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  • Company type: Private Limited Company
  • Company number: 05342937
  • Company status: Dissolved
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Incorporation date: 2005.01.26
  • Dissolution date: 2006.10.31

Company directors and board members:

  • SANDRINGHAM COMPANY SECRETARIES LTD – Secretary, 2005.01.26 thru 2006.10.31



Jwk International Corporation

 7617 Little River Tpke # 1000 Annandale, Virginia 22003-2689

United States (703) 750-0500


  • Jay W. Khim – Chairman of the Board – Chief Executive Officer

  • Lawerence Forcley – Human Resources Manager

  • Lawrence M. Forsley – President

  • Christopher E. Leach – President

This listing is for Jwk International Corporation’s Headquarters Location in Annandale, VA. The company primarily operates in the Engineering Services Companies industry.

  • Jwk International Corporation was founded in 1973, and is Privately held.

  • Jwk International Corporation had $1.5 Million in estimated annual revenue.

  •  Jwk International Corporation employs 14 people (Actual data).

  •  Of the 14 total Jwk International Corporation employees, 5 are located here at the Headquarters Location.

Afghanistan Resources Corporation

J. Wook Khim President

 7617 Little River Turnpik Ste 1000 – Annandale, Virginia 22003

United States (703) 750-0504

This listing is for Afghanistan Resources Corporation’s Single Location in Annandale, VA. The company primarily operates in the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Companies industry.

  • Afghanistan Resources Corporation was founded in 2004, and is Privately held.

  • Afghanistan Resources Corporation had $999,999 in estimated annual revenue

  • Of the 1 total Afghanistan Resources Corporation employees, 1 are located here at the Single Location.

International Trade & Inventory Corp

7617 Little River Tpke Annandale, Virginia 22003-2603

United States (703) 750-0500

Jay W Khim – President

This listing is for International Trade & Inventory Corp’s Single Location in Annandale, VA. The company primarily operates in the Securities Brokerage Companies industry.

  • International Trade & Inventory Corp was founded in 1977, and is Privately held.

  • International Trade & Inventory Corp had $170,000 in estimated annual revenue

  • International Trade & Inventory Corp employs 2 people.

  •  Of the 2 total International Trade & Inventory Corp employees, 2 are located here at the Single Location.

Global Energy Corporation

7617 Little River Turnpike Suite #1000 – Annanadale, VA 22003 – Corporate

7580 Metropolitan Drive – Suite #206 San Diego, CA 92108 – San Diego Laboratories

Jay Wook Khim – President


Jay Wook Khim

  • “The GEC board of directors, Khim says, includes some well-known Washington D.C. Players, including former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, former Congressman and Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, and former U.S. Congressman Tom Davis, among others.” 

Resolution Honors Norman Mineta


  • Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, CAPAC Secretary, commended Mineta for his years of public service and dedication to promoting civil rights and liberty for all Americans.

  • “As the founder and former chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Norm worked to inform Members of Congress of the unique challenges facing Asian Pacific Americans in our nation,” said Bordallo. “I further appreciated Norm’s work to modernize and improve our infrastructure system in America as the longest serving Secretary of Transportation. I join the CAPAC in honoring Norm’s service and accomplishments, and on behalf of the people of Guam, I wish him a sincere Un dangkulo na Si Yu’os Ma’ase.”

Thomas Milburn “Tom” Davis III

  • Thomas Milburn “Tom” Davis III – Virginia’s 11th congressional district Congressman Davis was in office January 3, 1995 thru November 24, 2008. Davis won election to the House in 1994, the year of the Republican Contract with America. Although the 11th was considered a swing district, Davis was reelected five more times without substantive opposition in part due to his popularity in Fairfax County. He even ran unopposed in 1998 and 2002.

  • In 2006, however, Davis faced an unexpectedly strong challenge from Democrat Andrew Hurst, but was reelected with 55 percent of the vote—his lowest total since his initial bid against Byrne. Nonetheless, he began fundraising for a Senate bid in 2007, shortly afterward he decided to pull out of the race.

ICG Government Influence

  • Davis’s second wife, Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis, was one of the first hires (as a part-time consultant) for ICG Government, a firm that assists businesses in obtaining government contracts. Their financial relationship, along with financial ties that benefit family members of 64 of the 435 voting members of Congress, was highlighted in the June 2007 ethics report, “Family Affair” by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

  • At the time of her hire at ICG, Davis was her mentor and campaign manager. After being hired, Devolites married Davis. On July 28, 2006, the Washington Post reported that the Defense Information Systems Agency had reviewed its satellite contract with Artel, Inc., and the agency had preliminarily determined that the contract was ineffective and expensive. Artel then hired ICG for lobbying services. ICG drafted a letter Davis signed to the agency threatening an investigation by his committee if the contract was not awarded. After the Post articles appeared, Davis sought an opinion from the House Ethics Committee. They advised him to be careful to avoid the appearance of any conflict in this matter. The Post published an extensive article on the issue, the company had to register as a lobbyist, and ICG removed a picture from the front page of its website of Davis speaking to ICG clients.

  • His wife continued to work for ICG, which paid her $78,000 in 2005 for working 10 to 20 hours a week, primarily at home on her cell phone. She makes $18,000 a year as a Virginia legislator. Her bio continues as the only one on the ICG site to name her spouse. The same Post writers continued the investigation of oversight of contractual influence by the committee and its chair in November and December 2006.

Global Energy Corporation – Tom Davis

  • Now on the board of directors, Tom has been a close neighbor, a friend, and an influential Congressman for the folks behind the Global Energy Corporation. The Global Energy Corp and JWK et. al. are located in his congressional district. His wife continues to assist him, and other parties, in behind the scenes political strategies and endeavors. 

Frank Charles Carlucci III

  • He served as head of the DOD as the cold fusion announcement broke out in 1989. A course was set for a low level “Manhattan Project” A simple confinement and containment plan; through marginalizing the science, misinformation, and the misdirecting of funding. Hot fusion, expensive nuclear remediation projects, and third generation u238 plans were already under way. Millions could be channeled into cold fusion research in some of the best equipped labs in the world. National security demanded that we figure out LENR energy before anyone else. Much later, the hope was to pull off launching the Global Energy Corporation, far from the prying eyes of the cold fusion community, near the Bikini Islands, on Guam. The problem is the Governor of Guam was impeached and the people of Guam would rather have a Rossi Hot Cat than a GeNie filled with fresh U238 from JWK.

  • Frank Charles Carlucci III (born October 18, 1930) served as the United States Secretary of Defense from 1987 to 1989 (never elected) in the administration of President Ronald Reagan. Prior to that, Carlucci served in a variety of senior-level governmental positions, including Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity in the Richard Nixon administration, Deputy Director of the CIA in the Jimmy Carter administration, and Deputy Secretary of Defense and National Security Adviser in the Reagan administration.

Early Life and Career

  • Carlucci was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the son of Roxanne (née Bacon) and Frank Charles Carlucci, Jr., an insurance broker. His father was of Italian and Swiss descent. He graduated from Wyoming Seminary in 1948 and Princeton University in 1952, where he roomed with Donald Rumsfeld, and attended Harvard Business School for an MBA in 1954-55. He was a Naval officer from 1952-54. He joined the Foreign Service, working for the State Department from 1956 until 1969. In 1961 he participated in a CIA mission to Congo.

  • According to James Schlesinger, following the death of Patrice Lumumba, the new Prime Minister of the CongoCyrille Adoula, began a meeting with President John F. Kennedy with the question “Ou est Carlucci?” (Where is Carlucci?), who first responded “Who the hell is Carlucci?'” and then sent Dean Rusk to find him.[2]

  • In the year 2000, a film called Lumumba portrayed him as being involved during his service in Congo in the murder of Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba. Carlucci furiously denied the charges, and successfully went to court to prevent being named in the film when it was released in the United States.

It is the opinion of Cold Fusion Now that GeNie LENR hybrid reactors should be deployed to spent fuel rod sites around the world. Thereby generating electricity at nuclear sites by transmuting nuclear waste.


Not At Guam

None that I know

Except Memories

Of Nuclear Fallout

Appendix C
Radioactivity in Guam After Nuclear-Weapons Testing in the Pacific


Guam is about 1,200 miles west of the Marshall Islands at about 10° north of the equator. The trade winds are predominantly from east to west at that latitude. Atmospheric testing began in the Marshall Islands with Operation Crossroads in July 1946. Operation Ivy began in October 1952. On October 31, 1952, the first thermonuclear device, with the code name Mike, was detonated. It had a total yield of 10.4 Mt of which about half was fission energy.

A radiation-fallout monitoring program for Operation Ivy was established in 1952 and coordinated by the New York Operations Office of the Atomic Energy Commission. It consisted of a worldwide network of 111 monitoring stations with at least one in every continent, but it was concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere. One of those monitoring stations was located in Guam. In addition to stationary ground-based monitoring, aerial surveys using low flying aircraft were conducted from several Air Force bases.

Instrumentation during aerial surveys included a gamma-ray detector and a recording unit. It was calibrated at the Nevada Proving Ground to measure exposure rate at 1 meter from the ground. It was capable of measuring dose rates in air from external gamma radiation in the range of 0.0001-10 mGy/h.

An aerial survey over Guam began on November 1, 1952. The resulting data are shown inFigure C.1 (Eisenbud, 1953).

The Navy LENR – A Four Part Series

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