Petition: Cold Fusion Renewable Energy Development

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Cold Fusion atomic energy has been ignored and pushed aside in discussions/ presentations about alternative energy for too long. Advantages include little/no radioactive decay matter, and extremely high energy output. As an example, 1 or 2 future-generation generators themselves could power a metropolis city the size of Los Angeles, California for a month on one small supply of common inexpensive elements. Current energy generation comes from more than 5-sources. World leaders in nations/unions such as Japan, The United States of America, Russia, South Africa, The European Union, and so on have the ability and power to fully engage in the building mass energy production plants now.  “Nuclear fission power plants and weapons are dangerous.”

As of 07/02/2012 this is now an international petition.

This is among the safest, cleanest, and most powerful energy resources that has been proven to be as or more productive than coal, and nuclear fission; which is more commonly known. Other technologies based on science fiction stories like the various Star Trek television series from the 1960’s through recent series, offer multiple ideas that need to be officially explored further. Use of this energy source has the potential of replacing oil, coal, and natural gas use worldwide. The nation that does this first would likely reduce foreign dependence by 100%, erase it’s own and most other nations trade debts and retain all funds used towards purchasing foreign energy resources. The conservative powers that currently exist and the energy corporations that want to hold onto their dominance are fighting this in every way possible.

An accommodating resource of energy using a smaller cold fusion engine can also power vehicles of all sizes.  World leaders need to endorse this safer alternative too. Job losses may initially be massive but 3x to 10x more jobs would be created. Worldwide unemployment would drop dramatically due to increased lower cost energy availability.

We are in a new and more open time to succeed. Let’s make them listen and act for the people, our planet, not the corporate billionaires and subservient politicians!

Please sign this worlwide petition and forward this article: (Click Here)

NASA Information (Link)  …More proof!

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  1. Why should we have to use a cattle prod? They know everything there is to know about athletes on steroids but know nothing about the discovery that will change everything? (right) If they haven’t said anything about LENR by now then just vote them out of office.

    1. It’s not necessarily the persons in charge, as some do want to speak up. The biggest problems are the corporations and the 1-2% wealthy in charge. The corporate powers that be control a lot of those we put in positions of power.

    1. The Global Petition is under development. There is a lot more that has to go into a multinational petition. Consider the U.S. one you currently see as a starter. No offense meant towards other nations. Should be ready in 1-2 weeks because appropriate persons in the U.N. and many nations on each continent need identification per individuals in leadership to reach.

  2. LENR is a double edged sword seen from the perspective of the present monetary and political system. It will be extremely difficult to keep the present power structure and elitiscism intact when presenting a technology that in the long run will move towards the individual, leaving the present elite without its traditional means of an upper hand.

    The elite won’t easily let go of the advantage of being in charge of the social, economic and political structure of mankind.

    To reinforce this sovereignty the present ladder system of upward oriented advantage system is making it beneficial for the individual to maintain and secure the continuance of this system.

    And since the increase engine of the present monetary system is upward oriented, the power are increasing exponentially the higher up the ladder you get.

    As a result there are only a few percent with the main power mandate to decide the design of of the human social structure.

    This intricate ladder system reverbrates all the way down to you and I, who likewise maintain the stucture by keeping a firm grip on the level of advancement we presently have achieved.

    Only the base of the social-economic-political pyramide have nothing to lose, but as mainly being the least educated and intellectually trained members of the society, they have few ways to xecute any effective changes.

    The guys in charge on this planet are well aware of the threat to their positions that any energy system like LENR might be, so they are most likely right now planning how to deal with this threat to their sovereignty.

    Since it becomes more obvious for every month that passes that LENR is here to stay, they will soon engage with all their resources to incorporate LENR into the present power structure.

    If they succeed, free energy like LENR will just replace the dirty fission heaters at the nuclear plants and the increase rate of your electricity bill won’t deviate much from your present situation.

    This would be unfair beyond comprehension. Through LENR there is enough energy for everyone to use for whatever purpose we want.

    LENR holds within itself the key to total freedom for every man and woman on earth.

    LENR has the power to change the world, giving us back our birthright of freedom and integrity, decentralising the infrastructure to the benefit for personal self realization.

    But we wont get this free energy for free as long as we passively accept to be slaves to the system.

    We are standing at an unparallelled threshold in human history, and not many people seem to grasp the magnitude of the fork ahead on the road.

    To patent and restrict the access of an innovation like LENR or any COP>1 technology is a crime against humanity, since if there are no limits to the amounts of accessible energy.

    It belongs to us all.


    1. The initial petition was created for the U.S. population as sort of a tester. I have not decided whether to continue developing the international version or to alter the current one to include the U.N. and it’s member nations. May be easier to do the later.

      i really like your written statement. Do you mid if I use some of what you said to create the new one or an alteration. Got a few things going on. Need some time to squeeze into this. Expect the international one in 1-2 weeks.

  3. I have some major problems with statements like this: “As an example, 1 or 2 future-generation generators themselves could power a metropolis city the size of Los Angeles, California…”

    Since when, and whom has developed a reactor of such size?

    Even worse is this statement: “Other technologies based on science fiction stories like the various Star Trek television series from the 1960′s through recent series, offer multiple ideas that need to be officially explored further.”

    Would my signing such a petition cast my lot with the space-cadets of the world. I’m not sure I want to be associated with such stuff despite the fact that I support LENR research and hope the first devices might come to market soon.

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