Moray B. King: Breakthrough Energy, EVO Clusters, and Paradigm Shifts

Interview with Engineer and New Energy Pioneer Moray B. King. The first portion of the interview features focused discussion on John Wheeler’s model of the quantum vacuum and how topological vortex structures are permitted to self-organize out of a turbulent, orthogonal electromagnetic flux.

During the middle part of the interview Moray further elucidates how this flux might be coherently abstracted into our dimension to do work. He outlines the discoveries of Yull Brown (Brown’s Gas Torch), Ken Shoulders (Plasmatic Exotic Vacuum Objects) and Mark LeClair (Crystalline Water Cluster Jets), and goes on to explain why their experiments demonstrate substantive evidence for Zero Point Energy (ZPE) extraction.

Toward the tail-end of our dialogue Moray ventures into the arena of LENR-Cold Fusion theory. He visualizes a scenario where cracking in the crystalline lattice creates an environment where micron-scale ball lightning (aka self-organized ZPE plasmoid) is being generated and released. Micron-sized ball lightning has been demonstrated to be highly energetic and capable of transmuting elements during laboratory studies in at least three countries. Also worth considering is that amplified ZPE interactions are known to occur within reflective Nano-domains during Cavity-QED experiments. While the ZPE explanation for LENR still remains undefined and speculative in certain important respects, further investigation of ZPE fluctuations in Nano-cavities may provide us with better understanding of what goes on within the Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) to produce the Pons-Fleischmann Excess Heat Effect.

In closing we spend some time focusing on the philosophical side of the Breakthrough Energy Movement and what will be required for a paradigm shift to occur.

Thank you for taking an interest. A more detailed outline can be found @ my blog if so desired.

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  1. May it be that elementary particles such as electrons and protons (combined quarks) having “spin” are “vortex-particles” of condenced ZPE energy alike a cyclone in the atmosphere? To understand the meaning of electric charge go to Belgian patent BE1002781, pages 3-4 for the formula of the restmass of the proton. The English version of said BE-patent can be read through e-Cat Site in the article
    “Belgian LANR Patents” .The square value of the product of mass and spin radius gives you a positive or negative charge value. Putting the obtained charge values (+/-) in a graph you will find matter and anti-matter.Please ask Dr. Edmund Storms for a copy of said graph (addedum 9 to my letter).

    1. “May it be that elementary particles such as electrons and protons (combined quarks) having ‘spin’ are ‘vortex-particles’ of condensed ZPE energy alike a cyclone in the atmosphere?”

      Well of course we can’t use quarks to model electrons-positrons, as they are leptons and do not contain quarks, but yes I believe this is approximately what Moray is saying. The vacuum can certainly be thought of as a type of atmospheric or fluid entity because virtual particles are not point particles by any means but more akin to “smears” existing in the background of space-time. The idea that point particles can be modeled as vortices goes back to Maxwell, Thomson, etc. Modern theorists such as Meyl, LaViolette, Tewari, Meno, Funaro, Wolff, and others have modeled fundamental particles in a similar fashion. Whether the ZPE is the main substrate, or some deeper space-time structure (aka physical sub-quantum vacuum) is responsible for particle production, we can’t say for sure at this point.

      Thanks for the comment, I’ll see if I can find that paper you’ve suggested.


  2. Moray’s BEM video is just stunning, I watched it this evening (see previous post for link). Moray very much endorses Mark LeClair’s cavitation / transmutation work. Mark spoke at BEM but it apparently was not recorded, or is not listed on the page above. However he did a Smart Scarecrow powerpoint presentation last year, see . And the Fusion page at Nanospire, .

    1. William,

      Thank you for the words of encouragement. LeClair did give a presentation at BEM 2013 here:

      However it was through Skype, had some latency issues, and was about the same material as that presented on Smart Scarecrow late last year, so you can watch either one and get the same information more or less.

      If anyone is interested in replicating LeClair’s work they do need to stay very mindful of the potential dangers involved (radiation, etc.). I do hope a well equipped lab does decide to try however, as the work is very interesting/promising but requires further validation.

  3. I had never heard of Browns Gas so I had to look it up. Wikipaedia has an article on Oxyhydrogen that mentions Browns gas as a “fringe science”.
    All Real Science is “Fringe Science. The rest is demonstrations and engineering. Science is about what we don’t know- it is not about demonstrating what we do.
    Anyway, may I suggest that some of the vacuous declarative statements are edited on the Wikipaedia link.
    Empty headed High priests such as the one who wrote the wikipaedia article get up my nose as they stand on the pulpit huffing and puffing, only to slink off when they are proved to be nothing but windbags.

    1. Arthur,

      I was new to Brown’s Gas not long ago as well. I can not attest to its authenticity one way or another, but I trust others like Moray who have researched it more in depth and found truth to its claims. If it is indeed the real deal I do think the EVO theoretical explanation makes logical and empirical sense, as I have a lot of respect for the experimental work and reputation of Ken Shoulders. Whether we’ll effectively harness ambient vacuum energy in the future or not remains an open question. But the positive results emerging out of plasma-based systems like those of T.H. Moray, Ken Shoulders, and the Correas seem undeniable to me. Magnet motors are also very provocative and the most recent, the Yildiz Motor, is something to pay attention to over the next couple years to see if he can properly industrialize and market it. Not holding my breath as I don’t think the economic climate is right, but doesn’t mean the system is inauthentic. Thanks and regards.

  4. Thank you John Maguire for your comment to my vision on vortex-particles of ZPE. From the radius of the electron in the Bohr atom you can calculate electric charge (+/-). See for Belgian patent BE904719 how the orbitting electron in the Bohr atom is represented as a travelling wave and the free spinning electron is represented as standing wave using the Schrödinger equation resulting in a most probable spin-radius being half of the orbit radius. Use Espacenet to find the Abstract in English with text in Dutch (sorry).

  5. To John Maguire,

    Please note that the so-called vacuum has a refractory index certainly in the neighborhood of a large mass body such as the sun. The light-bending of light by mass according to the general theory of relativity can likewise be explained by diffraction according to my calculations. These calculations (2 pages) can be sent to you on your address if you can inform me an my address : J. Van den Bogaert, De Rest 21, B-2970, BELGIUM

    1. Joannes,

      If you have any material you’d like to send my way it is probably best done by attaching it through email. My address can be found @ my blog under “About Me”. I would normally be OK with snail mail but I am in the States, and international shipping costs seems like a waste for sending a 2-page document. I have not seen charge correlated with radius before which is interesting. I have seen charge correlated with spin, and mass correlated with radius. Regards.

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  7. To John Maguire,

    Can you give me your e-mail address for sending the promised 2 pages and the graph of the square root relationship of electric charge and the product of mass and spin radius. My e-mail address is:

  8. For Ni/H atom transmutation have a look at e-Cat Site “Cold Fusion Catalyst”. Good Luck.

  9. To John Maguire,

    Pages containing info about gravitational refraction index together with info about the meaning of electric
    charge and Lorentz contraction of the electron have been sent by scanner on your e-mail address. Season greetings. Jan

  10. To John Maguire,

    Please have a look into Belgian patent BE904719 for the spinning electron having a radius half of the Bohr-atom radius and having a ring-thickness equal to the classical electron radius and having a structure of a standing wave according to modified Schrödinger equation. Abstract of BE904719 in English available through ESPACENET.

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