Cold Fusion Now Exclusive Video with Andrea Rossi

Cold Fusion Now shot a 30-minute video interview with Andrea Rossi Friday March 2, while chatting with the inventor in his Miami Beach, Florida office.

The office was furnished with the standard office hardware, but complemented with a couch and dining table for comfort. There were books everywhere. Mr. Rossi is a serious reader, consuming all kinds of material from fiction to science. Knowing he has been a jazz drummer, and is currently without a set, we brought him a green ceramic doumbek to play when he needs it.

Our first question was about the source of the heat in the E-Cat.

“The source of the heat are the radiations that are emitted as an effect when hydrogen and nickel in the presence of catalyzers react. We have a precise idea about the effect and the source of it. And they wrote a theory, but I am waiting until the patents are granted to describe the theory because the theory is strictly connected with the technology. We learned the theory from the technology and learned the technology from the starting theory.”

“What I can say now is that I changed very much my ideas in these last two years. Two years ago I thought that the E-Cat worked upon an effect that has been described, but now I have changed ideas in good part, and I think we have discovered very well the source of the effect. I think we have understood very well why the E-Cat works.”

At the end of the interview he responds to a question about his factory stating “I will not tell you where is my factory – not even under torture!

“The fact is, all the times that I gave information about the name of a customer or the the name of a supplier, the poor guys have been submerged by tens of thousands of inopportune contacts. You can imagine under a safety point of view what the risk can be if we give in this moment the address where we are working. When it will be in operation, it will be impossible to make it hidden. But for now, we want to work in peace.”

Mr. Rossi continued,

“The robotized line is already under construction. The factory will be in the United States of America, the E-Cat will be a Made In The USA product, both in the industrial and the domestic version.”

“The day when we will start the production is also bound to the day when we will be certified.”

“I am sure that Underwriter Laboratories will modify something to make it safer, probably we will get requirements from them. So, we can not start a production before knowing what we have to produce and how we have to produce it, so we have to wait a little bit.”

“But we are already making the robots etc, we have started our software service to the robots to save money and, of course, we will have to make adjustments when we have the directions of the certificators.”

So, for all the people who need to know, when Mr. Rossi says “We are already manufacturing the line of production“, that means the factory is being stocked with the machines that will manufacture the E-Cats. In other words, no E-Cats are yet being manufactured yet, only the robotic lines are being installed, and the software programmed.

Cold Fusion Now is currently preparing to go back on the road, heading due West to the edge the North American continent. We apologize to readers for the lack of transcript, but that’s the way the tire rolls.

We thank Mr. Rossi for his time, DJ Le SPAM and SPAM Allstars for their music and support of new energy, and all the artists, musicians, and inventors who, in the face of hostility, continue to pursue their vision of a new arrangement for living in peace on planet Earth.

Cold Fusion Now!

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  1. Well done! In these days, with so much mud flying around the internet,it is surely a worthy service to allow Mr. Rossi the opportunity to speak for himself to explain his own view of the progress of his technology.

  2. Mr. Rossi said “all the times that I gave information about the name of a customer or the the name of a supplier, the poor guys have been submerged by tens of thousands of inopportune contacts.”

    That left me wondering which customer he had ever named. I don’t know of any. Do you? And which supplier has been named who did anything more than National Instruments? NI never supplied anything. All they did was talk to Mr. Rossi.

    So please, if you could follow up with Mr. Rossi and ask him: which customer was disturbed by tens of thousands of people and when and where did that happen? And which customers has he ever named?

    1. Hi Al Potenza, I think we have to be a little looser with our interpretations.

      I understood Mr. Rossi as saying that when he mentions publicly another company that he’s working with, or even in discussions with, that company gets slammed with queries. National Instruments and Home Depot are probably the two big ones. I wonder if Navy offices, NASA offices, and Siemens have had alot of mail asking questions, too.

      I think that we have give the man a little slack as he is not a native English speaker. I don’t want to make excuses for him! But I think we have to reject any literal interpretation of (some non-scientific) statements, in the same way that any literal translation of poetry lacks original intent of meaning.

    2. anything in favor of the W-L theory.All this seeccry-mongering by Rossi spells bad times for us.Patents, business deals etc. are proving to be the lecherous part of science . Actually they are not a part of science. Rossi is seting or following an unfortunate or evil trend.Selfless-ness that old abandoned ridiculed virtue is what our civilization needs urgently.Rossi disappoints me.Where is an Einstein and where is this Rossi?

  3. Well done !!!

    The energy revolution is started.

    The stone age is not finisched because the stones were disappeared.

    Arch. Gianvico Pirazzini
    Bologna Italia

    1. Ha ha, AGP, you are reminding me of Bob Neveritt and Jean Baudrillard “Everything’s disappeared!”

  4. Thanks Ruby,

    Good interview. I hope there will be more – including all points of view.

    It would also be interesting to hear from economists.
    If CF/LENR turns out to be real and viable, we need to know where to invest, and disinvest.

        1. Mathematics applied to physics and economics is really the only way that we have found we can predict outcomes i.e. predict the future. Of course no one is asking you to assess whether or not the E-Cat is real but to understand the implications for societies of such a change from the standpoint of economics would be interesting.

    1. Not to hard to figure this out: What economic effects will result: you can never really know the specifics until final product develpment is seasoned. First nickel producers. Once the various products get ready for sale, stay away from from new oil and natural gas exploration. It should start a boon for several steel producers, small gensets manufactuers and anything that can convert heat and steam to electricity. Solar and wind should slowly phase out.

  5. Has Mr. Rossi been offered the usual 500 million as the first offer, for all rights to the patent? If not, what will he do when he gets the first offer? Decline
    Next, what will he do when he is given an ultimatum, Give it up or have the accident?
    How are you going to avoid this ongoing strangle hold of technology these animals have used to keep power?
    Good luck and God Bless!

    1. Hi TLC, We must prevail, and we believe we will. Many of these new energy researchers have waited more than two decades to be recognized. They still lack funding, and experience prejudice from their peers, but now the kids know about this. They will only make the tide grow stronger. We can all do our part by continuing to speak out for new energy, clean energy, the fusion-sized energy from hydrogen.

      When access to water means access to fuel, our world will change. To flip Funkadelic a bit “Move your ass and your mind will follow!”

      1. Received via e-mail:StevenOK, Rossi has done several pibulc demos. You personally seem fairly convinced ECat is real What odds do you give it being real ?I have email from Ed Storms giving ECat 100% odds .IMO the only possible fraud is resistance heating from hidden power cable but the 12 KW demo would have require 50 amps at 240 V heavy cable .If in fact ECat is real it changes everything .Do you know of any efforts to duplicate the NiH reaction . From pictures and other info ECat is very simple and cheap to build.Should we be working to duplicate and understand ECat now or wait until we can get one in our hands????I’m mechanical engineer and would like to do something ThanksJim TrounsonSouthern California

    2. Received via e-mail:Steven; You know that Rossi is promoting Piantelli’s work. I am ptsneerly trying to replicate his work. If you have any information on Piantelli’s work, Photos or technical papers, let me know. Non news releases are of no value to me or anyone else. The Nickel-Hydrogen Reaction needs real validation, not staged and controled hype from Rossi. Sadly Rossi’s demonstrations ore showing lower and lower, Input-output ratios, He may have sniffed a little too much Nickel-nano powder.Bill Armstrong

    1. Oh my goodness, it’s Rude and Ruder. I haven’t seen you around on the other sites. Have you been tossed off for your ill behavior?

  6. Thanks for the lift that this interview gave me. The Patho-skeptics have been beating me and I was fearful that there are no E-Cats. So if you are headed west via a southern route perhaps I could meet you in Tucson.

    1. The invisible hand of the maekrt will predictably force maekrt penetration. In other words, there is NO WAY the US regulators will be able to significantly retard the adoption of LENR just to protect vulnerable energy industries. It isn’t like (for instance) prescription drugs, where they are double the cost in the US. LENR energy is something like one tenth as expensive can you imagine prescription drugs ten times more expensive across the board for a drug that everyone uses all the time?? The public wouldn’t stand for it, and even if they did, they would get the pants beaten out of them by countries that did adopt LENR quickly.No, don’t think of this linearly, the correct way of looking at this is exponentially: there is a new paradigm, not a transition but a break. Energy is the main constrain in our economy, and soon it won’t be.

  7. Nice interview Ruby. With all the pressure he is under, he seems as cool as the other side of the pillow. Must be a combination of the “South Beach effect” as well as knowing things that we can only guess about.

    1. The guy plays tennis, swims in the ocean, sleeps only a few hours a night.

      Wish I had that constitution….

      1. The research into these type of nrectioas in the near future will move very quickly.This reaction will be used for transportation.The energy to weight ratio will make this very possible and very logical.We are no longer analog with our research we are digital and because of this fact the breakthroughs in designs of the use of this energy will happen every day for some time.Just an example of the energy to weight ratio in the near future.You would be able to reduce in size of the Apollo Rocket needed for the tripto the moon down to the size of a Mini Van comparing this energy to weight ratio to today’s Technology.Just imagine what something the size of a Mini Van could be capable of if it could produce 1 Million pounds of thrust both in the air and in the vacuum of space.

  8. I like Andrea Rossi and I do believe that LENR processes do make heat energy, it is a fact, but the secrecy surrounding the E-Cat is stifling widespread acceptance. Supporters want and NEED confirmation to be able to fully get behind Rossi and his devices, I understand that a strange dance is being carried out by Rossi and Dekfalion to allow them to move forward. A year from now we will have solid, irrefutable evidence, one way or another we will know if the Technology is real, meanwhile, the wait is agonizing to say the least, the Pathological Skeptics are having a field day with this. I am forced to hold back on any attempts to offer counter arguments because I do not have enough reliable information to base them on.

    Make a list of the repugnant offensive posters who make uninformed statements against Cold Fusion/LENR, and when the devices are finally proven and are being sold, then these malicious persons should be addressed and pointed out as the frauds that they are.

    Conversely, if the tech turns out to be false, we should apologize to those who kindly offered there opinions and warnings.

    1. I think you will be wasting your time spent trying to counter the patho-skeptics. They are the types that absolutely will not allow a change in their perspective that does not flatter them.

  9. Thank you Ruby Carat for your unbiased interview with Mr. Rossi and your continued progressive investigative reporting.

    One little point in your interview that you double questioned regarding the Hydrogen storage in the reactor cell. I believe that Rossi made it clear that only the unused Hydrogen was re-absorbed by the storage material when the reactor is shut down. The tiny percent of Hydrogen used to create the heat in his process, is not recovered.

    Again, good reporting.

    1. Yes, the hydrogen situation threw. I did not know that hydrogen was utilized, but recovered at the end, except a small portion that was actually consumed.

      Cold Fusion Now wants to highlight achievements, milestones, and the laborous work that has been submersed for two decades. In that sense, we’re decidedly biased.

      But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask the questions!

  10. Thanks,
    Ruby for so much… I am a newbie to this…
    When manufacturing ‘public’ means on the shelf being sold to ‘happy’ customers. This is far beyond proof in science or reviewed journals (both of which are not mainstream public). Have you ever worn a pair of shoes? Seen in science or reviewed journals? Simpleton speaks. I have ordered a few Ecats…. Ruby have you?

    1. I surely do have my orders in!

      Hey GG! We’re waiting on more of that poetry!

      1. This seems like a good one… ALIGHTS
        1. The meaning and historical progression of the word alights is rich and applicable to Mr. Rossi.
        2. A premature welcoming of the upcoming springtime, and the energy renewal of our nest.
        3. An ode to the strong nurturing instinct in us which is rapidly evolving to include each of each other and all life on the planet as a whole.


        The nest instinct through
        True imaginings delight
        Leads to what’s right

        Color the lining new
        Tufts soft and light
        Bits shiny bright

        Into completion it grew
        Winged creatures alight
        Home for the night


        1. To come down and settle, as after flight.
        2. To come by chance: alight on a happy solution.
        3. To dismount from a horse or vehicle.
        Word Origin & History
        Alight: “on fire,” early 15c., apparently from M.E. aliht , pp. of alihton (O.E. on-lihtan ) “to light up,” also “to shine upon” [Middle English alighten , from Old English ālīhtan : ā- , intensive pref. + līhtan , to relieve of a burden (from līht , light ; see light 2 ).] (orig. an animal mount) of weight.

    2. Hi James Bowery, As I understood Dr. Storms when I spoke with him, he smeeed to indicate to me that it was much more of an engineering issue, in other words, yes, the cold fusion reactors could make steam, but re-designing the power plant hardware for these new units would be enough trouble and with high enough cost that you would conclude it best to just build a separate plant. And if you were going to spend the money to build a new cold fusion reactor steam-electricity plant, then the costs would be such that you would just choose to put them directly in homes.I had also thought that the radioactive fuel rods, and the coal-fired steam, could be replaced one-for-one, if we chose to do it. I believe that is still true, but the modifications to existing infrastructure would be costly enough to effectively not consider it practical.

  11. I have been watching this new energy thing for some years and am quite convinced that some of it is real. The Rossi e-cat I believe could be and probably is real as even the establishment can no longer deny the reality of COLD FUSION and have publicly admitted such. I see 2012 as the end-time but the end-time for the OLD way and the beginning of the NEW way. Access to a cheap, even free source of clean energy will change everthing. Those who maintain centralized control over our sources of energy will
    disappear along with the OLD way of doing business. This is a true revolution that is as significant as our discovery of fire.

    Bob Sanborn

    1. I’m with you, Bob. It kind of reminds me of when i used to read Space News, the trade paper of the satellite and launch industry. I wasn’t in the business, just interested in the dynamics of actually building a business in space. It was fascinating to see the infrastructure that was being built above our heads – and nobody knew about it!

      I’d be like “How about that new Boeing platform?!” and people are of course “huh?”

      The researchers in new energy and cold fusion are building our future in basements, garages, and second floor apartments – and nobody knows the sacrifices being made to do so.

      But, it’s happening now, and the flood will break at some point, and we’re going to hear alot about this in the mediascape all at once.

      1. Ruby, you guys are doing an incredible service to the world by hosting this forum. It was almost karmic that you released this video right after the s*storm over the Florida Bureau of Radiation Report. Having the opportunity to hear Rossi at some length is a great antidote to all the negativism. While I understand the basis for rationale doubt, including Rossi’s own complicated and controversial background, I keep having difficulty reconciling what his critics are saying about him with his personal demeanor as it comes across in this interview among others. Do you have any comment on that observation?

        1. Hey psi, many thankd to you. You know in the digital noosphere, where artifical intelligence mediates all of our communication, all we know is the Chip Body, the part of us that lives in bits. All the information reduced to 0s and 1s comes to us through a small screen; all expression is translated digitally, and sent round and round, reverberating, pulsing as our own heartbeat.

          We are sharing a virtual reality game. From our “location”, you cannot tell what is real, what the ‘Rossi physical world’ is doing right now. If you have a need for belief, you’ll choose what you’d like to believe.

          All the walls have disappeared. Is Mr. Rossi a scientist? Is he a jazz drummer? Can he be both? Do all scientists act rationally? Does the inventor of a new technology that could give this planet a peaceful, technological future owe a tart holographic virtual entity any explanations?

          It sure looks like he made some, shall I say, mistakes. But he is a creative individual, extremely talented, and driven. He worked on cold fusion for years, with nothing to go on, but he stuck it out.

          I have known some real personalities in the music field. They can be temperamental, difficult, exasperating. But when they start to perform, it all goes away; There have been many historical figures who’ve changed the world as we know it, and been really hard to deal with, Isaac Newton just to mention one.

          All I know is what I get from my computer.

          But I have physically met him too. I have physically visited labs, and seen cold fusion cells in operation. I have read of the history and heard it from the mouths of scientist. Therefore, I know the science is real, and I know the technology is coming. When I don’t know. I do hope its soon.

    2. Michael,Thank you for your precise ideas. I hope that Rossi and/or Lewan csdoiners them. As far as prominent skeptical physicist, I’m sorry, I have serious doubts about that idea. I have spent ten years dealing with scientific skepticism and pathological skepticism. Time and again, it seems that people who are personally (and often monetarily) invested in a reputation of being a skeptic have far too much to lose and far too little to gain by taking a chance at validating (if true) an extraordinary claim. I have gone many rounds with some of them, Scott Little for example. Their speculative explanations tend to get more and more extraordinary as matters escalate and facts get stronger.There is a more fundamental problem: The concept you suggest is a deference to authority. I think this is a concept that is overdue for retirement in the scientific world. The public would be better served by being more directly involved and informed and coming to conclusions on their own. That is what we try to enable at New Energy Times.I think someone like you, who, to my knowledge, has no vested interest in a reputation of being a skeptic, nor apparent animus, but who obviously has excellent technical know-how, would make an ideal skeptic to observe the experiment.SBK

    1. Now, Paul, that’s a damn good question. Hadn’t seen that one. Either Nasa is having its cake and eating it to, or someone did a poor scrubbing job to remove the offending admissions. The fact that that video ever appeared on a NASA website, let alone that it is still posted after Nasa’s official denials, is surely convincing evidence for the reality of LENR.

      1. There are no official denials from NASA re: the video. Zawodny back-peddled on his personal blog after the video garnered so much attention. It apparently terrified some in government who leaned on Zawodny to waffle.

        1. Thanks for the clarification. As I recall you are correct that the only disavowals came from Zawodny. I had misrembered.

  12. Ms Carat,

    Best interview yet of Rossi. A witty and cautious man.

    Best Regards, Paul Maher

  13. A good interview. I think Andrea Rossi comes across well. Time will tell if he’s genuine – and if he is, he’ll go down in history for all the right reasons.

  14. The rate of hydrogen and nickel fuel usage is so small because of the amazing fuel density of LENR Ni-H. What I found so interesting is that appearently the reason for the relatively low temperature of output steam of the E-Cat is not because the core has to run cooler due to stability issues, but because of the inefficient heat exchange between the core that runs close to the melting temperature of the nickel powder, and the fluid(s) that the heat is transfered to.

    That is an engineering problem that ought to be easily surmounted. Perhaps I am naive, but the core temperature ought to be close to the transfered heat in a well engineered system. BTW, Defkalion says their core runs at 900C – perhaps the E-Cat core also runs at that temperature, and Defkalion’s transfered heat runs close to that of the E-Cat (200C)? In other words, Defkalion still has the hydrogen tank, but also doesn’t have a better heat output than the E-Cat either!

    1. Astute observation is worthy of further consideration. As the relationship between vibrational catalysts are understood, the nano science of advanced LENR systems will provide meltpoint and gamma optimized control. As theory meets observation we develop control, otherwise known as advanced engineering. LENR science is soon reaching the advanced engineering qualification.

    2. Brad
      I believe it is mostly a stability problem. But I think your partly right.

      The output water temp is determined by both the water flow & heat transferred per cell.

      Think of the E-cat as an on demand Electric water heater. Most of them have 3 heating chambers daisy chained also. Each chamber adds heat to the water increasing the output temp. As the water is heated by each chamber, the thermal transfer decreases. Hot water is less able to absorb heat then cold water.

      You can add additional cells to increase the temp or slow water flow to increase the output temp. But eventually you hit a wall. When the water reaches a certain temp, the heat transfer rate drops to a point where your heating element burns out. Even though the water temp may be well below the heating elements heat output.

      This could be the instability issue of the E-cat. The Nickel melts. Increasing water flow would cure this but prevent temp increases or produce diminishing returns that become uneconomical. The cap seems to be about 200`C. Tweaking the system may help but will have limits.

      If this is the problem, I have some thoughts that may fix part of this, but again, the economics may be a problem. What good is an E-cat if you can’t afford them.

      On another Note: Has anyone noticed that the Original Home E-cat was mentioned to run at 200`C, but now is indicated to run at between 40`C & 80`C.

      This would put the E-cat in the premium water heater class for hot water supply & home heating systems. The public may be limited on what they can purchase because of safety & what UL may certify for home use.

      I think in time we’ll see better more productive E-cats, But they will require Licensed & certified Boiler technicians & Electricians to install them by Code & Permit. NO DIY allowed…

  15. Ruby, having of course no definitive evidence from Rossi, what was your feeling regarding his sincerity and a working E-CAT that does roughly as he says.

  16. My favorite source for social and market information from a purely technical standpoint is Elliott Wave International which is used by traders everywhere. Go there and sign up for all the free stuff and you can prepare yourself for recognizing future market trends by reading their free weekly email letters and a large body of educational material. As of now, their leader Robert Prechter is expecting, any day now, the beginning of a long term GrandSuperCycle wave downward which will be immense, based on fractal correlation with the 1932 period. What this means to us, I suppose, is the total obsolescence of present energy being replaced by a revolutionary new energy.

  17. I am an energy economist. I am currently writing a paper on the economic, financial and geopolitcal implications of market commercialization of breakhtrough energy technologies (mainly LENR). Will let you know once is published. Seems to me the most impacted fuel in the first phase (heat in the industry and in the doemstic sector) will obviosuly be natural gas. But if and when elelctricity generation from LENR will be possible, policy makers can take this opportunity to get rid of coal. That means no more coal plants in the U.S and in Europe. Bad news for the nuclear industry too.

    1. Hey D-pop, let us know for sure. There are so many implications with a revolutionary technology like this. It’s important to think about them now, so as to shape the implementation responsibly – for the People – not Corporations.

      For more background, check out Dr. Edmund Storms interview extract called “Transition” on our ColdFusionNow youtube channel. He describes a sequence similar to yours.

      1. sure. I hope to get the paper out to the Cold Fusion community before it is physically printed in the Journal, bcause that will be a few months from today. Decentralized applications for heat generation at the final point of use (houses, community, municipal plants) and possibly electricity will also mean a lot to sociologists. But that analysis I will leave to them.

          1. If Rossi’s work is for real, it is not cold fusion in the inoventcnoal sense. However, I think it reasonable to call it a nuclear process. Chemical processes are the result of interactions of the electron shells of atoms such that they form molecules. Nuclear processes are those that involve changes in the nuclei of atoms. Conventional fission and plasma fusion are examples of nuclear processes. But nuclear processes (and nuclear science, in general) should not be viewed as limited to those two well-known reactions. There are likely many nuclear processes yet to be discovered and developed.Widom-Larsen theory is one that postulates a large number of such reactions in the same manner as there is a large number of chemical reactions. Whether W-L theory turns out to be correct or not, it is clear that there is a lot of nuclear science left to be discovered. Its possible that we will eventually develop a large number of nuclear reactions of which only a small number of them are used to generate energy. Many of the rest of them may well be used for transmutation (on an industrial scale) that will radically change materials process industry. In other words, nuclear science will evolve into an enormous industry with many applications as chemical science is today.If Rossi’s work turns out for real, I will be more than convinced that industrial transmutation will eventually be developed. Manufacture of Platinum Group metals will be the first to be developed. Later, manufacture of other less expensive metals will come into vogue.

    2. i see many implications of LENr economicaly.
      see my cquick computations on defkalion forum, gathered here

      this is a huge paradigm change.

      classic oil is based on a rare resource , accessible in few geographic zone. this lead to strong geostrategic game, corruption (since few can control the license to extract oil).
      it need big industry expert to find and extract, then oil need big industry to refine it to useable. then it can be used easily, from small to big units, with a high energy density, and with low massic over head.
      however the few is heavy for long autonomy.

      nuclear is a big revolution since the raw material is not very expensive, and is less rare in it’s easy form, and not at all rare if one chose expensive methode. however the safety constraints, and the critical mass, impose the competence of big corpe, and the sizing of big power unit around GW.
      this energy is very heavy, hard to transport, but with a huge autonomy, and low weight for long autonomy… bad for a car, good for a submarine.

      new fashion renewable are very expensive per kW (especially solar, despite the disinformation of PV salesmen), and intermitent. they have a low space density, but they allow small to big units of production, but big units have huge societal impacts. however the grid is needed (or huge storage, that kill efficiency and price), because of intermitence.
      since they are expensive by nature, the game of technology is to increase the efficiency by expensive technology, to get the maximum of energy.
      since there intermitence is annoying, and storage inefficient , there is a big move to “smart grid” to push the consumer to stop consuming when there is energy starvation.

      LENR goes further nuclear energy. the raw fuel is very cheap (nickel 16$/kg) and few is needed.
      the only cost are human work, as investments to build, and maintenance.
      no problem of intermitence, and even more easy throttling compared to nuke (and even to gaz).
      it can scale from few kW to no-limit size.
      it is much lighter than nuke, especially just for heat production. unlike nuke, no shielding is needed, no expensive safety, no minimum size…
      for electricity the turbine/engine will determine the weight .
      LENR is thus not so good for power per mass, compared to gas engine. however if you add the autonomy problem, and compare the mass of an engine with weeks or month of autonomy, then it is very competitive.

      LENR will trigger a big paradigm change.
      we were prepared for rare resource expensive to control by geopolitic game (oil), big expensive energy to be controlled by huge very organized high tech companies (areva, exxon), expensive intermittent energy to store, smart-grid to organize starvation.
      and there with LENR the ressource won’t be a problem (10% of nickel produced on the planet is snough to produce all energy as electricity, with defkalion hyperion style home reactor). no risk/home of nickel speculation.

      about intellectual property I am convinced that the key data are public, and that the patent won’t be able to capture the technology in few hands.

      the only risk of privatization of that technology is radiation fear (I’m afraid the FUd have started, and that green will fight to frighten the population to avoid their dream of starvation die in an energetic orgy of happiness and development, and that big corp will support them as they do already for renewable)

      and finally all will be a question of manufacture, of workers. no need of international trade, since local factories could build and maintain the reactors.

      so from a resource oriented stargation control, we will jum to a workers unions controlled world (like in the 60s about cars).

      some talk about the locality of LENR, meaning death of the grid. i think that the gris will not die, but will change depending on the local culture relative to centralization/decentralization.
      Today, with nuke and thermal power plant, grid is a distribution network.

      It can stay the same in the countries (like france) where centralized power plant is appreciated (love of mutualization, fear of personal economic/technical risk and responsibilities). in some place where people prefer independence an autonomy, the CHP (combined heat and power) can develop, but will need a new kind of smart grid, not managing the starvation, but managing the collaboration of distributed sources.
      in some place where grid is very expensive to connect to, like in lost places in Australia, US, Russia, there can be easily local generators, or maybe even local grids.
      the smart grid will be useful because it will reduce the investment and maintenance needed by reducing the maximum power of each home generator. investment and maintenance are the only cost, so installation base should be smartly tuned to avoid unused production capacity.

      some talk of some local thermal grid. but maybe the usual waste heat local usage near medium sized powerplan can convince more tha smart grid using local CHP.

      about transportation, the big paradigm change is that fuel mass won’t be a problem, and autonomy can be huge. however power will still be heavy.
      for car this mean either electric cars with batteries,and cheap electricity, or hybrid LENR steam engine, refueled every few month, with small batteries to allow peak speed, and fast throttle.

      for plane, it will be hard, since steam turbines are heavy, but if it works, it will be able to fly for months, with no additional weight.
      huge potential for drones.

      for rockets, some ideas proposed for nuclear propelled rockets, (some using vaporized liquid H, eventually enhanced with oxygen combustion) could be reused without the nuclear safety risk.
      for space problem LENR is the perfect replacement of nuclear isotopic thermal reactors. (see nextbigfuture site who list many of those design few month ago)

      for farming, the capacity to desalinize with heat, or with electricity, with a cost divided by 10-30, even in lostplace, can develop farming in dry zones.
      similar possibility fro greenhouse in cold places.
      can save the third world from starvation.

      for transportation, the use of synthetic fuel is possible, but ther is a need for carbon fuel as base.
      biofuel seems doomed because using rare farming resources, but maybe hydroponic/algae food/biofuel can help avoid the social cost of biofuel…
      anyway, if we abandon usage of oil for heating, the price of oil will go down.
      I predict that first the price will go down quickly, killing the expensive unconventional oil future (shale, offshore,bitumen). then the price will rise, but won’t be a problem since the consumption will be lower.
      the prospection will start again, for the application that need liquid fuel or petrochemical (plastic).

  18. Fabulous interview with Hungarian scientist, about fusion in nature, and nature as a design principle.

      1. Received via e-mail:Nailed it down again I’m glad Focardi mentions the Piantelli meeerixpnts of 1994, and courage of Fleischmann and Pons in some of the Italian interviews.A congressional chief of staff wants to talk about these developments with me, as a strategy for Defense Threat Reduction and a prelude to reducing dependencies on rare earth minerals that will be mined out in fifty years.Larsen and Widom also have the expertise regarding nuclear waste remediation. And SPAWAR.Your time will come.Charles A. Behney III

  19. Dear all,

    I apologize for my bad English. I am a one reactor physicist of one Nuclear Power Plant. I have 20 years experience with fission reaction processes. The main problem of LENR technology is “How to break down the Coulomb barrier in order to get proton (H+ ion) into the nuclei”. Up to now only two theories are existing, Widom-Larsen theory (WLT) and Bose-Einstein Condensation theory (BECT). WLT create ULM-neutron to pass through Coulomb barrier. ULM-neutron is more or less immobile. According to 1/v law his microscopic effective cross section for absorption is infinite. He does not have any problem to penetrate into target nuclei. BECT combine two fermions (protons) with ½ spin to the one boson (2p[S=0]) with neutral spin. This “mystic particle” can exist in the same time and in the same place together with other nuclei, so can penetrate Coulomb barrier as well. With BECT you can get two protons into the target nuclei. Unfortunately any of these two theories is proven yet. Despite my classic fission background I believe that LENR is working and will kill all NPPs in the near future. Now something about E-CAT: I thing that recent efficiency of the E-CAT equal 6, is insufficient for the effective electricity producing. I think that Andrea Rossi and his staff do not fully understanding all processes which are enacted inside of E-CAT. At that time they only observe the heat output and they are trying to guess how to improve E-CAT construction via “attempt-mistake” approach. The right solution is waiting for some clever man (like George Miley) who will bring an exact and right theory. Only on the base of correct theory we will be able to increase LENR efficiency up to theoretical level 200-400. I believe that this time is approaching.

    1. I would be interested in your feed back on my hypothesis. First is a 3+ minute animation on what drives the reaction. Obviously extremely simplified and not particularly accurate on many fronts from a pure physics / material science perspective, but it gets the point across.
      The PPT below is an overview of the disciplines I use to explain the reaction.
      A more detailed PDF

  20. And here we are again, back in Steornland. No working device in sight powering anything, no verifiable independent testing……..

  21. “Considering all the tests (apart from Kullander-Essén) I am aware of, at least two other, rather different, independent tests that give consistent results, either not involving steam or measuring it quantitatively, and other information that I have had since I first came across the Rossi E-Cat, I find it more interesting than ever.” Hanno Essén, Theoretical Physicist Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, former Chair Swedish Skeptical Society

    1. Greenwin
      Could you please provide a link, I would like to share this with others.

  22. There are many comments here that assume that the LENR effects can be scaled up and concentrated and the result will be disruptive to the world economy. Although this is possible, it is also possible that the LENR effects cannot be scaled or concentrated economically. Piantelli, Rossi, and Defalkion all work with very small units. If the effect is dependent on some natural trigger, eg the occasional cosmic ray, then concentration may not be possible. You might need many small units to capture the cosmic rays, like Rossi’s 1MW plant. This would be disruptive to the low temperature hot water industry, but not be of much use for large scale power generation of metallurgical applications.

  23. Let’s do this quick mental exercise. If the E-Cat were a scam, what would Rossi be doing different than what he’s doing right now?

    1. He’d be taking money left and right from unsuspecting individuals – and you wouldn’t be aware of it.

      He’s taken no money from anyone publicly. Only private customers who prefer to be unnamed at this time.

    2. defkalion won’t have stollen the idea, won’t call for quick test, will call for cash, will communicate more.

      about Rossi, true he does not inspire trust; but planned frauded demo are better made than that. his bad demo either are loosely designed demo because of his incompetence (in fact his inability to work in team, because an engineer is not competent in all), or a desperate fraud because his reactor is unstable.
      the loose measures and protocol is so loose that it is not very coherent with a good frauded demo.

      however it looks evident that he change ideas all the time, talk too quickly, make mistakes, talk before things are sure (sell the fur before having killed the bear).

      a comment on rossi behavior by Jed Rothwell, cited here (beside some other comments, like about factory…)

  24. When China and other countries begin to adopt this tglonhcoey, regulators will have a tough time slowing down the process for us in the States. But until then, and certainly so far, the regulators have been the DOE, and they’ve done their darndest to block this tglonhcoey for two decades.I think Dr. Storms is describing more of a break, as he notes that cold fusion reactors cannot replace radioactive fuel rods, or coal burners, one-for-one, as I had previously stated, and thought could happen. Cold fusion tglonhcoey is so completely different, one would not modify and existing power plant, the cost would be such that one would just build a new power plant. Thus, there is no transition in the tglonhcoey, only a transition that is more termed a break .But however disruptive, however short, the break itself can be termed a transition.When people are beginning to be laid off more and more, as the old infrastructure contracts, there will be powerful lobbies for propping up the waning industry, and people who are hurting will be strong voices. What will they say?The public has to learn about this tglonhcoey, and learn how safe and clean it is, and then regulators will have difficulty in slowing this process. Without public support, the US will be last to get this.To keep talking, and keep typing the words, is really a public service for our future.

  25. Hello Ruby, You should move your interview with Rossi to the top of the website. Thanks for the by line.

    Go gittem Ruby


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