New Energy Outreach – in the Mall!

Cold Fusion Now represented at the Humboldt Math Festival in beautiful Humboldt County on the north coast of California this past Saturday April 9 at the area’s Bayshore Mall.

The Humboldt Math Festival is a gathering for the local county’s math instructors from the earliest grades through Humboldt State University. Teachers set up tables and activities for the kids in the community and expose them to different kinds of math and science fun.

I have been teaching part-time as a math instructor at a local community college for the past couple of years, and I have presented exhibits regularly for community events, mostly on the topic money – favorites such as Paper Money and Inflation and Ancient Coinage and Pythagoras, with the occasional space-science topic such as Sounds of Space.

Now, there is little more important than finding another arrangement for living on this planet. And cold fusion is the clean energy that will provide this. This year’s topic had to be nuclear. I decided to try an activity posted on the Lawrence Berkeley Lab site called activity on Marshmallow Nuclei.

We had the kids make nuclei out of marshmallows. The protons were pink and the neutrons were white.

Kids making nuclei
Kids making nuclei out of colored marshmallows.

We had emission spectra tubes and diffraction gratings to view the different elements. A Van der Graff generator demonstrated charge perfectly.

Van der Graffted!
Student get charged over science.

The kids could then shoot the nuclei with a Marshmallow Accelerator operated by math teacher Michael Butler. (That’s two fellows perusing the cold fusion materials in the background!)

Professor operates homemade accelerator.
Professor operates homemade accelerator.

I had algebra students helping out – for extra credit! – and they did a great job.

Algebra students help out for extra credit.
Algebra students help out for extra credit.

Of course we had a table of cold fusion info for the parents and older kids. This was our assortment of books to peruse.

Books on display at our table.
Books on display at our table.

We gave out Scott Chubb‘s article reviewing Rossi’s demonstration which many people where happy to hear about. Copies of Robert E. GodesQuantum Fusion Hypothesis went fast.

Free info on science and news were available.
Free info on science and news were available.

And thanks to Infinite-Energy, we were able to giveaway a some Fire from Water videos, which are posted on their New Energy Foundation Youtube channel and you can watch for free, and a packet of info on energy and other fun stuff with a complimentary magazine.

Magazines were compliments of Infinite Energy.
Magazines were compliments of Infinite Energy.

We thank Infinite-Energy magazine for all your support, and best wishes in this time of transition. Your continued generosity has helped to educate alot of people today, as you have for years, with your rare publication.

I had a number of conversations about LENR technologies with passersby, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. One person said “Boy, I’d like to invest in this!” Many young people had never hear of cold fusion or LENR, and they were excited about the possibilities. I gave away all the info I had, and lots of stickers with the website on it.

All in all, the day was full of communication on an issue that has no parallel in importance. As our world unravels, and adults flounder, kids wake up every morning with an innocent hope, and today, though they don’t require it, we gave them a good reason for it.

Cold Fusion Now!

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12 kW cold fusion reactor demonstrated

Download the report from Prof. Giuseppe Levi, Dr. David Bianchini and Prof. Mauro Villa (Bologna University) about the experiment.

The blow-by-blow by Daniele Passorini.

This past weekend, a cold fusion reactor was demonstrated in Italy by scientists Sergio Focardi and Andrea A. Rossi. In this demonstration, about 18 liters of water went into the device, and turned into steam.

Speak Italian?  Watch their video release on their Youtube channel:

Of course creating steam means creating heat to turn a turbine, and that means creating electrical power. The device apparently ran for an hour giving off an estimated 23,000 Kilojoules of thermal energy! News and analysis.

See Jed Rothwell’s report and preliminary analysis on the News page at his LENR News site

This demonstration is still being confirmed, but many respected researchers are lining up in support of the results, in spite of rumors of inventor and engineer Mr. Andrea Rossi’s background.

The demonstration would be a difficult one to fake with members of the University of Bologna physics department measuring power inputs and outputs, and, with one of the scientists measuring the heat generated being the former president of the Italian Chemical Society. See the Advisors for this project here.

Sterling Allan of has followed this group of scientists and has posted a comprehensive article on his site here that addresses the issues with Mr. Rossi’s past.

This demonstration, when fully confirmed, will be remarkable as the reaction is not from a deuterium and palladium system, but a reaction involving hydrogen and nickel. The theory of this reaction is outlined in this article “Hydrogen/Nickel cold fusion probable mechanism” from the scientists’ group blog.

Using nickel, as well as other less expensive metals and alloys, will bring the cost of cold fusion power devices much lower than if they had to use palladium, a precious metal that is more costly to mine and produce.

Also, using hydrogen, instead of its isotope deuterium, means that the fuel for this type of reaction consists of the most abundant material in the universe, and on planet earth in the form of water!

From Mr. Allan’s article, he quotes an estimated cost for electricity generated from a device using this technology:
Rossi estimates that the cost of energy made with this system will be below 1 cent/kWh, in case of electric power made by means of a Carnot cycle, and below 1 cent/4,000 M J in case of thermal power production for heating purposes. That is several times cheaper than energy from fossil fuel sources such as coal or natural gas.

According to Rossi, the demonstrated device shown last Friday is their industrial product that is claimed to be reliable and safe. In normal operation it would produce 8 units of output for every unit of input. Higher levels of output are possible, but can be dangerous. They will soon start serial production of their modules. Combining the modules in series and parallel arrays it is possible to reach every limit of power. The modules are designed to be connected in series and parallels.

As we learn more about new energy technologies, we find that there are many ways to tap the power of the atom, and even the vacuum of space. Imagine a power device that gives a nuclear-sized power and runs on water? Ultra-clean nuclear power will take humanity to a new level of evolution. There is no reason to continue to subsidize oil, gas, and coal when these new technologies are about to blow! It’s time to get educated and get on board.

If you are in the US, call President Obama on the Whitehouse Comment Line 1-202-456-1111. Call your Congressperson.

If you are elsewhere, call your government officials.

Tell them “there is a clean energy solution: fund LENR research now. We want ultra-clean nuclear power from water. It’s been demonstrated many times over. You said that alternative energy was a high priority. Please demonstrate your commitment to new energy technologies by publicly stating your support and putting dollars into researching this science and engineering the technology of the future.”

New energy outreach: Success

The 10/10/10 Global Work Party happened all around the world, and Cold Fusion Now represented here in Eureka, CA. The forecast was Cold – and it was – raining, with a gusty Pacific breeze.

Still, we set-up at the downtown Gazebo with a table full of new energy info, initially covered from the rain.

Cold Fusion Now
Cold Fusion Now homemade banner for 10-10-10 Outreach Event

A little droopy from the drizzle, but people saw us from down the block with this homemade banner.

These are some of the materials people looked at. Some people wrote down the names of the books and authors.

Cold fusion books and materials
Cold fusion books and materials were on display.

Finally the rain stopped enough, and people came strolling by. We had about 35 people actively discussing energy issues and got 30 signatures for our letter to Energy Secretary Chu. Three people stopped to talk here, but only the young man signed the letter.

Cold Fusion Now talked with people about new energy from cold fusion in the streets.

We gave away “new energy starter kits” with some info on the basic physics of energy, a Cold Fusion Now sticker, and a few lucky (the most interested) got a free issue of Infinite-Energy compliments of Infinite-Energy.

Fun giveaways
Learning is a pleasure with the free cold fusion energy fun pack!

I used diagrams to explain what deuterium was.

A diagram showing hydrogen and its isotopes
A diagram showing hydrogen and its isotopes helped people see the fuel of tomorrow.

People were overwhelmingly receptive and supportive. Everyone who stopped to speak with us is really ready for change. We had some wonderful conversations about energy, and the differences between types of nuclear power. I think this is an issue I will pursue further at future outreach events. People just are confused at what the word “nuclear” means.

People were excited at the possibilities of a clean energy future.

Cold Fusion Now did what they could today to communicate the importance of funding LENR research. And we look forward to more events where the focus is on real solutions to our energy crisis in the future. It wasn’t just about doin right, it was fun, too!

Scientists and citizens want your input

Another group of scientists and citizens, this time in Spain, engaged in seeking energy solutions – and this crew wants your input! You must register and login to comment.

Another opportunity to bring up cold fusion! Will it turn someone on to the possibility of ultra-clean energy from seawater?

Go to and submit your comment about LENR.

From the website:

……This website is dedicated to interfacing scientist and societies in a discussion over the global energy crisis. The discussion supported here is intended to facilitate the discovery of potential, feasible, desirable solutions to the global energy crisis of the 21st century.

…….We want to perform an innovative experiment in Extended Peer Review, where the scientific information that we present here is evaluated by an extended community of peers, including scientists from various different disciplines and/or laypersons from outside of scientific society.

The aim is to develop a conversation about energy future scenarios between scientists and general publics throughout the world, using a combination of face to face discussion and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – including Blogging, videos and radio and television broadcasts. To carry out this experiment we have created this interactive website, in order to open up and advance a public conversation on energy futures.

It serves as a forum for the internet based part of the conversation and also as a staging platform for collecting the cyber-space based interventions from experts and laypeople from around the world, which will be presented and discussed at the ‘on the ground’ Event Day part of the experiment “Fossil Energy Dependence and Our Energy Future: A Public Conversation” – set to take place on the afternoon of 22 Oct., 2010 at the Cosmocaixa Science Centre (the science museum of the city of Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain.

It was a good weekend

…the Long Beach Coin Show, bookstores, a mini-McLuhan meeting AND Wall Street Money Never Sleeps.

I couldn’t wait to see that movie, reading as I did the cold fusion connection. Well, dontcha know, the state of scientific literacy is such that movie reviewers have no idea of the distinction between cold fusion and laser-ignition fusion cause that’s what’s peripherally in the movie.

That “little California company” spoken of in the earlier released clips, is a Big Facility that is researching the laser-ignition method. What a disappointment. Still, it’s not Oliver Stone’s fault reviewers don’t know what’s up in nuclear science, and he kicks it out again with a great movie so I give the production 2 deuterons up.

Even with the wrong kind of fusion (and I have nothing against laser-initiated fusion for huge, centralized, and highly complex engineering projects that produce fusion power will still be good for something), as the movie ended, your #1 Cold Fusion Advocate gave out Cold Fusion Now stickers to the bemused patrons as they left the theater! I think they thought I was part of the whole movie event! You see, I shall never miss an opportunity, even when it’s not actually an opportunity! Perhaps we’ll get a few hits on the website, who knows. But that’s not all….

At the coin show, yapping with my ancient coin friends (and breathless from the ounces and ounces of AU and AR just LAYIN AROUND) I bring up cold fusion and dontcha know they not only knew what it was, but asked “How far away are they from getting that going?” Of course, I didn’t have an answer to that one, I was just happy that they knew about it, and support it fully, in spirit anyway. It was a good conversation that put the most important energy research on the planet back in the short-term memory of a few guys who travel constantly. Sadly, in all the excitement of precious metal ogling, I had forgotten to bring my batch of CFN stickers, but I’ll be sending those guys some stickers for sure.

But that’s not all! At one of my regular bookstore stops in LA, Alias Books on Sawtelle, just south of Santa Monica Blvd., I was paying for my purchase of Baudrillard’s The Perfect Crime (do NOT read that if you are already depressed) and I overhead two fellas talking and one said “Well, I work in the news business and …yadda yadda yadda…” I don’t know what his affiliation was, there wasn’t much time, and I didn’t want to be too rude interrupting his conversation, but as I was leaving I asked him “Hey, maybe you could do a story on cold fusion, a form of energy production with nuclear-sized power that uses a fuel derived from seawater….The whole sector needs some press and recognition bad.” He didn’t know what cold fusion was and had never heard of it (he was a pretty young guy, so I wasn’t surprised), but he said “you’ve intrigued me and I’m going to look it up.” Though I get the feeling it was my use of the word “sector” that increased my legitimacy with him, he really seemed interested in learning about it. We’ll see…

What’s on tap? The whole CFN crew is gearing up for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party where Cold Fusion Now will have a table with info, stickers, a DVD player, and lots of CF/LENR/LANR/ info right smack in the middle of downtown Eureka! Will an angel walk by???

We’re also looking forward to the new documentary “The Believers”. Hopefully, it will be positive portrait that shows the dedication and sacrifice that many have made in search of solutions for our planet. A good new doc would be great to start having some movie viewing parties…..

Forecast: Cold on 10/10/10

Science just isn’t cool. The last time science was kind of cool seemed to be in the 90s, when computer hacking punched through pop culture. Who can forget Angelina Jolie as the sexy-smart soon-to-be MIT student in Hackers?

But today, environmentalism is cool. And although many environmentalists could use a dose of science, it’s true enough that science could use a good dose of environmentalism.

So Cold Fusion Now will holding an action event coordinated with, a group dedicated to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere below 350 ppm. On 10/10/10, is sponsoring a Global Work Party to highlight climate change and our politician’s lack of response with leadership in this area.

There will be tree plantings, city clean-ups, solar stove installations – all kinds of actions and events around the planet – and Cold Fusion Now has signed up to participate. After all, what energy-producing technologies promise the kind of kick that cold fusion could deliver with practically zero emissions?

We’ll be giving out free Cold Fusion Now stickers with FAQ/information cards about low-energy nuclear reactions, like “What is cold fusion?” etc. We’ll be making some posters for a table, and heck, if I can get some more books (I’ve given all I had away!), we’ll have those out as well.

Think about your own event for 10/10/10. What could you do to change our energy paradigm? If you’ve got something in mind, no matter how small, go to and post your event. The more people see the words, the closer we get to putting this science at Top Priority, where it should rightly be.

Look up our zip code 95501 on their event finder and check out our Cold Fusion Now event updates page. I can’t wait!