Sergio Focardi in Remembrance

Video by Sergio Focardi: This is an energy revolution

Sergio Focardi from's video This is an energy revolution
Sergio Focardi from’s video This is an energy revolution
Physicist Sergio Focardi of University of Bologna has crossed over.

He was part of an early group that included Fracesco Piantelli and Roberto Habel who pioneered the generation of excess heat from Flesichmann-Pons cells using light-water and the metal nickel.

He inspired and worked closely with Andrea Rossi on the design of the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, a thermal generator that operates from nickel powders and light-hydrogen gas.

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics website, Rossi wrote of Focardi’s passing:

Andrea Rossi
June 22nd, 2013 at 2:46 AM


We all have lost one of the greatest scientists in the field of the LENR.

For me he has been a tremendous ally, he helped our work enormously and the safety certifications that we are obtaining are the fruit of his consulting during the last 7 years. For me he has been also a teacher for Physics and Mathematics, anytime I needed his help in these matters to better understand the theory behind the effect of the E-Cat.

He has always worked with us with total, absolute and disinterested attitude, thinking only the the interest of the Science behind the LENR.

All the newspapers of the scientific world will say what he has been in the Scientific and University world and his enormous legacy: he has been Professor of Physics, Mathematic, he has been the Dean of the Scientific Faculties of the Alma Mater University of Bologna and the founder of the Cesena branch of the University of Bologna. His pubilcations in the fields of Mathematics and Physics are monumental.

Now, after a long period of illness, that obviously all his friends have taken secret to respect his privacy, he ceased to suffer and starts a new duty for God under anothe form of life. I am sure he will continue to look after my work from where he is now.

See you soon, my great Friend and Master Sergio! I will never forget our work together and that day in the Brasimone Nuclear facility.

Yours Andrea Rossi

Sergio Focardi at TEDxBologna: E-cat e la fusione nucleare fredda con il Nichel e l’Idrogeno


Anomalous Heat Production in Ni-H Systems 1994 [.pdf]
Sergio Focardi, Francesco Piantelli, and Roberto Habel

Overview of Ni-H systems: old experiments and new set-up [.pdf] by E. Campari, S. Focardi, V Gabbani, V. Montalbano, F. Piantelli, and S. Veronesi

Cold Fusion: The History of Research in Italy 2009 [.pdf]

11 Replies to “Sergio Focardi in Remembrance”

  1. In Remembrance

    Thank you for your loving work…

    We Love you… Beyond the beyond and straight to your heart and soul.

    Forever… Peace be well my golden friend.
    It’s of great use to wonder
    Why our minds wander
    In awe of it all
    Being forever true
    Seeking the new
    We are just now discovering
    That which has always been
    Impatiently awaiting us
    Craving our keen attention
    Hoping for deeper understanding
    Awesome is
    The wonder of discovery
    And the power
    Of awe
    Beloved Sergio Focardi
    His life, lived as he did, was a gift to all…
    The next generation will look back on our generation and Know…
    The term energy shortage was a term for unenlightened minds.
    Now begins the end of the old oil, king coal, unnatural gas, and radioactive u238 energy industries.
    Gregory Byron Sprout Amir Goble

    1. Excellent idea. I raise my glass salutations! Grateful all those with courage, and curiosity, who worked for this new world we’ll soon see all around us.

      1. P.S.
        IR stretching of the H-Ni bond might cause the following reaction to take place.

        H(1)~~Ni(n)~~H(1) > Cu*~~H(1) > Zn* > Ni(n-2) + He (no gamma rays).

        See the 6 minute mark to see how infrared light would cause the H-Ni bond to oscillate.

  2. Nice piece Ruby. I am glad to see he got to see his work progress this far. I would surmise he knew much better than us the state of the art at the time of his passing and hopefully he went with a sense that his work was done here.

    RIP Sergio Focardi

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