Defkalion Hyperion demo to be broadcast online

Video: Dr. Bob excited about Defkalion demo

Hyperion-R5-set-upDefkalion Green Technologies has scheduled two public demonstrations of their Hyperion core reactor next week concurrent with the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18).

Defkalion originates from Greece, but now has their main lab in Vancouver, Canada. Labs dedicated to applications for the steam generator are in part located in Brazil and Milano, Italy. The two demos will occur from two different locations in Vancouver and Milano beginning on July 22, 2013, concurrent the ICCF-18 Defkalion poster event occurring in Columbia, Missouri, USA.

The intercontinental event can be viewed online at Triwù Web TV Innovation streaming.

From Cold fusion: the E-cat Defkalion announced officially at the end of the month?, originally published in Italian by Roberto De Carolis:

“There will be an official announcement of this technology during ICCF 18 (International Conference Cold Fusion 18) at the University of Missouri (USA) […]. For those interested you can see this Internet transmission of all phases of the experiment, power, performance and off – he wrote about the CEO of Defkalion Europe Franco Cappiello – In this broadcast will participate in two independent scientists and two science journalists at international level, in addition to a component Cicap.”

According to Dr. Bob, details about the events will be posted on EGO OUT and Defkalion Green Technologies websites prior to the demos.


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  1. Ruby, which one of your university courses taught you to be open-minded, to be excited by scientific advances, to not take notice of the negative propaganda given out by main-line science.
    To be intelligent, to see that genuine open science can be fun, to want to inform others of the Truth, to do your own Research on a subject, etc. etc.
    I thought that the only things taught to become a scientist where to follow blindly what one’s “more qualified” betters tell you, that the World and life is just a steam engine and never, ever, think for one’s self.

    1. Hehehe, george you jest.

      I have some scientific training, but I started out as a musician. Through both worlds, you find artists can be scientists, and scientists can also be artists. As humanity evolves, we will see this confluence more and more. That’s the way it used to be, long, long ago, before science split from art in 600BC Greece.

      This environment today is giving way to a new sensibility. it’s only a matter of time.

  2. Hi Ruby, An interesting shot would be getting the ICCF crowds reaction to the Defkalion demo. Looks pretty heavy, have fun, Barry

    1. Great Idea Barry, I will do that. I have no idea how things are gonna go, but I’ll get as much documented as I can.

  3. Einstein – Rap – Puppy Dogs

    The person who allowed this sort of fluff to be portrayed as representing what I hope will be a serious conference… should remove this stupid video.

    What were they thinking?


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