Liviu Popa Simil – LENR – Nuclear Battery Roadmap

This fellow proves to be quite bright…  Just study his patents granted.

One example is:

“Nano-structured Nuclear Radiation Shielding”

In July, 2012 he presented the following paper and slide show at the LENR International Conference:

“Roadmap to Fusion Battery – A Novel Type of Nuclear Battery and Potential Outcomes and Applications”


“The Fusion battery was the object of many science fiction novels and movies; the most recent one being “Star Trek,” but now it is poised to come to life. These batteries rely on a process that converts the fusion energy into electricity. They are more compact and state-of-the-art and resemble an aluminum air battery, but up to about 10 million times more powerful.

In my developments I have learned that is possible that in a specific particle arrangement, sometimes met by nano-structures, with a specific excitation creating what now is considered exceptional conditions it is possible to generate nuclear reactions, like transmutation, fusion or fission.”

This LENR patent Is related to his work, I expect it to be granted soon.

“Method and Device for Direct Nuclear Energy Conversion in Electricity in Fusion and Transmutation Processes”


“A method and device to generate electric energy on demand by fusion or transmutation nuclear reactions produced inside a super-capacitor that uses inter-atomic field’s particularities obtained inside nano-structures, by using temperature, density and electric fields in order to modify nuclear entanglement and quantum non-localities particularities in order to control nuclear reaction rate of an inserted material, called nuclear fuel, facilitated by the nano-structure nuclear composition, called burner, that controls the non-local nuclear reaction.

Fusion or transmutation generated nuclear particles’ energy is converted using a super-capacitor made of a micro-nano-hetero structure meta-material that loads from the nuclear energy and discharges by electric current.

The device contains the nuclear burner module that produces the nuclear particles surrounded by the direct nuclear energy conversion into electricity super-capacitor modules comprising several functional sub-modules, and the utilities that provide the nuclear fuel and byproducts management and process control systems.”

He has also authored the following:

“Advanced Nano-Nuclear Program Proposal” – LAVM LLC, Los Alamos


The art of appreciation resonates…

Like a low energy nuclear reaction. Thank You!

I am just beginning to appreciate the true depth of Liviu Popa Simil, I checked out his books at the library and am on the fourth of five. When finished, I will enthusiastically contact him to say, “Keep up the good work… and always remember… we love you!”.

My prevailing thought, while reading his books was:

“This gentleman will enjoy working together with us on Open Source LENR projects.”

Read his books, and if you concur, then go ahead and reach out to him.

“The Fusion Battery, A Novel Type of Nuclear Battery and Potential Outcomes and Applications”, (Nuclear Power – Fusion… by Liviu Popa-Simil (Jun 28, 2012)

“Applied Nano-technologies Improves Nuclear Power Safety and Performances”, (Nano-technologies in Nuclear Power) by Liviu Popa-Simil (Feb 21, 2012)

“The Challenges of the Future Individual Transportation”, by Liviu Popa Simil (Feb 27, 2011)

“The Challenges of the Future – How the Climate Change Might Affect US!”, by Liviu Popa Simil (Mar 8, 2011)

“Who Doomed US? We the People! New IP Initiative Might Save US!”, by Liviu Popa-Simil (Jan 19, 2012)

And as an addendum there is also…

This is a story I wrote a few months ago.

You might enjoy the re-telling of it.

If so, please do tell as often as you like.

Insight into the workings of cold fusion LENR science and engineering…

LENR science, is best served to, as a multi-disciplinary art.

“LENR: The Debutante at the Ball”

3 Replies to “Liviu Popa Simil – LENR – Nuclear Battery Roadmap”

  1. Resume: Liviu Popa-Simil, PhD., PMP10,
    A Nuclear Engineer Physicist, with >25 yrs. experience in Accelerators and Nuclear Applications, 20 yrs. in Romanian National Nuclear Physics and Engineering Institute (a LANL homologue), and 8 yrs. in US (LANL, and LAVM LLC). Hopes and expects to become a US citizen in the spring of 2010.
    I have accidentally discovered Direct Conversion in Nano-Layers about 20 years ago, and worked on other micro-nano nuclear applications in parallel while promoting nuclear applications in industry, defense, medicine and environment.
    I write this proposal as an individual based on my best knowledge and good will.
    The main reason I am joining the US is to translate these advanced concepts and use them for peace, world’s prosperity, and possibly its ultimate survival.
    During my years of research (1981-2009), I have learned that these systems are achievable.
    I know a little bit more than I have published, but I am convinced that there is much more to learn and understand in this field.
    At the beginning of the program I will enjoy being all-over acting as catalyst for the research, sharing my knowledge, but after defining better direction leaders I will love to focus on what actually is seen as a high risk researches like direct conversion, active channeling and solid-state aneutronic fusion, as a researcher doing management only if necessary.
    A coherent systematic approach is the best in order to develop a sustainable, effective, nuclear program. I know the way and I have the capability to build it, if allowed.
    I cannot do it alone, in my backyard, on my wife’s sponsorship; that is why I urge US government to consider this proposal to initiate the “Nano-Nuclear Project” and integrate me into the system in order to give the best help I can.
    My desire is to see these systems working during my life span, which is why I am asking for the chance to work in a national program to use my knowledge, learn more, and accomplish this goal.
    Post Script: gbgoble
    The most important emergent LENR technology is that which transmutes nuclear waste to benign elements while creating electricity. This technology will clean up our generation one and two radioactive nuclear energy legacy. For the sake of future generations we must clean up this mess.
    This technology brings an end to the actinide radioactive nuclear fuel cycle. No more uranium mining needed. The energy remaining in nuclear “waste” is actually a resource, and if “fissioned” out completely, would power our energy needs for a thousand years.
    Ed Esko, Kenneth Kok, Dennis Cravens, Pamela Boss, Lawrence Forsely, Norman Minneta, Frank Carlucci, the folks at SPAWAR, also Jay Wook Kim and all his associates on Guam and within the Global Energy Corporation, with the Genie Reactor, are aware of these developments, and could be called on to contribute in the fast track development of this important technology.
    Also this fellow could assist…
    “Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion by Intermediate Rydberg State of Hydrogen: Selection of the Isotopes for Energy Optimization and Radioactive Waste Minimization”
    Author: Sargoytchev, Stoyan Sarg
    – See more at:

    1. Ten words by you…. ten words by me.
      I will never put up and I never shut up.
      Nice now…
      A bit of prose for your enjoyment.
      Not so far in the near distant future
      The next generation in fact
      Will look back at our generation as the last of the fire era
      And know the term energy shortage was
      A term for unenlightened minds

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