New Energy Outreach – in the Mall!

Cold Fusion Now represented at the Humboldt Math Festival in beautiful Humboldt County on the north coast of California this past Saturday April 9 at the area’s Bayshore Mall.

The Humboldt Math Festival is a gathering for the local county’s math instructors from the earliest grades through Humboldt State University. Teachers set up tables and activities for the kids in the community and expose them to different kinds of math and science fun.

I have been teaching part-time as a math instructor at a local community college for the past couple of years, and I have presented exhibits regularly for community events, mostly on the topic money – favorites such as Paper Money and Inflation and Ancient Coinage and Pythagoras, with the occasional space-science topic such as Sounds of Space.

Now, there is little more important than finding another arrangement for living on this planet. And cold fusion is the clean energy that will provide this. This year’s topic had to be nuclear. I decided to try an activity posted on the Lawrence Berkeley Lab site called activity on Marshmallow Nuclei.

We had the kids make nuclei out of marshmallows. The protons were pink and the neutrons were white.

Kids making nuclei
Kids making nuclei out of colored marshmallows.

We had emission spectra tubes and diffraction gratings to view the different elements. A Van der Graff generator demonstrated charge perfectly.

Van der Graffted!
Student get charged over science.

The kids could then shoot the nuclei with a Marshmallow Accelerator operated by math teacher Michael Butler. (That’s two fellows perusing the cold fusion materials in the background!)

Professor operates homemade accelerator.
Professor operates homemade accelerator.

I had algebra students helping out – for extra credit! – and they did a great job.

Algebra students help out for extra credit.
Algebra students help out for extra credit.

Of course we had a table of cold fusion info for the parents and older kids. This was our assortment of books to peruse.

Books on display at our table.
Books on display at our table.

We gave out Scott Chubb‘s article reviewing Rossi’s demonstration which many people where happy to hear about. Copies of Robert E. GodesQuantum Fusion Hypothesis went fast.

Free info on science and news were available.
Free info on science and news were available.

And thanks to Infinite-Energy, we were able to giveaway a some Fire from Water videos, which are posted on their New Energy Foundation Youtube channel and you can watch for free, and a packet of info on energy and other fun stuff with a complimentary magazine.

Magazines were compliments of Infinite Energy.
Magazines were compliments of Infinite Energy.

We thank Infinite-Energy magazine for all your support, and best wishes in this time of transition. Your continued generosity has helped to educate alot of people today, as you have for years, with your rare publication.

I had a number of conversations about LENR technologies with passersby, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. One person said “Boy, I’d like to invest in this!” Many young people had never hear of cold fusion or LENR, and they were excited about the possibilities. I gave away all the info I had, and lots of stickers with the website on it.

All in all, the day was full of communication on an issue that has no parallel in importance. As our world unravels, and adults flounder, kids wake up every morning with an innocent hope, and today, though they don’t require it, we gave them a good reason for it.

Cold Fusion Now!

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    1. Hi Kerry, If you want more science, go to where Jed Rothwell has thousands of scientific papers on LENR science and technology generated over the past two decades.

  1. Here is a post about my economic theory about the 2010s depression period and the new Plasmoid Paradigm. The Plasmoid Paradigm — the Technological Acceleration Depression.

    Edward Lewis —

    Scientific revolutions in physics happen at 80-year intervals. Since 1506, each episode of crisis period (per Kuhn) and formulation of novel physics theory occurred at 80 year intervals on average. I believe that the regular timing is due to a 3-generation process of physics paradigm development and experimentation that lead to the the discovery of anomalies during a 10 or 20 year long crisis period in physics. Industrial revolutions occur more or less at the same time as the crisis periods of physics. This is because both the detection of anomalies and the major technological breakthroughs are performed by 3rd-generation experimenters. There was a scientific crisis period from about 1972 to 1992, and there was the Third Industrial Revolution then. During this time, the major anomalies of water memory, high temperature superconductivity, plasmoid (EV) motion and existence, transmutation, excess energy and ball lightning-like atomic motion and effects were discovered. Here is information about the new Plasmoid Paradigm, and the current depressionary period in the US caused by the technological acceleration (per Waters) and high productivity growth is explained.

    I suspected that microscopic ball lightning could be the cause of cold fusion effects reported by T. Matsumoto and communicated with T. Matsumoto about this idea. The microscopic ball lightning pointed to the idea that atoms themselves are plasmoids (that is, that their structure is radically different than the nuclear atom models portray). He found evidence of micro ball lightning in his experiments, and studied the evidence of micro ball lightning in earthquakes and volcanoes in Japan. Though the research by the experimental pioneers T. Matsumoto and Ken Shoulders were widely published, their results have been widely ignored even in the cold fusion-LENR field in my opinion. However, several groups of cold fusion researchers detected traces similar to those discovered by Matsumoto during the last 11 years, and some researchers acknowledged the resemblance to traces he detected.

    The evidence is clear that ball lightning-like objects are formed and play a role in the kinds of reactions studied in the field. These ball lightning-like objects are called EVs by Ken Shoulders and were called “plasmoids” by Bostick. This form of phenomena is seen everywhere in the universe from the smallest to the largest scale. Shoulders sent me Warner’s very slow motion videos showing balls of light (ball lightning) leading lightning bolts. They can’t be seen with the naked eye. They move too quickly. 

    Kontratiev Waves and the Economic Depression of the 2010s

    A mystery in the field of economics is that major recessions and depressions have a 40 or 50 year periodicity. The K-wave arises because scientific revolutions happen at 80 year intervals. There is kind of depression or severe recession period that is associated with the industrial revolutions when new industries emerge and old ones end. For example, this kind of depressionary period occurred in the 1890s and the 1970s. Since scientific revolutions have an 80-year periodicity, industrial revolutions do also. The industrial revolutions and crisis periods in physics follow the revolutions in physics by about 65 years more or less. About 19 years after the industrial revolutions, a sudden productivity growth spurt due to “technological acceleration” begins. This is what caused the sudden doubling of productivity growth at about the same time relative to the end of the industrial revolution depressions in the advanced economies over the last 3 productivity growth cycles. Each cycle lasted between 80 and 100 years.

    During a “technological acceleration” period, the corporate emphasis in each industry is on process innovation. Oligopoly markets emerge, and corporations and consumers take on unusually high levels of debt. As companies seek to cut labor costs and automate production, unemployment rises leading to a financial crisis. Economic depressions due to the technological acceleration start about 10 years after this sudden productivity growth acceleration.

    These economic ideas were described in a book that I wrote mainly in the early 1990s. It is available at Here are predictions based on this scientific revolution-based model for the Kondratiev Wave. That these predictions have proved correct so far is evidence the theory is correct. A major prediction was that there would be a deep recession or depression period in the 2010s that would start about 2009. Though the official US unemployment rate is 9.1 percent in June of 2011, the real unemployment rate is about 20 percent when the figure is calculated in the way it was calculated in the 20th century. This is depression-level unemployment.

    More information about this topic as at


    The Periodic Production of Rationalized Phenomena and the Past Periodic Depressions, 1990.

    Lewis, E. Tracks of Ball Lightning in Apparatus? J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 2 (2009), p. 13.

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