Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Rising Up

Video: Global BEM ’13 Outdoor Impressions [Youtube]

Interest in the new generation of breakthrough energy technology is broadening with a surge of participation from young inventors and engineers, artists and writers, coalescing around a core network of promoters in Holland and led by partners Madeline Vilar and Jeroen van Straaten.

With the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement, the duo conjured-up a meeting in Boulder, Colorado with technologists, artists, musicians, philosophers, historians, archeologists, healers, financial advisers, inventors, and engineers from all over globe to talk about the new energy solutions on the horizon that offer a renaissance in human civilization.

The need for transformation, on every level of human existence, begins with energy, and the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement is bringing to light radical new energy generators based on post-modern physics of plasma, magnets, and zero point energy (ZPE).

Who ya gonna believe? Me, or your own eyes?
Chico Marx

Thursday night's panel of speakers from that day included Catherine Austin Fitts and Thomas Valone.
Thursday night’s panel of speakers from that day included Catherine Austin Fitts and Thomas Valone.
Talks by some of the leading breakthrough energy scientists spoke to crowds who filled the space to capacity. The momentum for change was powerful. A diverse group formed congruent brainwaves towards a new energy technology that will free humans from a centralized and controlled energy source.

“I think we had about 450 people attending,” said Jeroen. “The response to the conference was overwhelming positive, I know we are on the right way in our vision and it will be bigger and bigger, playing a huge role in waking up people about these technologies.”

Originally to be held at the University of Colorado Boulder, last minute demands from the university for money and attendance guarantees forced the event off-campus to a local hotel. Tents took over the parking lot of the Days Inn operated by owner Darek Zurek, who is sympathetic to the cause.

Co-hosted by Conscious Media Network and Gaiam TV‘s Regina Meredith and Searle Magnetiscs Jason Verbelli, the event was livestreamed at Evening panels were moderated by Mitchell Rabin and Sacha Stone. Both tents held lectures all day, and both programs were videotaped.

Most video from Tent 1 is available and includes lectures by Ruby Carat, David Niebauer, Moray B. King, Dan Winter, Jason Matozzo, Tom Valone, Catherine Austin Fitts, David Martin, Fernando Vossa, Michael Riversong, Steven Ross, James Martinez, Michael Tellinger, Garret Moddel, Mitchell Rabin, and Foster Gamble.

Tent 2 had lectures by Ulf Dahlstrom, New Energy Movement co-founder Joel Garbon, Pure Energy Systems Network Sterling Allan, Mike Upstone, NanoSpire’s Mark LeClair joining Moray B. King, Mark Dansie, Daniel and Erica Nunez, Randy Powell, Mark Brasche, Russ Gries, Richard Dolan, Jamie Janover, Goa Lobaugh, Josh Toms, James Schmidt, and Sam Mason. See Full Program for more.

The Art Tent hosted a collection of paintings, sculpture, prints, and fabrics, steeped in sacred geometry, and future vision. With ancient technology as a ground and breakthrough generators as the figure, musician-writer-archeologist Michael Tellinger put forth a powerful thesis for a lost technology of energy generated from sound, linking ancient South African stone ruins with early Babylonian myth.

Read a complete report on this event from Ruby Carat in Infinite Energy Magazine #112 November/December 2013. Find summaries of talks, reviews, and more, from the voice of GlobalBEM PULSE magazine.

GlobalBEM videos available now from the 2nd Global Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013 in Boulder, Colorado are gathered here:

October 10, 2013 Thursday Tent 1

Alaya, Ruby Carat with special guest Bob Greenyer of Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, and David Niebaurer

October 10, 2013 Thursday Tent 2

October 11, 2013 Friday Tent 1

Friday Morning Talks Tent 1

Thomas Valone

October 12, 2013 Saturday

Saturday Morning Talks Tent 1

James Martinez with special guest David Icke

Michael Tellinger

Saturday Afternoon Talks Tent 1

Garret Moddel, Mitchell Rabin, and Foster Gamble.

Saturday Evening panel

GlobalBEM Conference Playlist (Entire)

A complete list of speakers:


Conference Host
Interviewer/show host GaiamTV, Co-founder Conscious Media Network


Conference Host
Independent researcher and speaker, works at Searl Magnetics


Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder, Dept. of Electrical, Computer, & Energy Engineering. Research quantum engineering device technology


Publisher of The Solari Report and managing member, Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC. Former US Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush Administration.


Engineer, physicist and author


President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media
Creator, Host, Co-Writer, and Director of Visual Design for THRIVE


Founder and CEO of the PES Network, Inc. and the New Energy Congress


President of the New Energy Movement, Founding Member of the New Energy Congress and Co-Author of “Breakthrough Power”


CEO, Searl Aerospace Corporation


President of Integrity Research Institute and Editor of Future Energy newsletter and Enews


Clean Energy Business Advisor


Author, Filmmaker, Founder of Cold Fusion Now


Director of Media Operations & Executive Producer of Cold Fusion Radio


Consultant, Coach, Therapist
President & Founder of A Better World
Panel Moderator


Specialist in Energy Research, Healing Technology and Cosmic Awareness


Independent researcher


Independent Biotechnology Professional


IT Professional
Student of Geometry and Physics, Sacred Science and Ancient Megalithic Construction


Founder of the World Research Foundation


Founder and CEO of Humanitad and Exemplar Zero, Panel moderator


Author, scientist and explorer


Executive Chairman of M-CAM, Inc. and Finance Principle of Exemplar Zero


Researcher and inventor


Founder of Sonic Bloom
Musician, Resonance Project Emissary


Researchers and Inventors


Independent Researcher, Freedom Activist


Teacher, Performer


Chairman Human Trust, Photographer



MARK BRASCHE aka ZeroFossilFuel

Electronics Engineer, Author, Speaker, Alternative energy experimenter, replicator and reporter.


Vortex Based Mathematician


CEO & Founder, NanoSpire, Inc., Co-Founder, Advanced Cavitation Institute for Alternative Energy & Nanotechnology


Open Source Researcher, reporter


Vice president of New Energy Systems Trust ( Free Energy Entrepreneur


Advanced Technology Consultant, Researcher, Inventor and Sustainable Recovery Strategist


Researcher, historian, author


Researcher, visual artist


Researcher, speaker, Chairman of the Vital4Life Foundation

A documentary film Take Back Your Power about the so-called “smart meters” that today’s power companies are using to solidify control of your energy usages, showed Friday night. Here are some outtakes of the must-see film:


Global Breakthrough Energy Conference is On in Boulder!

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  1. Wonderful report, great to see True scientists from so many important areas, that most of conventional science does not have the open-minded professional ability to pursue.
    Maybe a time of real science is coming where the negative religious dictates of the priests, backed by their inquisition force who police and abuse those speaking out for the Truth will be seen for the horrific damage that it has and does cause.
    Cold Fusion may do far more that just create the energy we need, it may also be the catalyst that sets science free of the shackles of inane reductionism that has hidden the Truth in many areas for generations.

  2. Great talk Ruby! I had a feeling of déjà vu while listening too it. Then I put my finger on it. When I was a kid, my father told me about the pompous asses (every generation has them) who ridiculed Banting and Best when (in 1922) they announced that they found an antidiabetic factor in the pancreas. How could these unknown guys (incompetent boobs) have found something in the pancreas when we, the “best” biochemists in the world, found nothing?
    Well, they thought that the digestive enzymes in the pancreas might be destroying an unknown antidiabetic factor during the isolation process. They found a way to prevent the digestive enzymes from destroying the unknown factor before they performed their isolation.
    This great little 36 minute video, “The Quest”, tells the story of Banting and Best’s discovery of insulin.

    1. PS
      A new twist to the story: Found this video about the Banting and Best story: Glory Enough for All.

      What was even more interesting than the video was the following comment below the video:
      “In 1921, a team of Canadian doctors studied and patented a product called “insulin”,nothing else but Paulescu’s Pancreine. Later it turned out that the Canadian scientists were aware of Paulescu’s research.The fact is that in 1921, James Collip was the first to demonstrate that pancreatic extract is effective in the treatment of diabetes in humans. For the discovery of insulin, the Canadian team was rewarded with the Nobel Prize in 1923…
      Another case of Romanian invention stolen by others…”

  3. Hi all

    I suppose this is as good a subject to raise this under as any.

    As you may know I wrote a few times about strategic movements by the Oil Industry to divest them selves of their oil fields, as the threat of LENR became apparent, it has been referred to by others as 4 trillion dollars worth of stranded assets. Others then went on to consider what strategic actions the banks and the financial markets, of which the oil companies are a huge part, were taking in reaction to the same threat. They have been found to have reversed their market position and bet against oil.
    Recently it came to my attention that many major firms are now preparing or have actually started to remove them selves from national Grids and arranging the infrastructure to produce their own electricity and heat via CHP.

    The Cold Fusion/LENR age is close.

  4. To “cold fusion” believers it is important to me to receive a scientific reaction to my Belgian patents BE 1002780 and BE1002781 relating to cold fusion and available in English through E-Cat Site in the articles “Belgian LANR Patents” and “LANR by Coulomb Explosion”. Further I like to draw your attention to BE904719 the “abstract of which in English is available through ESPACENET (European patent data base).
    According to the lastmentioned BE-patent the nuclear fusion of e.g. deuterium is easied by enlarging the elementary particle radius based on Lenz’s law by increasing magnetic field. Thanks!

  5. Some thoughts about “smart” grids:
    Who will guard the guards who are guarding the guards? I sometimes wonder if this culture of maniacal total control grid spying will become so paranoid that they’ll be spying on themselves, creating a feedback loop so immense that their whole system will eventually crumble (a wild thing).

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