“The Believers” test screening February 11 in Chicago, Illinois

The Believers is a new documentary on cold fusion from 137 Films described as “a work in progress” and currently in Festival Submission.

137 FilmsThere will be a test screening in Chicago, Illinois on February 11 at 12 Noon local time at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

This is the announcement from their website:

137Films The BelieversIf you’ve been waiting to see our new film, The Believers, now is your chance!

The Chicago Council on Science and Technology is presenting a work-in-progress screening of The Believers on Saturday, February 11 at noon at the Gene Siskel Film Center, and filmmakers Monica Ross and Clayton Brown will be in attendance for a Q & A session after the film.

You can attend for free by becoming a 137 Films Backer. We hope to see you on February 11!”

James Martinez, who has interviewed a dozen scientists on the topic, was filmed for the movie last year during a Ca$h Flow interview with Dr. Edmund Storms who related the then-recent news on Andrea Rossi‘s 10 kilowatt E-Cat demonstration with the quote “There will be a stampede.

The film does not appear to be on the Gene Siskel Film Center calendar, but it is posted on the Chicago Council of Science and Technology front page.

There is an RSVP required and Registration at 11AM.
$15.00 non-members / $5.00 Students. Details here.

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