Cold Fusion Now Exclusive Video with Andrea Rossi

Cold Fusion Now shot a 30-minute video interview with Andrea Rossi Friday March 2, while chatting with the inventor in his Miami Beach, Florida office.

The office was furnished with the standard office hardware, but complemented with a couch and dining table for comfort. There were books everywhere. Mr. Rossi is a serious reader, consuming all kinds of material from fiction to science. Knowing he has been a jazz drummer, and is currently without a set, we brought him a green ceramic doumbek to play when he needs it.

Our first question was about the source of the heat in the E-Cat.

“The source of the heat are the radiations that are emitted as an effect when hydrogen and nickel in the presence of catalyzers react. We have a precise idea about the effect and the source of it. And they wrote a theory, but I am waiting until the patents are granted to describe the theory because the theory is strictly connected with the technology. We learned the theory from the technology and learned the technology from the starting theory.”

“What I can say now is that I changed very much my ideas in these last two years. Two years ago I thought that the E-Cat worked upon an effect that has been described, but now I have changed ideas in good part, and I think we have discovered very well the source of the effect. I think we have understood very well why the E-Cat works.”

At the end of the interview he responds to a question about his factory stating “I will not tell you where is my factory – not even under torture!

“The fact is, all the times that I gave information about the name of a customer or the the name of a supplier, the poor guys have been submerged by tens of thousands of inopportune contacts. You can imagine under a safety point of view what the risk can be if we give in this moment the address where we are working. When it will be in operation, it will be impossible to make it hidden. But for now, we want to work in peace.”

Mr. Rossi continued,

“The robotized line is already under construction. The factory will be in the United States of America, the E-Cat will be a Made In The USA product, both in the industrial and the domestic version.”

“The day when we will start the production is also bound to the day when we will be certified.”

“I am sure that Underwriter Laboratories will modify something to make it safer, probably we will get requirements from them. So, we can not start a production before knowing what we have to produce and how we have to produce it, so we have to wait a little bit.”

“But we are already making the robots etc, we have started our software service to the robots to save money and, of course, we will have to make adjustments when we have the directions of the certificators.”

So, for all the people who need to know, when Mr. Rossi says “We are already manufacturing the line of production“, that means the factory is being stocked with the machines that will manufacture the E-Cats. In other words, no E-Cats are yet being manufactured yet, only the robotic lines are being installed, and the software programmed.

Cold Fusion Now is currently preparing to go back on the road, heading due West to the edge the North American continent. We apologize to readers for the lack of transcript, but that’s the way the tire rolls.

We thank Mr. Rossi for his time, DJ Le SPAM and SPAM Allstars for their music and support of new energy, and all the artists, musicians, and inventors who, in the face of hostility, continue to pursue their vision of a new arrangement for living in peace on planet Earth.

Cold Fusion Now!