Brillouin Energy and SRI advancing together

Video: Robert Godes speaking at ICCF-18 in the Entrepreneurs session.

Brillouin Energy Corporation and SRI International continue their association cooperatively on experiments towards a commercial quantum fusion energy generator.

“We are solving engineering problems with the Hydrogen Hot Tube (HHT&#8482) and expect to have a solid system by the end of 2014,” says President and Chief Technical Officer Robert Godes. “We also bounce ideas about the next-gen WET™ system. They [SRI] are great to work with.”

A relationship with investment firm Sunrise Securities is ongoing, but Godes says, “I don’t see Brillouin Energy going public. We may start a subsidiary corp with Sunrise for power plant operations with the HHT&#8482 system at some point.”

Most importantly, Brillouin’s cell test equipment is dressed for success with a message that properly focuses the effort:

An active quantum fusion experiment from Brillouin Energy Corporation
Brillouin Energy test equipment at SRI International

Cold Fusion Now!

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  1. I love the label on that piece of machinery in the photo, but it lacks an exclamation mark!

    1. Isso era verdade para Tesla, um homem antes de seu tempo. Mas se movendo para a frente, o petróleo não vai sobreviver …

  2. To Brillouin people,

    Could it be that your system of energy production is based on atom transmutation of Ni with negative hydrogen (H-) produced through the catalyst potassium. See e-Cat Site “Cold Fusion Catalyst”.

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