Brillouin Energy Lab Tour

Video: Brillouin Energy Lab Tour conducted by Sterling Allan of PESN.

A visit to California took Sterling Allan of PESN to the labs of SRI International and Brillouin Energy to tour the facilities and get the latest on their research on low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) energy cells in development for commercial use.

An interview with SRI International’s Dr. Michael McKubre was previously posted. Now, video interviews have been posted of SRI International’s Dr. Francis Tanzella and Brillouin Energy’s Chief Technical Office Robert Godes as well as Brillouin CFO David Firshein and CEO Bob George.

Original article on PESN here.

Video: Francis L Tanzella tour of Brillouin’s SRI International set up

Video: Brillouin’s Finance Opportunities: Car Ride with David N. Firshein, CFO

Video: Brillouin Roundtable Discussion at SRI

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  1. A lot of smiles here but not much to show for it. McKubre has set the standard, a COP of 10. He reports the best result of 4 for the water based unit which is not good for more than hot water and my hot water heafer using natural gas will do better than that. Not even a COP of 4 for the Hot tube so far.

    I don’t know were this giddy talk about repurposing old coal fired electric plats is comming from when they seem so far from McKubre’s goal. They must think they can do better and I give this some credibility on McKubre’s authority who seems to think so too but the reasons why are not clear-some vague talk about sharpening the pulse. I am glad that Brillouin is opening up a bit about its work but nothing said in these videos moves me off my cautious to skeptical stance.

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