Is the Crop Formation that appeared in Northern Italy related to LENR developments?

A large wheat formation was reported June 30, 2013 in Italy, east of Turin. Here is how it was reported on an Italian website:

From (article)

Crop Circles in Robertsbridge.
Work of a joker or alien hand?

Italian Crop Circle2Big surprise Sunday morning when you wake up the citizens of Robertsbridge. In a field of wheat in the valley, in the vicinity of the former highway, appeared different geometric designs, concentric circles into triangles and strings that will conjoined. All perfect and developed over several square meters. Resurface therefore the most varied conjecture on so-called “crop circle”, the “crop circles”: the alien hand to that of some bontempone which has a half-plane to descend, “draw” and leave without a trace. Among the first to be alerted Mayor Joseph Turino who called the owner of the land and then went in person, on a hill, to see the work in the valley. But not unbalanced in manifesting his explanation to this phenomenon.

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The speculation is the binary 8-bit ASCII code means the four chemical elements potassium K, hydrogen H, deuterium D, and sulfur S. (follow cropcircleconnector comments)


This author and the Coldfusionnow! website hasn’t got an opinion on the subject – what do you think?


10 Replies to “Is the Crop Formation that appeared in Northern Italy related to LENR developments?”

  1. We can be fairly sure that crop circles are genuinely unknown, as to prove them man-made is simplicity itself.
    Give to students or the army or any other group a picture of one of the complex circles including all measurements etc. give them as long as they like to prepare but no practice of the circle, as no abandoned complex circle has been found that was half finished or abandoned. (to my knowledge)
    If in the short hours of light they can replicate without error the circle, then we can certainly consider that they could be man-made.
    Why is this experiment not done with cameras recording every move.
    Because like many subjects in science they just rely for their religious beliefs on “opinion” from their high priests that most other scientists follow like sheep, that it is impossible, except the few genuine scientists who actually Research and look for Evidence.
    Lets wait for comments on page that say they are not man-made without demanding the Experiment suggested above.

    1. I catch your drift here George,

      Nice train of thought…

      Up the ante therefore the interest…

      The 0ne Million Euro Cropcircle Challenge!!!

      Contestants must duplicate this cropcircle exactly down to the tiniest detail. For viewers enjoyment we will even let the teams, do it in 10 hours DAYLIGHT, use whatever tools and equipment they want, and as many teamates as they want.

      The grand prize is for doing it at night. Offer a Ten Million Euro Grand Prize Cropcircle Challenge for this daring feat.

      The Cropcircle Challenge is sure to bring one of these pranksters out into the light of day.

      Finally we’ll see how many fingers they really have.

      1. Greg, I take it that you are agreeing that until science undertakes the Experiment I outline above they are showing themselves, as with Cold Fusion to be incompetent to the extreme.
        I am sure you will agree that any scientist who laughs at such things as the possibility that Crop Circles are not man-made without demanding that the Research be done is clearly a fool and a very poor scientist.
        Do you agree that Science is not dead-brained “opinion” but Research and Evidence.

        1. Sort of like evidence of invisible research at the SPAWAR labs. Nothing to it!! We must not NEED to know.

          Contest the Hidden Experiment… We do need to know and the theory that we don’t is flawed.

          Let the Contest begin… Yes it does mean I like the experiment you suggest.

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  3. I can understand your quest for a test, but how does any human do this without leaving foot prints going in and out of the field? And how does man manipulate the crop to leave the stalks bent and altered , but not broken?

    There is far more going on here than the mere pressing of grain crops to form artwork, and who in these artists are scientists with multidisciplinary understanding of representations of geometry, early computer language and physics, and biology with the equipment plus the artistic talent in order to conceive of and produce these patterns ?

    Your quest might be honorable, but your grip of the big picture is woefully naive.

  4. Hello, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Other then that, superb blog! Thank you!

  5. Notice the little dark triangles. They seem to indicate the transmutation from each element: Hydrogen (top left) supplying protons (why 6? . hmmm), clockwise (ascii is the letter of the element) -> Deuterium -> (+2) Suilur -> (+1) Potassium [K]. Appears to be indicating Hydrogen supplying protons to enable transmutations from Deuterium to Sulfur and Sulfur to Potassium. It does add up correctly. Other geometry no doubt is significant including the light and dark shadings of trianbles – perhaps 3D projection.

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