Successful Cold Fusion/LANR Demonstration at MIT – Again

The JET Energy Solid State NANOR ‘IAP Cold Fusion/LANR Demonstration’ Continuously Operated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge Massachusetts for One Month!

Dr. Mitchell Swartz near-infrared
Phusor by Dr. Mitchell Swartz

“For hot fusion and particle physicists and students, the background (input) are the blue (control) and green (NANOR), and the foreground (output, read off the left) are the red curves (control and NANOR, plotted as input-power-normalized temperature deviation (delta-T). Compare these to others in the CF/LANR field, and note that these curves have a thermal (ohmic) control and also time integration to determine energy, and thus rule out energy storage, chemical sources of the induced heat, and other sources of possible false positives. Here, the tiny, active CF/LANR quantum electronic device shows significant improvement in thermal output compared to a standard ohmic control (a carbon composition resistor).” —Dr. Mitchell Swartz Jet Energy

– February 2 The NANOR used in the open MIT Demonstration is a ZrO2-PdD Cold Fusion/LANR solid state quantum electronic device – now ongoing for five days straight!

Excess heat graph
Excess heat graph for Pd-D system from JET Energy

JET Energy, Inc icon“Cambridge, MA – The IAP Short Course (7 days) on Cold Fusion and Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions [at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT] has meticulously developed the salient point that skeptics of cold fusion were wrong, and that scientific theories do exist for understanding the difficult to achieve reactions.”

Dr. Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy, Inc and Dr. Peter Hagelstein of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science collaborated on the Short Course, held between semesters, which offered students a full one-week introduction to the discipline of condensed matter nuclear science.

“January 30-31, 2012 – Cambridge, MA. – As part of the IAP Course on COLD FUSION at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Mitchell Swartz, JET Energy, and Prof. Peter Hagelstein demonstrated cold fusion openly for scientists and engineers. The demonstration was a two day part of the detailed, yet overview, seven day course run by Prof. Hagelstein and Dr. Swartz, and followed the first open demonstrations of cold fusion at MIT since 2003. This JET Energy NANOR(TM) demonstrated a significant energy gain greater than 10, much larger than the previous open demonstration. This exhibition is also remarkable because it confirmed the role of the nanoengineered lattice in enabling the CF/LANR activity. It followed Prof. Hagelstein sharing his breakthrough explanatory theory of cold fusion during the first 5 days. The NANOR technology of JET Energy may have already begun to shatter a few preconceived notions of skeptics and cold fusioneers.”

Given the potential for new discoveries in this field, skilled scientists, engineers, and inventors in condensed matter nuclear science stand to be at the forefront in creating an entire new economy based on clean, abundant energy.

New jobs from a new industry will need an educated group to carry the development forward. Which institutions of higher learning will be the first to begin programs in this area?

Bachelor of Science Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, anyone?

Read more at Cold Fusion Times.

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47 Replies to “Successful Cold Fusion/LANR Demonstration at MIT – Again”

  1. This is amazing news Cold Fusion Exists and it is coming from MIT – WOW !
    Dr Rossi will be proud to hear MIT now acknowledges Cold Fusion.

    1. I don’t think we can characterize the demonstration as an endorsement from MIT. The short course one put on by a professor whose special interest is LANR/cold fusion. I believe there is some latitude in course curriculum, as it was a “short course” held during the break between semesters during their IAP program. It gives teachers a chance to engage in a topic that they have personal interest in. We can only hope that the larger academic community supports these efforts and expands the offerings.

        1. Shakespeare and Science – love it. Are there references to “energy” in Shakespeare’s works?
          I don’t know much about Shakespeare. I never left “my salad days”.

          1. Hey Ruby,

            Great question. I don’t know. but you can find out, here:


            If you check out my site, you’ll see that I was partly drawn to the study of the bard ’cause I like paradigm shifts. A big one is coming in Sh. studies. Sort of the mother of all “conspiracy” theories — only the word is, as so often happens in our modern pseudo-skeptical discourse, more often used as an ideological than a descriptive label. The bard himself was a realist. His plays abound with conspiracies big and small.

            Anyway, what I really study is whacky ideas like LENR, and I look at them long enough to decide what the tea leaves seem to be saying and watch and sometimes (as here) express a view. I’m not qualified technically, but I know a lot about the history of ideas. And from that perspective it seems clear that LENR by any name is a real thing, and Rossi MAY have what he claims. We shall have to wait for more certain proof, and if we don’t see it within a year or eighteen months, or if other clear negatives come up, I may change my view. But for now any objections to Rossi that go beyond mere skepticism (the name calling, the “they hooked up the wires to cheat,” etc., strike me as pretty lame). I weigh that against stuff like NI CONFIRMING that they are working with Rossi, and current score is something like Rossi, 5, skeptics, 1 (I discount heavily all ideas to the effect that it “defies science.” The same can be said for everything since fire, which was once magic too).


            1. I have been researching the origins of science and math during the Ionian Revolution in 600BC.
              Science does indeed have its origins in magic.
              In fact, its nothing without it!

            2. What is called Cold Fusion is a real pnhonmeeon. It is critically important BUT it is a huge threat to the status quo of a fossil fuel addicted economy. The centralized utilities are very capital intensive and their debt is owned and underlies the stability of both their industry and the insurance and pension plans of the nation. The oil and gas industry are likewise threatened as are their heavily capitalized refineries and distribution systems. Cold fusion has beren suppressed as both Amoco/BP and Shell validated it in 1995 which they recently admitted. But with the knowledge out it can no longer be kept off the market in Asia. China, India, Japan and Korea are all into the game. If we don’t move they will once again eat our lunch. Go Google When Silence Becomes Betrayal on the web at the burning platform blog. Is Chu afraid of the truth?

        2. Obviously, private bussneis is going to make the vast majority of DoE funding obsolete soon. I think it is hilarious that the Democrats, who champion the government’s role in clean energy development, will be on the wrong side of clean energy and governmental competence. Again, obviously, LENR will make all other forms of energy production obsolete, despite what Rossi claims. When the cat is out of the bag, and LENR is the talk of the town due to sucessful commercialization, a lot of people will have to switch gears and stop promoting wind, solar (and fossil fuels plus nuclear). That is what our main stream media does best not investigative reporting, but obsessive analysis and rereporting of issues of the day and LENR will definately make the front pages (man, this thing is BIG).

  2. The direct decendants of those who proved man will never fly are humbled yet again.

    1. Ruby it all comes down in the end to quality of life for half the workforce can easily produce everything needed it may one day become clear that the Capitalist way of creating an illusion that ebrdyvoey must work and struggle, will be recognized for what it is.A conspiracy for inequality of effort verses return.Every technological advance, Rossi’s E-Cat included, obviously means less work and more time to enjoy life and help others, but Capitalism dictates that one should fear unemployment, and not as it should be, celebrate it.It does not have to be Capitalism versus Communism or any other “ism” but the best of any system that produces the best result for all and not just a select group of inheritors and manipulators.

  3. If there was any justice, MIT itself would be razed to the ground, if only as a symbol to future generations of scientists that this kind of intellectual corruption & cowardice will no longer be tolerated! These spineless so-called intellectual-elite fraudulently buried LENR more than 2 decades ago – no doubt at the behest of BigOil – and all for the sake of money. Whatever happened to the scientific principle? And the many individual scientists involved should never be allowed to work in this field again either – let them go out and find a ‘real job’, since they are at best incompetent, but more likely, corrupt & depraved and more than ready to do the bidding of the highest briber…

    The sentiment expressed here of “Wow, isn’t it great that the almighty MIT seems ot be acknowledging the reality of CF” is also disheartening – CF/LENR was a reality 20+ years ago, so think how much better off the world would be now had it been allowed to have been developed then! It is this continued weak-minded reverence to institutions like these that only contributes to our enslavement…

    And I’m sure Rossi is well aware of the role that MIT played in burying CF 20 years ago – so why on earth would he be “proud” of being endorsed by this lot in particular? A paltry Nobel Prize for what he has achieved will be poor recompense.

    1. I share your feelings, but wouldn’t it be better to fire the pseudo-scientists responsible for the cover up and replace them by honest people?
      We are proud of Rossi.

    2. It’s hard to keep cool when the entire planet is at stake. I have to really work to quell the violence in my own soul, let alone the violence that is rampant around the world.

      May peace and harmony be our guiding principles.

  4. Total bull shit, No facts data just more hype, no demonstration. Sounds just like Stirling/Rossi hype Where are the facts to support these

    1. I’m sorry Bill, that’s less a criticism than an emotional eruption. Why do you feel so strongly about something you know very little about?

      No more profanity, please.


      1. Hi Ruby,

        That’s a good question that might be multiplied in many fields, and I think the answer needs both psychology and natural history. Generally new ideas are suspect if you think things are already working well for you. That is only human nature. Then of course there are plenty of whacko ideas floating around to confirm that anyone who does not work for MIT must be wrong about physics and chemistry (:). Of course, like any other predisposition, this conservative stance has both good and bad sides to it. It is unwise to imitate the inventor who wondered if putting his foot in the fire was a good way to cure frostbite. Then again when we see the extent of the vested interest in today’s energy infrastructure it is not difficult to see why the predispositions of our “skeptical” friends are overdetermined.

        Cheers, Psi

  5. Is this an educational article or an advertisement for JET Energy Inc.? At least we didn’t see the alchemist wizards ranting about how they converted metals into another metal and demonstrating the process with bogus formulas with not so convincing pictures. However, we do see pictures of machines and wires with no scientific evidence presented that Cold Fusion is a reality. More hype? Words are mere fiction without scientific evidence to support the claim.

    1. Like the man said,

      “The direct decendants of those who proved man will never fly are humbled yet again.”

      Either that or NASA, MIT, the US Navy, and dozens of other research labs across the world, who have demonstrated in published peer reviewed journal articles the reality of what you — who the heck are you, anyway? — call “fiction” have all simultaneously gone stark mad. Shift happens. Until there’s a device on the market, we ordinary folk don’t really know, do we, what all the implications are or who the winners will be? But to pretend that something significant is not going on is way to fool only yourself.

    2. Hi Garry, I believe your background is deficient, and you have not explored any of the many papers available detailing the science.

      Do your homework, then get back to me.


  6. So, when are Fleischmann and Pons going to be awarded the Nobel Prize? First the MIT and the whole cabal demonised F&P for having announced cold fusion to the world, now MIT wants to take the credit: Does the word hypocrite still exists in the dictionary?

    1. Yeah Alex, and Fleischmann and Pons wouldn’t be the first chemists from the University for Utah to get screwed over. Henry Eyring was one of the greatest chemists of the 20th-century whose work was ignored.

      P.S But I have to say that Peter Hagelstein (like George Miley) was one of the few professors who stuck their necks out to support F&P from day one.

      1. When Silence Becomes Betrayal8 commentsPosted on 19th February 2012 by Administrator in Economy |Politics |Social Issues
        cold fusion, Peter Hunt

        Sent to me by long-time reader Peter Hunt.

        The Suppression of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
        Our national scientific organizations, from the Department of Energies multiple labs to NASA and the prestigious Naval Research Labs all recognize that a new clean and low cost mechanism for producing energy has come into being. It exists it is replicable and has broad applications. This new evolving science of energy production, which had it’s start with two electro Chemists, Fleischman and Pons back in 1989 holds the potential for near to unlimited clean, inexpensive and thermal power.

        The technology, which is as of yet not fully understood, now travels under multiple names of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) or the old moniker of “ Cold Fusion”.

        For validation and the dimensions of the potential impacts see the official NASA Video:

        Or their three sets of Power Point presentations which were released this last Fall under a Freedom of Information request:

        Add to this the technical validation of Shell Oil and BP ( Amoco) which were conducted in 1995 and buried only to be recently released. Then there is the ten years of Technical Papers by the Office of Naval Research and the peer reviewed Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science which has been around for several years.

        This phenomena of LENR holds the answer to climate change problems, in that it produces no greenhouse gases, fossil fuel depletion and escalating costs, with no troublesome by products. It utilizes the reaction of elemental Hydrogen and Nickel rather than the historic use of Deuterium and rare Palladium, which were the initial materials of Fleischmann and Pons. This use of metal hydrides consumed in exceptionally small quantities do not pose raw material problems and the conditions of reaction are mild in terms of temperature and pressure.

        In short it is clean, cheap and simple in fabrication so that it could be used at the household level for huge savings in heat and power under what is called dispersed generation. Close to free energy. The step up to electrical production from this near to unlimited heat source is not trivial but well within the spectrum of engineering and time using simple heat engines such as the Sterling cycle. Yes there is a good deal of engineerin g yet to be done to optimize the systems but little excuse for “ denial”.

        Yet because of it’s disruptive implications to a high cost and polluting energy based economy our government refuses to acknowledge, discuss and much less support it’s development with public funds. Indeed there is evidence of overt suppression on the part of our government while The Department of Energy and Climate Change of Great Britain acknowledges and is openly examining the potential benefits. Those in the know such as our government officials and privileged private sector members will, however, have the chance to adjust their personal behavior, portfolio’s to profit and protect themselves.

        Under multiple names such as “cold fusion”, from the days of Fleischmann and Pons in 1989 to the current moniker of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions ( LENR ) or Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions ( LANR ) the phenomenon of utilizing the lattice of metal and Hydrogen as metal hydrides we can produce near to unlimited energy in the form of heat. The cost is low, the conditions mild in terms of temperature and pressure, and the rate of common materials consumption is amazingly low.

        Secretary Chu of the Department of Energy is surely on the inside of these developments and has briefed and been briefed on it’s potential – yet he remains publically silent. For a scientist and a public servant this is betrayal. Let the insiders profit first – let the insiders protect their positions before a slow leaking to public knowledge stirs the markets.

        Know that China, Japan, Korea , Italy and Greece are moving quickly on this technology and it’s engineering. They will in short soon eat our lunch because of overt neglect. Our reactant behavior will put us at an even further disadvantage in world competition.

        Yes. J’accuse our government of betrayal of the public weal.

        In a land of lies truth becomes treason. This from our temple of Science.

        Peter S. Hunt Feb 16 2012

        1. To Dr. Edmund Storms,Please consider Belgian paentts with publication numbers BE1002780, BE1002781 and BE1003296 relating to LANR-techniques based on electrostic wetting and Coulomb explosion. Please contact Ben at the E-cat site for English translations and accompanying letter of mine.

  7. And a posthumous apology to cold fusion champion Gene Mallove for blowing the whistle on MIT’s coverup and misrepresentations of Pons/Fleischmann’s experiments and then forced to leave his position at MIT.

  8. Deny and obfuscate for two decades? Not suprising. Anything goes for a profit. If it seems outrageous but try prying under the rock of the American Medical Association and the FDA concerning natural, safe, effective, inexpensive and proven remedies that they deliberately squash to prevent anyone from knowing that the synthetic remedies, pesticides, modified foods they endorse are the root cause of most of modern societie’s illnesses today. Things such as Obesity, Diabietes, Cancer and Heart disease. For one, has anybody ever hear of aspertamine? The artificial sweetener that generally kills everyone, but slowly, and is in everything you can immagine. Even prescription medicines. Diet Coke etc….. How about $6000 dollar hearing aids? Ever wonder about that? The list is long and deep and dark.

  9. Is it possible to work out what the cost per watt is likely to be? What the size of the optimal power plant will be? Will the process be capable of producing hydrogen, to support a hydrogen economy and the manufacture of carbon-neutral liquid fuels and carbon-neutral ammonia as feedstock for nitrate fertilisers? What are the costs of mining, processing, infrastructure and transport of fuel supply likely to be? What length of time will the fuel resources last?

    I maintain that even energy from (classic) nuclear fusion will not be greener (less use of resources and energy and less eco-destruction) than Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs). LFTRs can supply ALL of the energy requirements of EVERY person on the planet FOREVER (from the inexhaustible availability of thorium fuel). See the heading to this Blog for an instant perspective on just how ‘green’ LFTR energy is:

    1. lftrsuk, lots of good questions.
      There have been estimates of a few cents, even down to 1 cent per kilowatt-hour to run a Ni-H steam generator.
      To factor in building and hardware costs, I don’t know. There are wide-ranging estimates starting from at first $2000 per kilowatt-hour and ranging down to $50 per kilowatt-hour.

      Nickel is very common, and clearly hydrogen is. There’s enough hydrogen for tens of millions of years. Read the nickel-e-cat energy equivalence article for what I worked out on nickel.

      One thing is clear, this technology will drop in cost after the design and manufacturing are automated. Also compared to thorium, cold fusion tech offers complete freedom from a grid. Energy can be created in-situ in small mobile devices independent of any grid-delivery system.

      Thanks for the info.

  10. Ruby wrote: “UPDATE! – February 2 The NANOR used in the open MIT Demonstration is a ZrO2-PdD Cold Fusion/LANR solid state quantum electronic device – now ongoing for five days straight!”

    Can you please elaborate on this update? Was the demonstration that was held on Monday kept going throughout the week, including today (Friday) that would be the fifth day? Peter Hagelstein has replied to email from me and others that Dr. Swartz reported (presumably to the class) on Tuesday that the energy gain level achieved Monday was actually 14 (conservatively reported in Cold Fusion Times as “greater than 10”). Has that level, 14, remained constant throughout the week?

    I presume that Dr. Swartz will update his website with complete details of this 2012 MIT demonstration, like he did for the 2003 MIT demonstration. In the meantime, why not post a request for any students that were there to come forward for an interview, so we can find out more details sooner?

    1. Yes, when he said 5 days, he meant count five days back. He posted on his site today that it had been “continuously operating” for a week.

      It’s possible that Alien Scientist attended – he is a physics student at another school – and I called him, but he hasn’t gotten back to me. there was a nice crowd there from the pictures. Hopefully, someone will post their notes!

      1. No surprise, all the peigigs with snouts in the trough are going to attack any rival, regardless of how cheap and regardless of how beneficial any new energy technology is for the environment. I would not be surprised that even clean energy lobbies oppose LENR Ni-H.On the other hand, it is just a matter of time, and as I read somewhere, once LENR Ni-H is recognized as the silver bullet solution, and the trump card of energy technologies, the time it took to break through the membrane of ossification will be a blink of the eye compared to the time it will dominate.God bless those who are trying to bring this energy technology to the public’s consciousness. Soon our options will be so bright we’ll have to wear shades! We’ve got to stop the Sixth Great Extinction now underway.

    1. The information to which you refer and link to is itireesntng indeed. It was obtained thru the , as were the NASA slides and several other reports. In general, I don’t care much for the reporting on the pages of the New Energy Times these days but, give credit where credit is due, someone over there certainly knows how to scare up a government report. This site could use such an expert on FOIA. Do you care to volunteer Anony? Anyone? Bueller?

  11. The F&P “Wow this is weird” observation took a decade to accept. That power levels are practical is only taking a few years past the nano-metalic non-wet chemistry stimulated with electromagnetic fields experiments. This is vastly better than hot fusion that has been 40 years out for 100 years and will die of cost, complexity, and obsolescence.

  12. Why isn’t this getting more attention? Haven’t we been trying to figure out cold fusion for decades? Isn’t this the source of new energy for the rest of our lifetimes?

    Can someone explain it to me like I’m 5?

    Enthusiastic but not quite sure if this will have a real life impact in the next… say, 10 years.

  13. Low attention resulted from a lack of reasonable theory, possibility of scam, conflicts of interest, and undeveloped power level potential. Now with power level (up to 32x input) developed by high surface area nickel(maybe a million times surface to volume ratio, more than with electrolytic cells), a reasonable theory(Widom-Larsen), many confirmations 16 and counting reduce the scam potential. This makes the possibility of attaining marketable products and sufficient investment capital much higher.
    Existing conflict of interests are the energy cartels payment collusion with pirates, bombers, and social unrest, fossil fuel environment damage, global economic damage, Hot fusion research budget hog, and excessive need for global policing and war. These conflicts mean we won’t protect existing energy suppliers from new energy possibilities and it makes it more likely a Manhattan level international LENR project will arise. IMHO.

      1. Please consider Belgian tpaent BE1003296 for other metals such as yttrium and cerium forming electroconductive deuterides suited for Coulomb explosion and LANR nuclear fusion . English translation available on demand (private address).Kind regards,Jan

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