First commercial cold fusion reactor tested in Bologna

The Energy Catalyzer technology, engineered by Andrea A. Rossi and based on the nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions pioneered by physicist Francesco Piantelli, Sergio Focardi, and others since the 1990s, was tested in Bologna, Italy.

Around the world, scientists active in cold fusion research, along with new-energy enthusiasts, waited for word from the invitation-only demonstration participants. It was believed that scientists from several countries, including a European patent examiner would be attending the reactor run, taking measurements and disassembling the reactor to prove the design’s integrity

E-Cat 1 MegaWatt unit October 6, 2011 by Daniele Passerini
E-Cat 1 MegaWatt unit October 6, 2011 by Daniele Passerini
A regular attendant of the European events surrounding the E-Cat, blogger Daniele Passerini, muted his tweets so as not to ‘steal the thunder’ from the much anticipated report by science journalist Mats Lewan of NYTeknik expected on Friday. Mats Lewan has chronicled the E-Cat demonstrations almost exclusively throughout the many public demonstrations and generated several reports detailing scientific data that have been analyzed throughout the cold fusion community. See all Mats Lewan’s NYTeknik coverage here.

Continuous real-time updates can be found at the Pure Energy Systems special page dedicated to this demonstration.

While the bulk of the information and photos are scheduled for Friday release, 22Passi’s tweets describe an E-Cat running for about 4 hours in self-sustain mode, the condition where the E-Cat is not connected to any external source of power, and the reaction continues indefinitely. If true, and there is no reason to doubt the veracity of that report, this will be a huge victory for Mr. Rossi and his partners, and a successful show of the first cold fusion clean energy technology.

Self-sustain mode was ended purposefully in order to allow the device to cool down for disassembly. Allowing scientists to view the inner components of the E-Cat will prove, at least to those present, that there is no additional input power to the reactor other than the nickel-hydrogen reaction chamber itself.

Some as yet unconfirmed data compliments of Raymond Zreick’s tweets include “the steam was always kept above 110 degrees” and a cryptic “from 15 to 19 the difference in average temperature was 5 ° C (water inlet and outlet water), for 0.6 cubic meters / hour”. That sentence may mean from 15:00 hours to 19:00 hours the difference between the ambient temperature of the incoming water and the Energy-Catalyzed hot outgoing water was 5 degrees with a volumetric water flow of 0.6 cubic meters per hour. This is the data needed to compute the thermal energy generated by the E-Cat reactor and, if true, indicates a very good output of energy.

Multiplying the total mass of the water that went through the reactor in self-sustain mode with the specific heat of water and the change in temperature will give you the amount of energy used to perform that work in joules.

Change in temperature of $\Delta T = 5^\circ$ for $2400$ kilograms of water, using a specific heat of water of $4.2 \text{\hspace{0.7 mm}kJ/kg \hspace{0.7 mm}} \cdot \text{\hspace{0.7 mm}}^\circ C$ gives

$(5^\circ) (4.2) (2400 ) = 50,400 \text{\hspace{0.5 mm} kiloJoules of energy}$.

These preliminary numbers show an energy of 50.4 Megajoules of energy expended to heat the water. Dividing the energy above by the total time 4 hours = 14,400 seconds gives

$\frac{50.4 \text{\hspace{0.7 mm} x \hspace{0.7 mm}} 10^6 \text{\hspace{0.7 mm} Joules}}{14,400 \text{\hspace{0.7 mm} seconds}} = 3500 \text{\hspace{0.5 mm} Watts}$

or, a power of 3.5 kiloWatts, where power is the energy delivered each second of operation. We look forward to confirmed details tomorrow from Mats Lewan.

Some of the media in attendance included Radio24’s Mauricio Melis, Irene Zreick and Raymond Zreick of Focus Magazine, and Radio Città del Capo who interviewed Greek scientist and former ambassador to Italy Christos Stremmenos also there to see the demonstration. Confindustria, an organization representing the manufacturing and service industries in Italy, and Enrico Billi was also reported in attendance.

Italian scientists Sergio Focardi, Giuseppe Levi and Loris Ferrari from the University of Bologna, where the event was held, were also joined by other unnamed physicists invited by Professor Focardi.

Corporate media in the US have ignored developments in cold fusion and there appears to be no coverage on Mr. Rossi’s E-Cat technology at all. However, Wired magazine published an article about today’s demonstration online at their UK site “Cold fusion rears its head as ‘E-Cat’ research promises to change the world“.

When one nickel in your pocket can generate E-Cat energy equivalent to 5 barrels of oil, you can be sure it will change the world.

Cold Fusion Now!

Specific Heat of Water from Engineering Toolbox

Rally Monkey!

Per il signor Rossi, e tutti i colleghi raduno a Bologna:
vi auguriamo il successo di questo test importante
della vostra energia rivoluzionaria tecnologia ed
una consegna rapida di Nuovo Fuoco per il pianeta!

To Mr. Rossi, and all colleagues gathering in Bologna:
we wish you success on this important test run
of your revolutionary energy technology and
a swift delivery of New Fire to the planet!

May we wake up tomorrow
and step on a path to freedom,
peace and prosperity for all the world.

Maggio ci svegliamo domani
e passo su un sentiero verso la libertà,
pace e prosperità per tutto il mondo.

Event Coverage from World Wide Lab:

Steam Heat teaser

Blogger Daniele Passerini
Follow Daniele on Twitter

Forum on Focus Magazine

E-Cat Press Mats Lewan NyTeknik Energi

Viareggio Cold Fusion conference: science, politics, and an Italian competitor

A conference titled “Has cold fusion become a reality?” was held at 4:00 PM July 23 at Villa Borbone in Viareggio, Italy. The conference was hosted by Italian solar energy company Delta Energie. Among the participants were Andrea Rossi via Skype; his research partner, retired University of Bologna physicist Sergio Focardi, via a pre-recorded presentation; Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare physicist and cold fusion researcher Francesco Celani; astrophysicist and futurologist Mario Menichella; renewable energy researcher and author Roy Virgilio; and author and blogger Daniele Passerini, who is also a long-time friend of University of Bologna physicist Giuseppe Levi.

Fusione Fredda by Roy Virgillio Roy Virgilio is the author of a small Italian paperback book on cold fusion and an acquaintance of Francesco Piantelli, an early researcher in nickel-hydrogen reactions. Daniele Passerini has provided a summary of events on his blog and promises a video of the conference will appear online in a few days. Giorgio at Talk Polywell has provided an English translation of the more important news from the conference:

16.13 – Rossi is contacted on Skype, he confirms delivery of the 1MW plant according schedule. The first industrial plant will be delivered “patent pending”, hoping that this will push the European patent application.
Domestic reactors will have to wait a couple of years due to certifications.

16.57 – Focardi in his pre-recorded interview states again that he does not know the Nuclear process that brings an atom of nikel to capture a proton and transform it into Copper, but the chemical analysis prove that this is what happens.

17.03 – The temperature when the reaction starts is 60-70° C.

17.05 – Focardi states that many samples of reactors has been tested, including closed circuit reactors.

17.56 – Celani states that he is researching on nanoparticles deposited on thin and long strings of Pd, in Deuterium atmosphere.
He states he is getting 400/W/g at 500°C with good reproducibility.
He has worked also with Ni strings in Hydrogen atmosphere and he is getting an efficiency of 1800W/g at 900°C, but with difficulties in reproducibility.

18.26 – Roy Virgilio takes the word. He states that Piantelli research is going good. A new company (NickEnergia) has been formed 5 month ago and is already licensing his know how to other industries to produce reactors of different sizes. [The name of the company appears to be Nichenergy. —Ivy Matt]

18.35 – Piantelli is not willing to to make any type of publicity. He will arrive on the market with a commercial product and let the market decide if the technology is real or not.

18.37 – Piantelli is not using catalizers, just Nickel and Hydrogen.

18.39 – The first reactors that will be offered for sale will be on the range of the Kw. After they will scale up.

Another interesting tidbit from the conference.

19.10 – Among the public Milly Moratti takes the word and states that there are clearly now experimental evidences of Cold Fusion.

Now, for the one who do not know, Milli Moratti is the wife of Massimo Moratti, one of the richest man in Italy and owner of the Saras Petrol Refinery, The biggest in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe.
That’s a 5,3 Billion Euro Company.
She has money and the political knowledge.

Thanks, Giorgio!

That’s good news about the research and political interest, disappointing news about the timeline for the arrival of the domestic reactor.

Several other items of interest were brought up at the conference: Celani’s allegation that the public denigration of cold fusion research and the hiring of the best cold fusion researchers by US military and government labs likely stem from the same policy, the military interest in cold fusion research being the production of tritium for use in thermonuclear warheads; his naming of Japanese researcher Yoshiaki Arata as the “real father of cold fusion”, having studied deuterium in the gas phase (loaded into a metallic lattice or powder, presumably) since 1958; and Virgilio’s comment on Piantelli’s insistence that what occurs in the nickely-hydrogen reaction is not properly cold fusion, but rather some other type of low-energy nuclear reaction consisting of a complex sequence of events.

It seems clear now—if it wasn’t before—that the “Italian competitor” Andrea Rossi has mentioned several times on his website is Francesco Piantelli, with whom Sergio Focardi worked for many years. In his recent dust-up with physicist Julian Brown, Rossi said Brown had claimed that his competitor had a patent on the matter granted in 1995. Piantelli applied for a patent, “Energy Generation and Generator by Means of Anharmonic Stimulated Fusion”, in 1995, but the patent was never granted. However, whether the patent was granted or not, it could still be used as evidence for prior art in a claim against Rossi’s 2008 patent, which is probably the idea Brown was trying to convey to Rossi.

Earlier reports had claimed that Piantelli’s group had achieved 40 kW of thermal power and 7 kW of electrical power, but the recent report from Virgilio seems to point to a more modest claim. If the Piantelli device produces under 5 kW of thermal power, Nichenergy’s best option would seem to be to compete with Defkalion GT on price—and possibly time to market, if Nichenergy’s reactor is not also hampered by regulations on domestic use.

NOTE: this post has been updated to reflect what is apparently the actual name of Piantelli’s company, Nichenergy, based on updated information on Daniele Passerini’s blog.

Energy Secretary Chu “looking” at LANR/CF?

“Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy is looking at Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) Cold Fusion as a part of implementing President Obama’s ambitious agenda to invest in clean energy, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, address the global climate crisis, and create millions of new jobs.”

“This weekend at (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, a global group of scientist and entrepreneurs met to discuss the latest advancements in LANR and CF.”

“On target with Dr. Chu vision to devote his recent scientific career to the search for new solutions to our energy challenges and stopping global climate change – a mission he continues with even greater urgency as Secretary of Energy. The event held at MIT brings together key players in the Cold Fusion LANR and other types of Nuclear Reactions.”
— from Steven Chu looks at Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions Cold Fusion

We sent Secretary Chu a few Cold Fusion Now stickers last fall with our letter signed with 30 signatures collected over a rainy energy outreach event. Check his bumpers!

We also sent a wad of stickers to Dr. Arun Majumdar, the Director of ARPA-E. I wonder where he slapped his?

It’s hard to understand the article. Did Secretary Chu actually attend the MIT conference?

This would be big news: LANR/Cold Fusion in the Secretary of Energy’s sight, and admitting it in public! This is just about as official as you can get. Can funding be far behind?

Let’s hope recent progress isn’t derailed, at the least.

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New Energy Outreach – in the Mall!

Cold Fusion Now represented at the Humboldt Math Festival in beautiful Humboldt County on the north coast of California this past Saturday April 9 at the area’s Bayshore Mall.

The Humboldt Math Festival is a gathering for the local county’s math instructors from the earliest grades through Humboldt State University. Teachers set up tables and activities for the kids in the community and expose them to different kinds of math and science fun.

I have been teaching part-time as a math instructor at a local community college for the past couple of years, and I have presented exhibits regularly for community events, mostly on the topic money – favorites such as Paper Money and Inflation and Ancient Coinage and Pythagoras, with the occasional space-science topic such as Sounds of Space.

Now, there is little more important than finding another arrangement for living on this planet. And cold fusion is the clean energy that will provide this. This year’s topic had to be nuclear. I decided to try an activity posted on the Lawrence Berkeley Lab site called activity on Marshmallow Nuclei.

We had the kids make nuclei out of marshmallows. The protons were pink and the neutrons were white.

Kids making nuclei
Kids making nuclei out of colored marshmallows.

We had emission spectra tubes and diffraction gratings to view the different elements. A Van der Graff generator demonstrated charge perfectly.

Van der Graffted!
Student get charged over science.

The kids could then shoot the nuclei with a Marshmallow Accelerator operated by math teacher Michael Butler. (That’s two fellows perusing the cold fusion materials in the background!)

Professor operates homemade accelerator.
Professor operates homemade accelerator.

I had algebra students helping out – for extra credit! – and they did a great job.

Algebra students help out for extra credit.
Algebra students help out for extra credit.

Of course we had a table of cold fusion info for the parents and older kids. This was our assortment of books to peruse.

Books on display at our table.
Books on display at our table.

We gave out Scott Chubb‘s article reviewing Rossi’s demonstration which many people where happy to hear about. Copies of Robert E. GodesQuantum Fusion Hypothesis went fast.

Free info on science and news were available.
Free info on science and news were available.

And thanks to Infinite-Energy, we were able to giveaway a some Fire from Water videos, which are posted on their New Energy Foundation Youtube channel and you can watch for free, and a packet of info on energy and other fun stuff with a complimentary magazine.

Magazines were compliments of Infinite Energy.
Magazines were compliments of Infinite Energy.

We thank Infinite-Energy magazine for all your support, and best wishes in this time of transition. Your continued generosity has helped to educate alot of people today, as you have for years, with your rare publication.

I had a number of conversations about LENR technologies with passersby, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. One person said “Boy, I’d like to invest in this!” Many young people had never hear of cold fusion or LENR, and they were excited about the possibilities. I gave away all the info I had, and lots of stickers with the website on it.

All in all, the day was full of communication on an issue that has no parallel in importance. As our world unravels, and adults flounder, kids wake up every morning with an innocent hope, and today, though they don’t require it, we gave them a good reason for it.

Cold Fusion Now!

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12 kW cold fusion reactor demonstrated

Download the report from Prof. Giuseppe Levi, Dr. David Bianchini and Prof. Mauro Villa (Bologna University) about the experiment.

The blow-by-blow by Daniele Passorini.

This past weekend, a cold fusion reactor was demonstrated in Italy by scientists Sergio Focardi and Andrea A. Rossi. In this demonstration, about 18 liters of water went into the device, and turned into steam.

Speak Italian?  Watch their video release on their Youtube channel:

Of course creating steam means creating heat to turn a turbine, and that means creating electrical power. The device apparently ran for an hour giving off an estimated 23,000 Kilojoules of thermal energy! News and analysis.

See Jed Rothwell’s report and preliminary analysis on the News page at his LENR News site

This demonstration is still being confirmed, but many respected researchers are lining up in support of the results, in spite of rumors of inventor and engineer Mr. Andrea Rossi’s background.

The demonstration would be a difficult one to fake with members of the University of Bologna physics department measuring power inputs and outputs, and, with one of the scientists measuring the heat generated being the former president of the Italian Chemical Society. See the Advisors for this project here.

Sterling Allan of has followed this group of scientists and has posted a comprehensive article on his site here that addresses the issues with Mr. Rossi’s past.

This demonstration, when fully confirmed, will be remarkable as the reaction is not from a deuterium and palladium system, but a reaction involving hydrogen and nickel. The theory of this reaction is outlined in this article “Hydrogen/Nickel cold fusion probable mechanism” from the scientists’ group blog.

Using nickel, as well as other less expensive metals and alloys, will bring the cost of cold fusion power devices much lower than if they had to use palladium, a precious metal that is more costly to mine and produce.

Also, using hydrogen, instead of its isotope deuterium, means that the fuel for this type of reaction consists of the most abundant material in the universe, and on planet earth in the form of water!

From Mr. Allan’s article, he quotes an estimated cost for electricity generated from a device using this technology:
Rossi estimates that the cost of energy made with this system will be below 1 cent/kWh, in case of electric power made by means of a Carnot cycle, and below 1 cent/4,000 M J in case of thermal power production for heating purposes. That is several times cheaper than energy from fossil fuel sources such as coal or natural gas.

According to Rossi, the demonstrated device shown last Friday is their industrial product that is claimed to be reliable and safe. In normal operation it would produce 8 units of output for every unit of input. Higher levels of output are possible, but can be dangerous. They will soon start serial production of their modules. Combining the modules in series and parallel arrays it is possible to reach every limit of power. The modules are designed to be connected in series and parallels.

As we learn more about new energy technologies, we find that there are many ways to tap the power of the atom, and even the vacuum of space. Imagine a power device that gives a nuclear-sized power and runs on water? Ultra-clean nuclear power will take humanity to a new level of evolution. There is no reason to continue to subsidize oil, gas, and coal when these new technologies are about to blow! It’s time to get educated and get on board.

If you are in the US, call President Obama on the Whitehouse Comment Line 1-202-456-1111. Call your Congressperson.

If you are elsewhere, call your government officials.

Tell them “there is a clean energy solution: fund LENR research now. We want ultra-clean nuclear power from water. It’s been demonstrated many times over. You said that alternative energy was a high priority. Please demonstrate your commitment to new energy technologies by publicly stating your support and putting dollars into researching this science and engineering the technology of the future.”