Honoring Martin Fleischmann

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Too many obituaries like these continue the myth:
that cold fusion is a phenomenon imagined in the minds of lesser scientists.

(A shriekingly loud wailing erupts) Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghgghhhhh!

O my peoples! Let us correct this – We got your back Martin!

Please take a moment to write to your local newspaper, your national newspaper or news magazine, and tell them that cold fusion is real, and has been replicated hundreds of times in labs around the world.

Tell them Navy researchers have confirmed the effect twenty years ago, NASA is testing technology, and commercial products from independent companies are in development.

Tell them to look at the interviews with scientists on coldfusionnow.org.

You could engage in no greater honor for Martin Fleischmann, as well as the collection of scientists who continued to work on the Fleischmann-Pons Effect despite the hostility of the conventionally-thinking minds and myths like this headline above.

Of course, the greatest tribute to Martin Fleischmann remains the body of work these scientists produced in spite of the offensive conditions.

The “fax” that started it all:
M. Fleischmann, S. Pons, M. Hawkins, Electrochemically Induced Nuclear Fusion of Deuterium J. Electroanalytical Chem., vol. 261, pp 301-308, and erratum, vol. 263, p 187 (1989). [.pdf].

A discovery that wrote the names of Martin Fleischmann, Stanley Pons, and Marvin Hawkins in the pages of history forever, with the glory, and the sacrifice.

Hal Fox‘s
Fusion Facts
Volume 1 Number 7
January 1990 [.pdf]

Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons named
Fusion Scientists of the Year 1989

New Energy Times Fusion Facts Archive is here.

Additional archives sorted by author from New Energy Times here.


Our tribute, from the community of new energy supporters, continues to create expressions of love and peace for better world, which we firmly believe, is possible.

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