, how would we have gotten out the story of Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat? That’s why I was so happy to risk two years in jail and a $200,000 fine when I challeneged the Communications Decency Act in Federal Court in Manhattan, got the law censoring the Internet declared unconstitutional there, and got affirmed in the US Supreme Court. The oil, gas and nuclear power industry, and perhaps the electric industry, depending on how much foresight they have, will all fight the E-Cat and cold fusion tooth and nail at some point. They will lose because it is an unstoppable idea whose time has come, but it will be a very difficult battle. I’m a Democrat, so I see it like fighting all the lies that Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson could buy. It will come from every direction, but for the sake of humanity and the survival of life on our planet, we must answer the lies and fight back for all we’re worth. No amount of money will keep global warming from b ecoming worse; only a new source of energy that is non-polluting and non-radiative will do it. And do it we will, right?

  4. In one of the greatest honors bestowed on me in 44 years as a reporter, Igr. Andrea Eossi gave my novella “POWER: A Story of Cold Fusion,” a wonderful review! It’s excerpted on Page 1 of The American Reporter, at http://www.american-reporter.com, where the story is available free.

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