Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference Organizes Paradigm Change

An international conference sponsored by the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GlobalBEM) will be held November 9, 10 and 11 in Hilversum Holland highlighting new energy science and technology.

The program will feature LENR, as well as advanced physics concepts in hybrid energy sources, noble gas and plasma technologies, magnetics, and zero point energy. The event is dedicated to Dr. Brian O’Leary, an astronomer, planetary scientist, and Apollo-era NASA astronaut who later embraced new energy technology becoming the founder of New Energy Movement [about].

GlobalBEM started as a volunteer driven group and non-profit organization in 2011 “to educate and bring awareness to the general public about breakthrough energy technologies, which are clean, sustainable, abundant and world-changing.”

“While we recognize and support the importance and growing role of conventional renewable energy technologies like wind, solar, biofuels, geothermal, hydroelectric, etc., our particular focus is on breakthrough energy technologies which have the capacity to produce quantum leap advances in clean energy generation for the entire planet.”

Echoing O’Leary’s teaching, GlobalBEM sees the subject “reaching beyond the technical and scientific sides of the discussion, into a global, social and cultural movement of awareness.”

The content of the three-day program has been “carefully put together to not only interest scientists, students, technicians and entrepreneurs, but also provide basic knowledge for the general public.”

Day 1 reviews the basic science and technologies.
Day 2 surveys environmental, societal implications of energy paradigm change.
Day 3 pulls together the history of these technologies while taking inventory of possible future developments.

Among the speakers at the conference will be Cold Fusion Radio’s James Martinez.

Also attending is long-time cold fusion researcher David J. Nagel of NUCAT Energy. Joel Garbon and Thomas Valone of New Energy Movement will speak as will Sterling Allan of Pure Energy Systems Network and the New Energy Congress.

Early bird tickets are available before October 9, 2012. For more information on discount accommodations, visit the GlobalBEM Tickets page.

You can also visit BEM’s Facebook page, check out their Twitter feed, and watch videos at GlobalBEM’s Youtube page.

GlobalBEM has collected a core team of artists, filmmakers, designers and musicians as well as technologists.

P è n i n s o l a r – Warmth – Breakthrough Energy Movement Mix by GlobalBEM

Find more of the GlobalBEM sounds from Peninsolar and others at their Soundcloud page.

3 Replies to “Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference Organizes Paradigm Change”

  1. Excellent. People far more erudite than I will be doing the explaining.
    Catherine Austin Fitts will be there! We are travelling first class.

  2. This conference looks very intriguing. Cool video too. I think it is a positive sign that at least this part of the alternative energy community is now including LENR.

    I note among the speakers is Dr. Judy Wood. I would surmise she will be giving the presentation related to directed energy. I would recommend her book
    Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11.

    In this book, she painstakingly goes over the evidence for the use of a Tesla-inspired direct energy weapon to bring down the towers. Obviously the book is very controversial. Ironically, one of her loudest critics is Dr. Steven Jones, one of the leaders of the “9/11 Truth Movement.”

    Yes, this is the same Steven Jones who was intimately involved with Pons and Fleishmann back in 1989, having peer-reviewed their work at the request of the DOE. The now infamous press conference in 1989 was an attempt to establish priority over Jones and his work on muon catalyzed fusion, which at the time was felt to encompass similar principals. The parties had previously agreed to fax their papers to Nature at the same time but the University of Utah insisted on the press conference before the previously agreed upon time for submission. The rest, as they say, is history.

    BTW, the 11th anniversary of 9/11 is tomorrow.

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