Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] Dennis Bushnell – NASA – LENR

LENR, ZPE, Graphene, Nanotechnology, Robotics,Virtual IT, Supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioengineering; all these arts of science and advanced technologies are of interest in this document. Everyone working in these scientific fields should review this document, envision the solution proposed by Dennis Bushnell, bring the issues forward in public forums, and work together to create a world where people do not feel the need to go to war.

Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] by Dennis Bushnell et.al.

This 113-page slide-show from NASA, June of 2013, lays out what we are preparing to prevent; by foreseeing what the capabilities of advanced technologies will bring to the theater of war.

Dennis Bushnell is bringing everything out into the open for us to think about: these advanced warfare technologies are NOT something we can all just live with.

They are difficult to defend against, and often untraceable; being cheap and easy to manufacture. They will be developed commercially, and very simply; without requiring any long-term governmental development like mega-trillion dollar stealth bombers, naval carriers, and observational platform programs.

They are soon becoming commercially available, legally. Actions which classify these dangerous technologies as illegal are needed.

Page 2 The ‘Bots, ‘Borgs, ‘& Humans welcome you to 2025 A.D.
Nano-Bots and Swarms (by land, sea, or air) create a whole different scenario; where all large war objects become vulnerable to disabling attacks. How can one stop an attack from a cloud of thousands of single, individually-minded mosquitoes, or other swarms intent to disrupt or destroy Systems, Objects, Habitats, or Peoples?

All offensive weapons of war should be made illegal; to produce or sell, period. Defense systems will then be the  only legal military industrial complex sales allowed by law. The defense industry must comply and focus their efforts on defense, offensive abilities are forthwith illegal… Once again, period.

How can we create a human culture where people simply refuse to create war?

What can the emergent LENR energy and advanced technology communities do to contribute to a world culture that does not feel the need to ever go to war again?

That is the challenge according to Bushnell, and in many peoples’ opinion, the only solution.

Think out of the box… We will enable peace…  It is extremely important for our future.

Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] Dennis Bushnell et.al.

NASA – LENR energetics and advanced technologies

Page 4 This presentation is meant to incite thought/ discussion and is based in all cases upon existing data/trends/analyses/technologies. (e.g., NO PIXIE DUST)

It provides, in some cases, a somewhat broader view of prospective developments and issues.


Indeed it does…

Page 22 The “Bushnell Challenge”
“In this [Worldwide] economy our ability to create wealth is not bounded by physical limits/resources but by our ability to come up with new ideas.”

However, even “universal wealth” will not obviate the other causes of warfare which include Politics, ”Face” (which include) Religion, Megalomania, and Territorial Disputes.

Page 7 Need to Plan “Differently”
Our World is in the throes of triple/exponential (IT/Bio/Nano) Technological Revolutions.
• Changes occurring at scales of months (instead of decades).
• Zeroth order potential effects upon Defense/Offense equipment/conops/threat.

The crew are:
– Plundering the ship’s supplies.
– Tinkering with the temperature and life-support controls.
– Still looking for the instruction manual.
– Engaging in bloody skirmishes in every corner of the vessel.
– Increasing the size of the crew by 2 million PER WEEK.

High Energy Density Materials (HEDM) (Power, Explosives, Propellants)
Tetrahedral N (Isp 600+ sec)
Atomic Born, C, H (Isp 600+ sec)
Metastable He (Isp 1500 sec) • Metallic Hz (Isp 2000 sec)
ISOMERS ( 105 x TNT)

Page 37 Revolutionary Power Generation/Storage Opportunities
• Ultracapacitors • Adv. Fuel Cells (e.g. Lithium/water/air)
• HEDM (e.g. Solid H2, Isomers, antimatter, etc.
• Adv. PV (50%?) • Room Temperature SC/SMES
• C-Nanotube storage of H2 (non-cryo)?
• Offshore Methane Hydrate
• Blacklight power?

Page 57 High Energy Density Materials (HEDM) (Power, Explosives, Propellants)
• Tetrahedral N (Isp 600+ sec)
• Atomic Born, C, H (Isp 600+ sec)
• Metastable He (Isp 1500 sec)
• Metallic Hz (Isp 2000 sec)
• ISOMERS ( 105 x TNT)
• Anti-matter

Page 101 “Circa 2025”
• Machines as creative/“smart” as humans “Robotics” the “norm”
• Zeroth order “warstopper” – Binary bio into nation’s agric./food distrib. system (every home/fox hole)
• Next level of concern: Ubiquitous/Cheap micro-to-nano EVERYTHING (sensors, munitions, weapons swarms/hordes)
• Battlefield attrition/CNN syndrome forces U.S. Army to look/act like SOCOM

Page 106 Future “Warfare”
• “Defense” against the “then year” multitudinous conventional and unconventional delivery methods for volumetric and precision munitions is essentially neither doable nor affordable.
• Suggested National Defense Approaches:
– Work Technology, Intel, Diplomacy, SOCOM for detection/interdiction/deflection of the “pre-delivery” phases (causes of war, motivational and decision processes, design and construction, test)
– Work and ADVERTISE a REALLY EFFECTIVE RETRIBUTION to deter delivery (ala MAD).

Page 110
“War between mass armies weighed down with baroque equipment has become a third world sport. The advanced world, too vulnerable to survive a war of attrition or mass destruction, must learn to conduct its affairs by the Rapier–by the threat or use of small specialized forces exploiting high tempo and strategic surprise” – R. E. Simpkin, “Race to the Swift” – 1985

Page 111
In the second half of the 1900’s Nuclear/Bio Warfare was “Unthinkable”

In the first half of the 2000’s “conventional” warfare may become so deadly/effective as to become “Unthinkable” (“Killer Aps” available to mitigate the “Causes of War”)

Page 112 Approaches to Countering Group/Individual Deployment of IO/Bio

-Universal inexpensive Web based educ.
– Biomass via sea water irrigation DISCOVERY
– All Source Intel/Fusion/AI Analysis PREEMPTION/RETRIBUTION
– SOF (Foreign)

Page 113 (Usual) Reactions to this Presentation
• Is in the “Too Hard Box”;
• Not being done yet by anyone, therefore, will not be done;
• They would not do that.

We have to Hope they would not do that.

• Why go there, since there is no defense against it.

Some Disbelief, but agreement there is too much there to disregard.

Is the Crop Formation that appeared in Northern Italy related to LENR developments?

A large wheat formation was reported June 30, 2013 in Italy, east of Turin. Here is how it was reported on an Italian website:

From lanuovaprovincia.it: (article)

Crop Circles in Robertsbridge.
Work of a joker or alien hand?

Italian Crop Circle2Big surprise Sunday morning when you wake up the citizens of Robertsbridge. In a field of wheat in the valley, in the vicinity of the former highway, appeared different geometric designs, concentric circles into triangles and strings that will conjoined. All perfect and developed over several square meters. Resurface therefore the most varied conjecture on so-called “crop circle”, the “crop circles”: the alien hand to that of some bontempone which has a half-plane to descend, “draw” and leave without a trace. Among the first to be alerted Mayor Joseph Turino who called the owner of the land and then went in person, on a hill, to see the work in the valley. But not unbalanced in manifesting his explanation to this phenomenon.

(view picture)

The speculation is the binary 8-bit ASCII code means the four chemical elements potassium K, hydrogen H, deuterium D, and sulfur S. (follow cropcircleconnector comments)


This author and the Coldfusionnow! website hasn’t got an opinion on the subject – what do you think?


Babylon The Ring City

To: The Leaders of the G20 Nations [and their ministries]
Copies to: the worlds media corporation

In order to eliminate urban sprawl and to avoid the use of personal transportation from all areas of the “Ring City“, we can, by integrating all residences, schools ,colleges, universities, hospitals, medical centers, shopping malls, fitness centers, sports fields, sports stadiums, entertainment centers, museums, galleries, into that city ring [ of some 7 miles diameter], create a magnificent city structure that is fully serviced and provides a vibrant and enriched lifestyle for everyone.

Within the city ring [with an inner diameter of 6 miles and an outer diameter of about 6.8 miles] and between the inner and outer residential ring towers, there will be a continuous belts of land escaped gardens and recreational park with a total area of about 5 sq.miles. The approximate population of the city [with each of the ring tower residences having some 80 floors and a total compliment of apartments [of various sizes] of about 1,600,000] would be about 3,000,000.

A central park [a wilderness area with many lakes, waterfalls, rapids, streams and trails for hiking and biking] with a diameter of 6 miles, would provide a further city parkland of some 28 sq. miles for the enjoyment of the residents.

The ring city would be provided with a subway system [operating 24 hours a day] running under the massive circular structure and a separate subway link serving the airport [and linking with national electric rail and bus services], that would be free for all residents so that every part of the many and varied facilities would be minutes away for any resident.

A four level visitors car and coach park [electric vehicles only] would be provided adjacent to the outer perimeter of the outer circle tower and will accommodate all daily visitors travelling by car at a reasonable daily charge. Within this car and coach park belt will be electric car rentals so that city residents may use car transport when travelling beyond the city.

A huge Farming Belt [6 miles wide] with an outer diameter of 18.7 miles, would be serviced with an access road web to enable workers from the city to travel to and from their place of work in electric buses [again at no cost to the worker].

Produce from the farm facilities [harvested year-round] would be delivered daily to the city in compact electric trucks that would [via special access lanes] reach the many fruit and vegetable stores in the many malls.

The farming would consist of open and enclosed facilities growing a wide range of fruit and vegetables using hydroponic and organic processes and would develop their product quantities to match the appetites ot the city residents.

A limited amount of industrial businesses can be located beyond the farming belt providing they have no polluting effluent.

All land and structures will be owned by the city government and will be leased to businesses and residents based on an appropriate number of years to suit clients preference but in no case for less than a two year lease.

All jobs, including city government, political and office staff [including all business executives], all professionals needed by the city together with all skilled and unskilled labor and service staff, would be awarded exclusively to city residents. Conversely all applicant residents [who are of working age and available for employment] would require a job offer [and acceptance] prior to securing an appropriate residence in the city.

All residences [in high-rise towers] will be leased on two to five year terms depending on preference of renter and monthly rent will include power, heating, air conditioning, cable [tv and internet] and use of city transit systems for all persons in household. All furniture and fittings would come complete with each residence [there would be no disruptive removal operations] however all bed mattresses and all upholstery would be renewed and apartment thoroughly and professionally cleaned and repaired prior to new tenants moving in.

Facilities for education will be first class and students attending college or university may take the financial advantage of living in their home [in the city ring towers]. Special student residences will be available at reasonable cost for those unable or not wishing to live at their family home. Students from outside the city [whilst attending college or university] may rent a student residence.

Electrical Power for the city will be provided from two sources each of which is clean [non-combustion] energy. The first source will be from wind turbines and solar panel arrays [all mounted on the ring tower roofs] with sufficient capacity to provide up to 30% of city demand [at suitable wind and light conditions] and an average year round contribution of 20%. The second source of electric power will be from a combination of cold and hot fusion direct electrical conversion processes and this plant will be housed in below ground facilities adjacent to the inner perimeter of the inner circle tower. This arrangement will thus avoid any power distribution grids above ground.

Water Supply [potable/drinking water] will be supplied from water treatment facilities located at adjacent lakeshore or sea coast. A suitably sized treated water duct will deliver the water to the Ring City complex [desalination plant at the coast, will be required if only sea water is available].

As water is such an essential and limited commodity it will be necessary, to distribute around the inner perimeter of the ring city, small treatment stations that re-process used water [plus all land sewers and building drains] for use other than potable water. The economy of water together with high density of residences will result in consumption per person being a minute fraction of that in existing city sprawl.

Sewage from the city complex will be delivered [underground] to the perimeter of the inner circle tower where pumping stations will deliver it to the sewage treatment plant located adjacent to lakeshore or sea coast.

The man-made lakes in central park are arranged such that the inner lakes are about 200 ft higher than city ground level and the outer [lower] lakes are about 20 ft. higher than city ground level such that water may cascade down to the lower lakes via ,water-falls. rapids and streams and then water returned via pumping stations [with make-up water as necessary] to the upper lakes.

A POSITIVE PROGRESSION OF A SOCIAL COMMUNITY [avoiding the charge of being a utopia]

This ring city of Babylon represents an experiment in a democratic modern and environmentally friendly community that explores urgent and necessary adjustments in lifestyle, fitness, quality of health and quality of life, by integrating all elements of the community into a tolerant and inclusive society where all businesses and individuals pay appropriate taxes with the introduction of a simple tax code where tax avoidance is difficult and easily detected and where fraud will be severely punished with heavy financial penalties and ejection of that individual or business, from the community.

The gap between minimum wage and maximum allowed income [as salary] will be reduced to a ratio of 50 to 1. Any corporate executive or other employee cannot receive any other benefit from business other than salary which specifically excludes company shares, bonuses or pensions. Income as dividends from held shares, or interest from savings accounts or bonds and money from inheritance are of course allowed but will be taxed at a higher rate [if gross income exceeds 50 to 1 ratio].

The following is the proposed tax code :-

Personal income tax :-
The first $20,000 [as annual minimum wage @2,000 hrs.] is tax exempt
Annual income above $20,000 and up to $1,000,000 is taxed @ 33%
Annual income exceeding $1,000,000 will be taxed @ 50%
Business Taxation :-
The gross annual income of businesses operating within the city limits, from sales and/or services to be taxed @ 15%
Rental [as annual lease payment to City for land and premises] to be 10% of gross income from sales and/or services.

Healthcare :-

In this modern city there will be a universal healthcare system funded [through taxation] and operated by city government. The following features will be prominent in this experimental system :-
-No for-profit entity will function in or be a component of this healthcare system.
-The prescription of drugs will not be the usual first response following the diagnosis .
-Where possible medically qualified personal should provide needed patient care in their home.
-If patient is seriously ill or incapacitated then patient should receive a doctor visit and diagnosis in their home and subsequently, if necessary, receive services of homecare [where possible] in preference to a stay in hospital.

The concentration of residences within a circle structure with continuous free subway transit serving the entire resident population, makes doctor visits and subsequent home care [as necessary] an obvious option.

Conclusion -There are no doubt, many other aspects of life in an integrated and modern community that represent a progression in the quality and stability in that society, however the preceding is a first attempt to address the enormous [but potentially rewarding] challenge.


All Babylon_images [.pdf] (4M)

Ring City Plan

Ring City Plan of Central Park

Ring City Sectional Elevation

Ring Tower Residences

Ring Tower Residences – Four Bedroom

Student Residence

10-Stage Flash Desalinization

This concept by J.Varney – dated July 5th. 2013


Babylon and the New Enery Era [.pdf]

John Varney Home

Plasma discharge inspires FuturProbable

A new video release from Charles François of FuturProbable Laboratoire R&D LENR-CPW incorporates his recent ideas on the nature of the plasma discharge reaction and its relationship to multi-dimensional space. Slides of François’ conceptual model are presented throughout the video.

It appears as if he is also using audio in the soundtrack captured from the plasma in the cell.

New energy technology in our FuturProbable featured background on his experimental work, and though I’m not able to understand the theory presented in French at this time, François has some of the most beautiful plasma cell videos around!

In the video’s introduction, he writes poetically,

Physics of the infinitely large and cosmology
Physics of the infinitely small and particle physics,
we’re all tightrope.

Our universe 4D is any elastic mass
Energy excites the curve as does the
wind on the surface of the water,
waves can travel so

Fusion froide maintenant!


New energy technology in our FuturProbable January 24, 2013

Beverly Rubik an Enquiring Mind Healing the Placebo Effect

Scientists (enquiring minds) must continually be motivated by the “mother” of all questions: What facets of nature remain undiscovered because what we consider (think) to be theoretical certainties prevent the posing of new challenging questions?

Beverly Rubik IE26 1999

“Healing the Placebo Effect” gbgoble2013

Our conception of the placebo effect needs healing, no one presently understands it.  Energy healing may also be misunderstood. On the one hand, actual healing caused by the placebo effect is dismissed; something to be accounted for or avoided in research studies. On the other hand, energy healings’ positive therapeutic results have been dismissed as the result of known psychological mechanisms.

Are the placebo effect and energy healing a con job?

Wiki quote

Energy medicine, energy therapy, or energy healing, a branch of complementary and alternative medicine, holds the belief that a healer can channel healing energy into the person seeking help by different methods: hands-on, hands-off, and distant (or absent) where the patient and healer are in different locations. There are various schools of energy healing. It is known as bio-field energy healing, spiritual healing, contact healing, distant healing, therapeutic touch, Reiki or Qigong. Spiritual healing is largely non-denominational: practitioners do not see traditional religious faith as a prerequisite for effecting a cure. Faith healing, by contrast, takes place within a religious context.

Early reviews of the scientific literature on energy healing were equivocal and recommended further research, but more recent reviews have concluded that there is no evidence supporting clinical efficacy. The theoretical basis of healing has been criticised, research and reviews supportive of energy medicine have been criticised for containing methodological flaws and selection bias and…

…”positive therapeutic results have been dismissed as”

(op.ed. – “…yet positive therapeutic results may effectively”)

…”the result of known psychological mechanisms.”

(op.ed. –  “… be caused by unknown physiological (mind/body) mechanisms.”)

Edzard Ernst, lately Professor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Exeter, has warned that… “healing continues to be promoted despite the absence of biological plausibility or convincing clinical evidence … that these methods work therapeutically and plenty to demonstrate that they do not.” Some claims of those purveying “energy medicine” devices are known to be fraudulent and their marketing practices have drawn law-enforcement action in the U.S.

-end wiki quote

The real ‘con job’ is promoting that we cannot choose…


  • Being conned (or conning oneself) into a state of unhappiness and an existence of life void of respect and trust. i.e. despair (disease)



  • Knowing that you can “con” yourself (and hopefully others) into a state of happiness and an existence of life full of, appreciation, inspiration, and most of all, respect and trust. i.e. hope. (wellness)


Continually be motivated by the “mother” of all questions…
Perhaps we should meditate on understanding and utilizing the placebo effect?


US National Intitutes of Health – National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

“Maybe It’s All Placebo?” by Director – Josephine P. Briggs, M.D.

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) showed a positive outcome for tai chi in the management of the troubling symptoms of fibromyalgia—a condition with which many patients struggle and for which conventional medicine has little to offer. That is why this study is so provocative—can a CAM modality really affect this condition?

In the meantime, we are also interested in understanding and exploring the many components of the placebo effect: what role does expectation play? How important is the patient-provider interaction in health? What is the mind-body connection and how can it be harnessed to promote health and well being?

As a physician and a researcher, I find these issues intriguing and am excited for us to further explore these important research questions.


Posted to US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health

“Against the Placebo Effect: A Personal Point of View” Mar 5 2013

William E Stirton Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, University of Michigan-Dearborn


The author reviews 10 of his favorite studies which are said to be about the “placebo effect,” but which, instead, show the significance of meaning in a medical context. “Placebos,” he argues, are inert substances which can’t do anything. Yet it’s clear that after the administration of such drugs, things do happen.

The one (and maybe only) clear thing here is that whatever happens is not due to the placebo (that is what “inert” means). But placebos can be of various colors and forms which can convey compelling meaning to patients. They often represent medical treatment in compelling ways; they can be metonymic representations of the entire medical experience.

(a metonym is a representation where a part of something comes to represent it all, as in “counting noses,” where the nose represents the whole person, or a “White House statement” where the White House represents the Executive Branch of the US Government; here, the pill represents the whole medical experience)

More precisely, they can be metonymic simulacra (a simulacrum is a sort of artificial object, like a statue rather than a man, or a placebo rather than an aspirin). Such objects are well known for their powerful abilities to contain and convey meaning; for example, a European cathedral ordinarily is constructed of thousands of metonymic simulacra, from the rose window to the altar.

In this context, a placebo can repeatedly remind the patient of the medical encounter, its shadings and comforts. Placebos can convey the physicians innermost feelings about medication and treatment; and the clinician can by her simple presence enhance the effectiveness of a medical procedure (and a clinician is hardly a placebo, hardly inert).

Inert placebos can help us see the human dimensions of medical treatment; but calling these things “placebo effects” dramatically distorts our understanding of such treatments, by focusing on the inert, and avoiding the meaningful. Think “meaning response,” not “placebo effect.” Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Energy Medicine and the Unifying Concept of Information”  Beverly Rubik



Alternative medicine remains alternative because it poses serious challenges to the mainstream biomedical paradigm of mechanical reductionism and because it requires a new framework. This paper explores some of the hypotheses and challenges of energy medicine including healer interventions, electromagnetic therapies, and homeopathy. Together with new findings from the bioelectromagnetic field, they spell out the rudiments of a new paradigm for biology and medicine based on information.


Information embraces the complex network of relations in the matter and energy transactions of living systems. It offers a unified view of energy medicine modalities as well as a fresh perspective for biology and medicine and new questions for further research.


 >addendum 3/31/13


Friends sent this Gorilla Reunion video after reading the article, and then called to converse.

  • I was impressed with their reasoning and added this to the article as an experiment for us all.
  • They said viewing the video can be healing. That one experiences the high level of communication (information exchange) that is taking place. (the whole family is quickly comfortable with this human)
  • That it helps to heal despair and fear, by deeply affecting the brain through an element which is believed to be partly responsible for the placebo effect and energy healing…
  • …the functioning of mirror neurons in the brain.
  • I was asked to watch the video with an observant, absorbing, and open mind: multiple times, for a couple of days, and watch for changes in my level of well-being.
  • This is a subjective experiment, of course, and is valuable as such in its’ own right.  Checking it out…


Research Mirror Neurons at National Institutes of Health



Economics of Cold Fusion LENR Power part three US Nuclear Regulatory… end of U238


4 Clean Low Energy Nuclear Economics… Economics of Cold Fusion LENR Power – part three – US Nuclear Regulatory

Part Four will follow shortly. U238 Nuclear is Ugly and Deep. Part Four will be Devastatingly Clear.

Truth be told, I started this series ‘Economics of Cold Fusion’ on a high note with the DoE. (link) Following it, the DoD was devastating. (article) The burden of ‘Energizing the Warfighter’ hit home and my heart wept with ‘blood-not-dollars’ as a military measurement of the cost of fuel. “Energize the Warfighter” (pdf)

As depression nibbled at my toes, I realized that everyone is experiencing the same heavy heart when living with a shortage of energy and money and love, face it… (energy=money=love).

The wave of compassion that washed over me left me giddy, I laughed, I cried… then I glimpsed our manic depressive side… and smiled. From the top of my head, and through and through, I knew that there is an abundance of energy all around us (never lost always changing form)(physics 101). There is more than enough energy, money, love, and sustenance for the most of everyone (otherwise we never would have made it even this far). This thought, this realization, is keyed to our sociobiology, our evolution. Our strong survival instinct is now evolving to include each of each other and all life on the planet as a whole. Evolution Through Cold Fusion (article)

As king of the skeptics (on par with NASA), I realize and have witnessed the power of belief and faith… as that which moves us beyond our ‘present predicament’; which is usually based upon false suppositions (often held in place by ourselves or others).

Is the world flat… No. Can we fly… Yes. Simple as that… reality changes. I believe the world is round… and have the faith to prove it so. I believe we can fly (birds and bees do it) and have the faith, and perseverance, and then we finally proved it to be so. Humans can fly. (period and undoubtably so) Such is the strength of belief and faith; strong medicine… good medicine…  if you can brew it properly, in truth and with science.

  • The greatest thing about the economics of cold fusion LENR power is that it is cheap, really… really… really… cheap, cheap, cheap! It will quickly replace all sources of energy; because cold fusion LENR makes them unprofitable. Economics proves that a superior product at a fraction of the cost kills all competition, quickly.
  • The second greatest thing about cold fusion comes in two parts:
  • 1) LENR power is ultra, ultra-clean.
  • 2) It replaces the industries which desecrate our planet the most (carbon and uranium fuels).
  • The third greatest thing about cold fusion LENR power is:
  • It energizes the battle to save the Earth;
  • Which will be won through environmental restoration projects undertaken on a scale never seen before. “Money enough left over to conserve rather than money to burn”
  • Nice ring to it, wouldn’t you agree. Say it ain’t so… why would you?


The NRC, upon petition from multiple anti-nuclear groups, was instructed by court order to stop reviews of any and all new nuclear applications pending what they are calling a “waste confidence rule making.”  With no permanent solution to spent fuel in the works, the Court found that earlier reviews by the NRC of temporary storage methods (and 60 years of experience) were now inadequate.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/10/obamas_war_on_nuclear_power.html#ixzz29AzxiLli

Existing nuclear reactors need uranium to make electricity.  In 2011, U.S. nuclear plants needed about 55 million pounds of “yellowcake,” as uranium ore concentrates (largely U3O8) are known in the trade.  Ninety-one percent of our yellowcake needs are imported, with domestic production of only 4 million pounds.  However, don’t expect the Obama administration to do anything positive for our energy independence re: uranium.  In fact, last January, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar declared a million acres of the Colorado Plateau around the Grand Canyon as off-limits to new production permits for twenty years.  This contains some of the richest uranium prospects in the country and is a traditional uranium mining district within the U.S., with eleven mines already in production.  An earlier study suggested that the ban would prevent as many as thirty new uranium mines from being developed in the area.

From one end of the nuclear power process (uranium mining) to the other (waste disposal), and throughout the sensitive stages in between (financing, licensing, and upgrading), the Obama administration has made decisions that retard the production of nuclear power, hurt our balance of payments, and increase the cost of electricity.  Like the administration’s war on coal and their opposition to fracking, their disdain for cheap, plentiful energy for the American economy ultimately hurts the American people.

Any country that develops nuclear power is in line for a nuclear weapons production program.

Obama tells U.N.: Nuclear Iran poses existential threat to Israel September 25, 2012

http://www.jta.org/news/article/2012/09/25/3107926/obama-nuclear-iran-poses-existential-threat-to-israel Jewish Telegraphic Agency JTA- The Global News Service

President Obama told the United Nations that “containment” of a nuclear Iran is not an option and it would pose an existential threat to Israel.

Romney campaign: Russia’s withdrawal from Nunn-Lugar another example of Obama’s failed reset policy

Posted By Josh Rogin  Thursday, October 11, 2012 – 11:27 AM

Russia’s announcement Wednesday that it will not participate in the Nunn-Lugar program to reduce the threat of loose nuclear materials is a slap in the face to President Barack Obama‘s effort to make arms control a feature of his “reset” policy with Russia, two top advisors to Mitt Romney said Thursday.

The New York Times described Moscow’s move to end the 20 year, $8 billion program, started in 1993 by Sens. Sam Nunn (D-GA) and Richard Lugar (R-IN), to secure loose nukes in Russia and decommission old Russian military inventories as “a potentially grave setback in the already fraying relationship between the former cold war enemies.”

“The Nunn-Lugar scorecard now totals 7,610 strategic nuclear warheads deactivated, 902 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) destroyed, 498 ICBM silos eliminated, 191 ICBM mobile launchers destroyed, 155 bombers eliminated, 906 nuclear air-to-surface missiles (ASMs) destroyed, 492 SLBM launchers eliminated, 684 submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) eliminated, 33 nuclear submarines capable of launching ballistic missiles destroyed, 194 nuclear test tunnels eliminated, 3192.3 metric tons of Russian and Albanian chemical weapons agent destroyed, 590 nuclear weapons transport train shipments secured, security at 24 nuclear weapons storage sites upgraded, 39 biological threat monitoring stations built and equipped,” the statement read. “Perhaps most importantly, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus are nuclear weapons free as a result of cooperative efforts under the Nunn-Lugar program. Those countries were the third, fourth and eighth largest nuclear weapons powers in the world.”

http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2012/10/11/romney_campaign_russia_s_withdrawal_from_nunn_lugar_another_example_of_obama_s_fail  FOREIGN POLICY IS PUBLISHED BY THE FP GROUP, A DIVISION OF THE WASHINGTON POST COMPANY http://uraniuminvestingnews.com/12783/nuclear-power-united-states-energy-policies-romney-obama-election.html

Obama put the project on ice in 2010, appointing the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future to develop recommendations for creating a safe, long-term solution to nuclear waste management and storage. The Commission delivered its final report in January of this year, calling for the creation of a federal agency aimed at soliciting and evaluating voluntary proposals from states interested in hosting nuclear disposal areas. The idea is similar to what Romney proposed in October 2011 and would involve states offering disposal sites in exchange for monetary compensation.

What next?

The freeze on new reactor approvals hasn’t stopped the Obama administration from pushing forward on nuclear energy research and development. In late September, the US Department of Energy announced $13 million in funding for university-led nuclear innovation projects under the Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP). “The awards … build upon the Obama Administration’s broader efforts to promote a sustainable nuclear industry in the U.S. and cultivate the next generation of scientists and engineers,” the DOE press release states. The funding was awarded to research groups at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Tennessee.

Costs of Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants: A Report on Recent International Estimates.


Costs of decommissioning are spread over a wide range, from US $130 million to $477 million. The decommissioning costs from developing countries, which resulted from the IAEA survey, show that Czechoslovakia, India, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Poland, and Yugoslavia assumed undiscounted decommissioning costs of US $60 million to $163 million. Details on the decommissioning option or stage were not provided for this study; which may explain the cost divergence. Brazil, China, Hungary, and Turkey did not make their own assumptions on decommissioning. For these countries, the study assumed that 10% of the construction or capital cost will provide adequate coverage for decommissioning, the total cost ranging from US $124 million to $235 million.


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