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The petition for this is renewed, because of issues with the other petition provider.

Cold Fusion atomic energy has been ignored and pushed aside in discussions/ presentations about alternative energy for too long. Advantages include little/no radioactive decay matter, and extremely high energy output.

As an example, 1 or 2 future-generation generators themselves could power a metropolis city the size of Los Angeles, California for a month on one small supply of common inexpensive elements.

Current energy generation comes from more than 5-sources. World leaders in nations/unions such as Japan, The United States of America, Russia, South Africa, The European Union, and so on have the ability and power to fully engage in the building mass energy production plants now. 

“Nuclear fission power plants and weapons are dangerous.”

Cold Fusion Now!



PULSE magazine debuts with first issue as premium

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GlobalBEM) continues to power forward with a new magazine launch.

PULSE provides “an international platform, to publish their ideas about breakthrough energy solutions” gathering pieces by authors well known to the new energy community as well as works by authors new to the field.

Created as “a frontier science publication”, the editors are “promoters of factual, measurable and tangible innovations in the field of ambient energies.”

While magazines have a tough time surviving in the digital age, there are still markets for portable, dense, information and images in the form material atoms. Eugene Mallove was the driving force behind Infinite Energy Magazine, and now, a new generation takes up the mantle of media promotion.

GlobalBEM formed to organize Breakthrough Energy Conference in Hilversum, Holland last November 2012, an event that gathered a who’s who of new-energy icons, including maverick thinkers from the economics and art world. Cold Fusion Radio’s James Martinez also attended, presenting a talk dedicated to the memory of Russell Means.

This year, GlobalBEM is scheduling its three-day symposium October 10-12 at the University of Boulder in Colorado, U.S. Scheduled to present are scientists, technologists, artists, activists, historians, and economists who work to develop revolutionary energy technology. Cold Fusion Now and Cold Fusion Radio will represent with talks by Ruby Carat and James Martinez.

But your help is needed to bring this community together. From GlobalBEM:

“With the help of private Dutch investors we were able to make the 2012 conference happen. This time we want to ask YOU to get involved in crowdfunding our campaign on Indiegogo.”

This campaign’s purpose is to help us raise a total of $30,000. Which will cover the travel and hotel expenses for our panel of speakers and core team. We can’t make this conference happen and bring this wealth of information to the world without your help.


PULSE-1-interiorThis new quarterly publication “contains over 50 editorial pages on all things Breakthrough Energy. We have reports on current developments, background stories and the personal opinions of experts in the field.

Dr Turtur tells us about his findings on zero point energy, Michael Tellinger shares his fascinating research into an ancient civilization and their breakthrough energy. Sterling Allan, Andrew Johnson, Professor Ilija Lakicevic and many others contributed to make PULSE a must-read for everyone.

Take a look at selected portions of Issue #1 here.

Writers are encouraged to submit their work for publication, and your subscription to PULSE will help fund the Breakthrough Energy Movement.

ASME International Conference Radioactive Waste Management – LENR

Google radioactive waste transmutation. See that the Quantum Rabbit Labs “LENR-Induced Transmutation of Nuclear Waste” Infinite Energy publication is the top on the list of 182,000! According to Google, more people are taking a look at the Quantum Rabbit Labs (pdf) than any other source for promising information on this important subject. Many of the people reviewing Quantum Rabbit are about to convene in Belgium.

The science of LENR induced transmutation of nuclear waste is entering the engineering phase. Mechanical engineers with knowledge of handling uranium wastes are needed in the LENR field. The meeting in Belgium is where they are found. You will also find leaders in the nuclear industry and their watchdog agencies in attendance.

The conference is organized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The ASME has 130,000 members in 150 countries and 147 Student Chapters. ASME has 30,000 student members.

ASME Strategic Priorities

Global Impact

  • ASME seeks to deliver locally relevant engineering resources to advance public safety and quality of life throughout the world.

  • ASME seeks to have a positive impact on the quality of life throughout the world by providing locally relevant standards, certification, technical information, networking, and advocacy for business, government, academia and practicing engineers.


  • ASME serves as an essential energy technology resource for business, government, academia, practicing engineers and the general public and as a leading energy policy advocate for balanced energy policies in the U.S. and other areas of the world.

Workforce Development

  • ASME is committed to fostering a broader, more competent, and more diverse engineering workforce to improve retention in the profession over all career stages.

  • ASME aims to expand the capacity and effectiveness of the engineering workforce, promote the public good and increase public awareness of the value of the engineering profession.



  • ICEM  Promotes a broad global exchange of information on technologies, operations, management approaches, economics and public policies in the critical areas of environmental remediation and radioactive waste management. The conference provides a unique opportunity to foster cooperation among specialists from countries with mature environmental management programs and those from countries with emerging programs. Attendees include scientists, engineers, technology developers, equipment suppliers, government officials, utility representatives and owners of environmental problems.

  • ICEM2013  Is the fifteenth in a series of international conferences on environmental remediation and radioactive waste management organized by the ASME in cooperation with others. The first conference was held in Hong Kong in 1987, followed by Kyoto, Japan in 1989; Seoul, Korea, in 1991; Prague, Czech Republic, in 1993; Berlin, Germany, in 1995; Singapore in 1997; Nagoya, Japan in 1999; Bruges, Belgium in 2001 and 2007; Oxford, England in 2003; Glasgow, Scotland in 2005; Liverpool, UK in 2009; Tsukuba, Japan in 2010; and Reims, France in 2011. Over 30 countries generally participate.

Conference Schedule (link) or The Preliminary Program (pdf)

These folks are the fission nuclear reaction waste experts.

These are the engineers trying to figure out how to make U238 nuclear energy safe.

They are burdened with these troublesome, complex, and virtually impossible tasks: 

  • We need to deal with fuel rod production facilities, from mining to processing.

  • We need to plan to handle more and more spent radioactive fuel rods DAILY.

  • We need to make sure that elements within these rods or processing facilities are not stolen.

  • We need to engineer methods to store extremely reactive wastes in ways that contain it: dry cask, glass, Yucca Mt, salt caverns… etc.

  • We are responsible for this containment for hundreds and hundreds of generations.

  • We need to design safe methods for decomissioning reactors and facilities.

  • We need engineer methods to clean up catastrophic nuclear events.

  • Fukushima

  • Three Mile Island

  • Chernobyl

  • Navajo Nation

  • Hanover

  • etc. etc. etc.

LENR Transmutation of Nuclear Waste

A technology that transmutes problematic radioactive elements to benign elements is a blessing for these folks. A technology that transmutes radioactive waste while making energy is the breakthrough we have been waiting for. LENR transmutation of nuclear waste is that breakthrough technology. As these engineers enter the clean energy cold fusion LENR field, designing reactors similar to the Global Energy Corporation GeNie, the problems of the U238 industry will be remedied. The legacy of dirty nuclear power will begin to fade.

  • Their burden will be lifted.

  • My burden. Your burden as well.

  • Thank you Quantum Rabbit Labs for a solution openly shared.

  • LENR researchers are encouraged to attend the conference in Belgium.

  • I hope their next conference will be held in the U.S.A.


  • The transmutation of nuclear wastes through LENR.

  • The work of Quantum Rabbit Labs.

  • Advanced LENR Cold Fusion engineering.

  • SPAWAR LENR offering transmutation technology.

  • The inexpensive popularly known cold fusion LENR GeNie Reactor.

  • The end of dirty U238 nuclear energy.

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International and National lobby groups

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The nest instinct through

True imaginings delight

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Into completion it grew

Winged creatures alight

Home for the night


1. To come down and settle, as after flight.

2. To come by chance: alight on a happy solution.

3. To dismount from a horse or vehicle.

Word Origin & History


“On Fire” Early 15c., apparently from M.E. aliht , pp. of alihton O.E. on-lihtan

“To Light Up” also “To Shine Upon”

From Old English

ālīhtan : ā- , intensive pref. + līhtan , to relieve of a burden, from līht , light

“To relieve an animal mount of weight” or to “Relieve a burden from another”