PESN interview with Michael McKubre on Brillouin

Sterling Allan of PESN visited the labs of SRI International to tour the facility and chat with Dr. Michael McKubre, lead investigator for cold fusion technology at SRI.

In the interview, McKubre discusses the high level of control that Chief Technology Officer Robert Godes achieved with their Brillouin Energy Corp electro-chemical wet boiler design, effecting the level of excess heat with their Q-wave electromagnetic pulses, with an energy output of 4x. There is a new gas-loaded system that is being engineered to produce that same level of control with a higher output.

Original PESN post is here.

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  1. Mr McKubre has a no nonsense approach that belies the importance of the technology he is validating. I admire his professionalism. BTW, the COP of 10 he is referring to is in relation to high heat (i.e. to create dry steam to power the Carnot process) being delivered as return for electricity being put in.

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