Dr. Edmund Storms Explains LENR — New Interview

A brief description of our dialogue titled Nano-Cracks, Metallic Hydrogen, & Explaining LENR:

Dr. Storms is a nuclear chemist who spent thirty-four years working at Los Alamos National Labs. There he conducted research into materials for use in nuclear power and propulsion reactors, including studies of cold fusion. Ed is also the author of The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, published in 2007, and has recently published a follow-up book – The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction – exploring the theoretical side of LENR. His book can be found at Infinite-Energy.com

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Cold fusion: the “heirs” of Fleischmann candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize

The following is a slightly modified google-translate of the original article in Italian by Roberta De Carolis and published by http://www.nextme.it/.

Cold fusion generates heated debates and discussions, but the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) was officially nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2014. Rather, they were nominated for the working group which also includes the Italian Francesco Celani, for years engaged in the construction of a LENR device.

“I am pleased to inform you that next Saturday, June 28, 2014, starting at 09:00 am, will be held in Assisi, the City hall, a Scientific Meeting […]” – announced in an e-mail the researcher of – “in which there will also be information dissemination, by Prof. Francesco Bindella, a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2014 for the group’s work and MFMP for the writer.”

The nomination for the prestigious award was sought and obtained by the method ‘Live Open Science‘, based on “open” and visible research. “Experiments in Europe and the U.S., are conducted under the watchful eye of several cameras and networked in real time,” explains Claudio Pace, who organized the event.

A topic such as cold fusion, on the other hand, for decades puzzling with the confidentiality in which the tests were carried out and the devices realized, first of all the E-Cat of Andrea Rossi, covered by secrecy almost always. But this was also the subject of direct accusations against the R5 device by the same CEO of Defkalion Europe Franco Cappiello.

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project aims to counter this, attempting to create collaboration between the scientific community, as well as an engine for development of a new energy source with low environmental impact. The expectations of the working group methodology allow observers, even those tens of thousands of miles away, to assess the quality of the experiment, and especially, to provide any suggestions and/or criticisms in real time.

button-MFMP-200x200_3 According to the researchers, this has allowed the true progress in a field of research that generally inspires suspicion, and a first indication in this direction would be the number of website “hits qualified” (ie made ​​by experts in the field) now exceeds one million units.

Besides, even UNESCO has spoken officially about promoting Open Access, the online availability of scientific information to all, free of most copyright licenses and barriers, for the benefit of a global flow of knowledge, innovation and socio-economic development. Also, other areas appear to move in this direction.

Can we really say goodbye to patents and trade secrets, and therefore say the future is open source?

Roberta De Carolis

Here is a video in Italian showing the interview candidates for the Nobel Prize for Peace Professor Francesco Celani and Eng. Mathieu Valat and presented by Prof. Francesco Bindella.

Gregory Chaitin on cold fusion research: Japan and Sweden are the “only two countries with the political will”

Gregory Chaitin is a Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy of Computing at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here he discusses the landscape of LENR with Tom O’Brien posting on podomatic. Chaitin gives Andrea Rossi credit for bringing cold fusion to a wider consciousness and mentions Mats Lewan‘s new book An Impossible Invention, which he finds to be an excellent look at the unveiling of the E-Cat.

Go to Tom O’Brien‘s interview with Gregory Chaitin on Podomatic here.

He also touches on the 2014 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT held on the 25th Anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion, a bit of the science and politics behind LENR, the current lack of an accepted theory, and Japanese and Swedish research.

Chaitin is particularly impressed with Clean Planet, Inc., and newly formed group dedicated to bringing LENR technology forward through funding and support. Listen to Clean Planet’s Hideki Yoshino present some of this research work [.pdf][.mp3] performed by Tadahiko Mizuno and his team at the recent Colloquium at MIT, or watch the video here.

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Revolution-Green’s Mark Dansie On Transition Technology & LENR

Interview with Revolution-Green’s Mark Dansie. Mark is recognized as a world-renowned evaluator of energy technologies and is currently helping develop several new energy concepts himself. Over the last seven years, Mark has traveled the world evaluating many new and free technology claims. He specializes in magnetic motor and HHO gas evaluations, but has reviewed many other technologies as well. He has been featured as a speaker at several energy conferences, and his catch cry is “show me the data” as he is a believer in scientific methodology when evaluating claims. More information can be found at http://revolution-green.com/.

We discuss various topics including “free” energy, stepping-stone technologies such as thorium-power, as well as what Mark expects from Cold Fusion-LENR in both the immediate future and the long-term.

If so desired a downloadable MP3 version can be found here, and on iTunes. Thanks for taking an interest.

Open Power Association Newsletter #10

The Open Power Association at www.hydrobetatron.org has released Newsletter No. 010 – May 2014. Here’s the original in Italian. Some excerpts of a modified google-translate to English follow.

PNH Pulsed Nanostructures Hydrobetatron: ITAbetatron reactor



ITAbetatron reactor for testing shared view Open Source Double reaction chamber (in an operating electrolysis, plasma electrolyte, gas, hydrogen plasma at low pressure, with circulation of electrolyte radioactive, with internal heat exchanger, cooled with circulation of electrolyte) to three electrodes for DC currents and/or pulsed for different rooms.


See also SCHEMATICS http://www.hydrobetatron.org/files/08_Report_Pulsed-Powder-Hydrobetatron.pdf


This is an area already identified and contracted by about 100 square meters, completely renovated facilities, centrally located and easily reached by underground, with parking with three car parking. The environment is quite adequate to accommodate our activities both for research and experimentation, and scientific documentation, etc. .

In addition, the space, just thought of as multi-purpose, will also be available to Members and Employees who want to lean on their experimental work, in common with us and/or confidential personal information, instrumented through the islands with the availability of a team of industry experts, or assign us specific assignments as long as these activities are, however, consistent with the purposes for which the Association aims.

Members of the Open Power also can now count on the presence of on-site secretarial services, documentation center, meeting room with projector, 3D printing facility and machine tool numerical control.

As you can imagine, this coordination requires an organizational effort and extraordinary economic from us …

Photo Lab Open Power under construction
Photo Lab Open Power under construction

The Science Sharing “Italian Way” in the World

On the “crowdfunding” campaign to raise funds for “Open Power” through the platform:
Who pays a minimum of $35 becomes Ordinary Member Open Power and receives tribute in the high-resolution files reactor “Athanor” (picture below), where you can also obtain a print -quality photo:

The Athanor Reactor by Open Power Association.
The Athanor Reactor by Open Power Association.

We are pleased to announce that Stephen QUATTRINI joined our Association “Open Power” as Honorary Member. http://www.coherence.it/wordpress/?page_id=439

Posted always on the site francescocelanienergy.org, the report of the “2014 CF / MIT LANR Meeting” http://www.francescocelanienergy.org/files/Presen_Finale-MIT2014A4_d25iue37.pdf

Also, the video of the conference at MIT in 2014 by Francesco Celani
Francesco Celani – March 22, 2014 MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium

Both the video and reports by Francesco Celani can also be reached at hydrobetatron.org: http://www.hydrobetatron.org/blog/index.php

“Here we are, finally. After many false starts this know-how has been done in order to get organized and protected to the widespread use around the world. An international network of blogs that deal with genuine innovation on the technological, social, cultural, including that one you read now, is spreading around the world this pioneer project that impacts the scope of most critical and strategic [of systems], namely the production of renewable energy cost to near zero.

Many groups of engineers coordinating information, and exchanging information, with regard to detailed technical solutions are already in place in many nations. Our everyday landscape is about to change. The ability to cause no pollution becomes feasible. Welcome to the future, and see you at the next updates… ” –Jervé
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Help support Our research and experimentation on LENR, etc. You can join the “Open Power” Association by connecting to hydrobetatron.org


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HEADING : ” Pills of Wisdom ”

PILL 007
Be wary of those who think they know everything, and that they believe (mostly illusory ) had it all …

There are people who cite from memory – and mechanically – whole passages of books written by others (and even wonderful passages of the Holy Scriptures ), which often have not in fact been understood or assimilated, and even less developed internally; and above all, then do not even have any ability to make these coherent and consistent, and then to put them into practice in their everyday life … And in doing so only out themselves superstitious ignorance and fear of death …

If we look at the history of science then, we see how the theories that have been taught for centuries, such as that the Earth was flat, were overcome, such as happened with the theory that the earth is in fact spherical, and compact ( with magma in the center). Now, even this theory, widely credited begins to waver, and in fact, there are theories and scientific evidence that the Earth might be hollow inside, and accommodate even the vast oceans …

“Even the dogma now prevailing, that nuclear reactions can take place only at temperatures of order of millions of degrees Celsius, was painstakingly refuted in 1989 by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, with their pioneering experiments on LENR …”

Even environments Spiritual and Religious then, unfortunately, as do those of Science, as we know, are full of people materialistic, dogmatic, fundamentalist and fanatical …

People use these types of Spirituality, Religion and Science, only to gain power, material wealth, and prestige Personal. They did not understand that without love, truth, spontaneity and sharing, all is vain, empty, and devoid of meaning in life Human …

These people unfortunately forget that Spirituality, Religion and Science are used to make us evolve and improve, and do not make us stupid, conformist, dogmatic, and “bad fats” automata …

It is not the material well-being which in itself can make us happy. There are riches and material goods sufficient to make us free, but rather it is in having few wants and needs, the ability to know contentment and joy having only what is necessary, wherein lies the secret of true happiness. It helps a lot, however, having awareness of being rich, ( Divine ), inside …

The planet Earth is now put in grave danger because of the activities of Human recklessness, dangerous and predatory, and selfishness of a minority of rich, often devoid of human and ecological sensitivity. Without a paradigm shift, without a “happy degrowth” and the use of new energy and clean, sustainable technologies, the Human race and planet earth will hardly have a chance to survive in the coming decades …

Let us commit ourselves then with all humility, to nurture free thought, right, creative and positive. We develop every day our ability to love alike all sentient beings, and to respect the planet Earth ( also Matter is Holy ! ). We aim to achieve a direct, personal, and authentic with the Divine (which is already in us !) …

Namaste !
L. S.
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Commercial Developments presented at 2014 MIT Cold Fusion Conference

The recent 2014 Cold Fusion/LENR/LANR conference from March 21st to March 23rd at Massachusetts Institute of Technology happened to overlap with the 25th anniversary of the announcement of the discovery of cold fusion at the university of Utah. Against all odds, huge strides in understanding the phenomenon were made in the last 25 years. Recently, groups have shown that this is more than a lab curiosity, it can be engineered and harnessed to safely solve the worlds energy problems. This is an overview of some commercial groups which presented at the 2014 MIT conference.


Jet Energy operated by Dr. Mitchel Swartz was the organizer of the conference and also presented some very interesting findings. They have been working with very small devices which can be used as a demonstration unit or operated in a huge array to produce commercial levels of heat. Dr. Swartz has been active in the field since the very start and is constantly improving on his device, the newest generation being called the Nanor. Dr. Swartz’s devices are unique because the loading and operation stages of the device are separated, allowing for simple plug-and-play operation which greatly simplifies use by groups trying to study the effect. Jet Energy has published cold fusion research since the late 1980s, Jet Energy’s recent developments involve using a magnetic effect to boost the output of his devices, which have seen COP’s of 100. This reinforces the recent developments in understanding the effect, magnetism is seems to play a role in both the cause and effect aspects of cold fusion. Dr Hagelstein of MIT made an interesting comment during one of Dr. Swartz presentations, “I can’t for the life of me understand why graphs showing gains of over 100 are being rushed through”. This is a symbol of how much things have improved in the last 25 years. We are moving from just trying to prove the effect really exists to starting to understand the cause of the phenomenon and develop commercial units from the technology.

MIT Conference video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBDImkDZ4h8


Clean Planet, a Japanese group with Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno as the lead scientist made their debute at the MIT conference, represented by Hideki Yoshino. Mizuno is a household name in the Cold Fusion field and has developed many well referenced experiments. It appears he has found the financial backing required to attempt to bring a commercial reactor to market. At the conference, Clean Planet showed off their proof of concept reactor which operates at a COP of 1.9 as well as some other reactors being built which are made to operate at the 1kw and 10kw power level. Their reactor is simple and an amazing spectacle to watch. Using normal nickel mesh, they create a brilliant plasma to sputter the surface of the metal, cleaning it and creating surface nanostructures which kick off the Cold Fusion effect. Preparing their material inside of the reactor may solve some of the material consistency issues other commercial groups are struggling with. They have a well equipped lab with gamma and neutron radiation detection, although they have not seen any consistent hard radiation outside their reactor during excess heat, they have some some occasional bursts. Clean Planet also presented mass spectroscopy results which confused many scientists and has started a wave of speculation regarding theory. In the mass spectroscopy results, higher masses decreased during excess heat at the expense of lower masses, opposite to what would be expected of fusion events. Clean Planet was quick to point out that these results should be seen as preliminary, their equipment can not separate deuterium and helium so until their outside gas analysis comes back they don’t have solid information. Japan is in dire need of this technology and has historically been supportive of cold fusion research, we can expect Japan to have a serious presence in the Cold Fusion commercialization race. While Mizuno skyped in, his group was represented at the conference by multiple businessmen, they look to have all the resources they need and attracting funding and talent should not be an issue. This is a company to keep an eye on, they could quickly develop a foothold at the head of this field.

MIT Conference video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB_MRUX4mo0


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries research program, headed by Dr. Yasuhiro Iwamura had some big developments since their last presentation 8 months ago at ICCF18. They are focusing on technology which maximizes transmutation using a gas permeation process, previously reporting that they were able to use the cold fusion effect to transmutate cesium to praseodymium, essentially producing a valuable material from a radioactive waste. While transmutation in this field has been a proven reality, a well funded drive to engineer this effect could lead to enormous advances in many fields of technology. Transmutation could solve both issues with nuclear contamination as well as material scarcity, including exotic isotopes. A research program at NRL failed to replicate these results, at ICCF18 Dr. David Kidwell spoke the same day as Dr. Imawura about NRLs failure to replicate the results, he was overly aggressive and had a very mocking tone, accused them of improper use of equipment, sloppy work and accidentally spiking samples after apparently finding praseodymium contamination in their lab. While the motives behind the NRL bullying were foggy, they ate crow pie a few months later when Toyoto affiliated labs published results showing that they had replicated the transmutation effects in this experiment. MHI originally they used gas permeation through a palladium film ion-implanted with cesium to trigger the effect and transmutate the cesium to praseodymium. At MIT, Dr. Imawura showed new developments in their transmutation research, they started developing modular experiments so they can scale up the device to commercial levels. Dr. Imawura revealed that they had began hybrid electrochemical experiments where they are using cesium in a liquid solution. This may not only be more effective due to the known electrochemical methods of triggering the effect, but it will also have engineering benefits such as cooling and scalability. This is an enormous breakthrough if it can transmutate Cesium in a liquid solution at high yields. Considering water contaminated with cesium is the main contamination at Fukushima, this technology could not only clean up the radiation but also generate heat as a side product. The potential here is enormous, not only for Japan, but for the world, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is quickly moving forward.

MIT Conference video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzZl9l8nn1c


Permanetix Corporation is a new startup which was announced at the conference, President Nikita Alexandrov, in his mid twenties, is one of the youngest researchers involved in this field. Permanetix Corporation is developing tools and experiment techniques to better study the cold fusion effect. He explained how low cost tools and new scientific instruments can help solve the cold fusion problem in the same way that they revolutionized the human genome project. He presented a robust radiation sensor which can be placed in a gas loading experiment, detecting all the low energy radiation that does not pass through the reactor walls. They detected alpha radiation testing the device, meaning that they should also be able to use this as an internal tritium detector, since tritium also emits soft radiation. Nikita Alexandrov also spoke about the challenges of real time helium detection technology and how to design a low cost helium isotope analysis system. While they have prototypes of new tools, they also presented their long term research plan, involving the mass testing of precisely created materials for the cold fusion effect using advanced versions of their tools. Both companies developing reactors as well as researchers interested in the basic science could benefit from the discovery of new materials. But since Permanetix is not making reactors, it is a challenge to fund until cold fusion is a household word. Brian Ahern, who funded many research projects during his time at DARPA, spoke up after the presentation, “You are obviously leading, or ahead of the field so funding will be a challenge”. Permanetix technology could lower the barrier to entry for research companies starting in this field. If they prove themselves and can attract the large amount of funding required for a mass materials screening project, there is no doubt their approach could pay off tremendously.

MIT Conference video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsR4rrP22Uc


The LENR Industry Association was represented by Steve Katinsky and presented their plan forward at the MIT conference. This trade group will position itself as a facilitator of cold fusion technologies, involved in the education and adoption of cold fusion technology worldwide. This is an important step because it shows that even in such a highly competitive field, groups are willing to work together to do what it takes in making this technology a reality. Already over two dozen groups have pledged membership to this association, involving entities such as Naval Research Lab, two branches of NASA, as well as SKINR, commercial groups and other international research entities.

MIT Conference video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMNSl-nrFXQ


SKINR is one last non-commercial group is worth mentioning. Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at University of Missouri was formed by a large private investment, absorbing one of the most successful cold fusion companies at the time (Energetics) into the university. Even though they are not a commercial entity, they are possibly the most well funded and equipped research group operating today. SKINR had an excellent presentation summarizing their work in the field, available here. They are currently running many experiments in collaboration with other groups, recently adding industry giant Aerospace Corporation, a move which shows that industry leaders are biting off on Cold Fusion. SKINR is funded for the next 4 years and have constantly been innovating and learning more and more about the science behind the cold fusion effect. Recent developments include a method of surface analysis which can predict if a material will be active as well as new experiments to detect low energy radiation. Their parting message was that if low energy radiation is used as an indicator of cold fusion, it is possible to detect events down to the femto-watt level of excess heat! With multiple groups developing new experiments and techniques for studying the effect, it is expected that huge strides will be made in understanding the cold fusion effect in the coming months and years.

MIT Conference video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWL6VUPSqKQ


Many groups were not represented at the conference, with some of the largest commercial players absent. Defkalion was registered but pulled out last minute, which is unfortunate because researchers were very curious about the huge magnetic anomalies present in their reactor which they mentioned briefly at ICCF-18.

Leonardo corporation, the company formed by Andrea Rossi which is leading the field in terms of commercialization was of course absent. They have not presented at any recent conferences and are more focused on rapid commercialization. Recently partnering with some powerful American backers, it is rumored that they will release third party test long duration test results in the next few weeks, if the results are anywhere near as positive as the previous published tests, this field may see an explosion of interest and may finally get the recognition it deserves.