Guest editor Jean-Paul Biberian surveys cold fusion theories

Issue #112 of Infinite Energy Magazine presents a collection of nine papers covering a selection of current theories of cold fusion, also called low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), lattice-assisted nuclear reactions (LANR), quantum fusion, heat energy from nuclear reactions (HENI), and nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions, among other terms.

The bevy of names describing the effects generated when hydrogen interacts within various metals reveals the variety of theoretical models that purport to explain what was originally called cold fusion. Each theory circulating today is as different as the list of names for this Rumpelstiltskin reaction. The lack of consensus among scientists on what makes the fusion-sized excess heat and transmutations has been a major stumbling block to developing a commercial product.

Some labs have a controlled, on-demand reaction, but are challenged by low thermal output. Other labs have high thermal output, but are lacking some aspect of stability or control. All successes have been hard won by trial-and-error, and each lab follows a different model.

A varied set of models attempting to describe the reaction were given at the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18), amidst the mostly experimental results presented. David J. Nagel, formerly of the Naval Research Lab and now at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. contributes a Scientific and Commercial Overview of ICCF-18 that summarizes the talks. The article is an excellent summary of the state of the field as disclosed by many of the top scientists in the field and is available to read free-of-charge as a service to the community. [.pdf]

Longtime researcher Dennis Letts contributes an article A Method to Calculate Excess Power and George H. Miley talks about his new book, recounting events in his long research career, as well as what’s happening regarding his new company LENUCO in an interview by IE’s Christy Frazier. [.pdf].

You can also read my personal account of the Second Annual Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference compliments of Infinite Energy [.pdf], but buying the issue supports the work of the New Energy Foundation.

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