Brillouin Energy and SRI advancing together

Video: Robert Godes speaking at ICCF-18 in the Entrepreneurs session.

Brillouin Energy Corporation and SRI International continue their association cooperatively on experiments towards a commercial quantum fusion energy generator.

“We are solving engineering problems with the Hydrogen Hot Tube (HHT&#8482) and expect to have a solid system by the end of 2014,” says President and Chief Technical Officer Robert Godes. “We also bounce ideas about the next-gen WET™ system. They [SRI] are great to work with.”

A relationship with investment firm Sunrise Securities is ongoing, but Godes says, “I don’t see Brillouin Energy going public. We may start a subsidiary corp with Sunrise for power plant operations with the HHT&#8482 system at some point.”

Most importantly, Brillouin’s cell test equipment is dressed for success with a message that properly focuses the effort:

An active quantum fusion experiment from Brillouin Energy Corporation
Brillouin Energy test equipment at SRI International

Cold Fusion Now!

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    1. Isso era verdade para Tesla, um homem antes de seu tempo. Mas se movendo para a frente, o petróleo não vai sobreviver …

  1. To Brillouin people,

    Could it be that your system of energy production is based on atom transmutation of Ni with negative hydrogen (H-) produced through the catalyst potassium. See e-Cat Site “Cold Fusion Catalyst”.

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