2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar Available Now!

You asked for it, and now it’s here: the 2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar!

Jam packed with lots of new info and quotes, this year’s must-have gift for your new energy enthusiast is sure to please.

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Twelve gorgeous full-color images from leading researchers of today, as well as rare photos from the New Energy Foundation archives, grace the pages. Energy cells are lavishly displayed in close-up panoramic color!

Click to order yours!

But the 2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar isn’t just a pretty piece of art, it’s got the facts you need to back up your advocacy.

Find out who first speculated on the existence of atoms! (See January 7)

Do you know how much energy could be released by each gram of deuterium? (Find out March 31)

When did the Electrochemical Society designate F-Day? (See May 8)

What’s the melting point of nickel? (You’ll know on June 17)

Follow a special narrative of Tadahiko Mizuno‘s 1989 massive “heat-after-death” event, as he fills bucket after bucket of water around the cell that won’t quit, and it mysteriously steams away!

Get one mailed to your door!

Last year’s 2013 calendar was a huge success, and presented the field of cold fusion to newbies with prestige. Order a bunch to send to policy-makers and news media. They won’t be able to ignore the technology for long!

Send a few to your local schools, and encourage students to experiment with their teachers. They’ll be in good company with one high-school that has an inter-disciplinary program and working cells right now! (See September!)

Order now, and they’ll be ready just in time for the holidays to give the techies in your family the gift of a lifetime!

All proceeds go to support Cold Fusion Now and the New Energy Foundation, serving the new energy community with education, advocacy, and funding.

Caveman Science Committee Concludes Fire Does Not Exist

Cave Man Loves Fire

Original article on Build the Enterprise here.

In helping to think about Cold Fusion … let’s go back in time to when claims of fire-starting were first heard about. Recall how the science committee reacted …

Back in the caveman and cavewoman days, someone had the idea to try to create fire artificially. They had seen the heat generated by forest fires started by lightning, and they thought that fire would be just dandy to create heat and light at night and to cook meat. They were tired of eating raw meat. Since people had noticed heat was generated by rubbing sticks together, some had the idea to rub them together faster and faster. Eventually here and there people claimed they were able to start fires by this method.

caveman-fireOne day the caveman and cavewoman science committee met to examine these claims of people creating fire. They brought in people to testify. Some said they are able to do it by rubbing certain kinds of sticks together, but others said all they achieved was a sore back from bending over all day. The science committee listened to the evidence and then took a vote. Because fires were not consistently created, the claims must be false. The committee proclaimed that artificially started fires did not exist. It was settled science.

A year later the science committee convened again. A small minority of people were still claiming that they had succeeded at artificially creating fires. After an investigation the committee concluded that only 21% of people attempting to start fires claimed to succeed. Since the fires were obviously not consistently reproducible, this big claim of artificial fire-starting was declared pathological science. Additionally, it was declared that these fire-starter types were to be ignored and shunned. After all, everyone knew people can’t start fires. Only lightning can do that. It was settled science.

On the third year the science committee met again. This time a few cavemen and cavewomen objected strongly to the science committee declarations of the previous year because they were tired of having to eat in the woods instead of the caves because everyone shunned them. So this small group of people said they could actually demonstrate this fire-starting. The science committee members reluctantly agreed to witness a demonstration. The cavemen and cavewomen who claimed they could start fires took the committee members to their cave that evening. All of them proceeded with rubbing sticks together upon which they did for two hours, and then finally one caveman was able to start a fire.

Everyone including the science committee members at first were startled and excited. The committee members scratched their heads and walked around this seeming fire. Finally, the most learned among them said: “It’s a trick! Five of the six people who tried to start the fire here tonight did not succeed. For scientific proof, these fires must be consistently reproducible. They all rubbed the sticks together in the same way, but only this fire appeared. This is obviously not a fire at all. It’s an illusion to fool us.”

The science committee left in a huff, but not before declaring loudly that the man who said he had started a fire should be shunned and he should eat in the woods alone forever. What nonsense they muttered. Pathological fire-starting, one said. The committee members had far more important matters to attend to than this artificial fire quackery. Besides, how important could fire-starting be anyhow?


Postscript #1: Ten years later the science committee changed their position slightly and said fire-starting could be studied. But since only 21% of people claimed that they could start fires, they still declared that artificial fires were not possible to create. Furthermore, they added this clarification: “And the claimed fires burn not nearly as hot as forest fires, and there is certainly no theory to explain this. These seeming fires violate our laws of fire science and thus these fires can’t possibly exist.”

Postscript #2: 300 millennia later the science committee of the day finally conceded that fires could be artificially created. To this they quickly put them to use and burned Bruno at the stake for claiming the Earth revolved around the sun and that the sun was just another star. After all, the Earth is at the center of the universe, and there is only one sun. It was settled science.


The Believer zed short

Asleep at the Foot of the Bristlecone Pine

Once in Awhile We Should Pause and Listen
Learn About LENR Energy – Popular Cold Fusion
Listen to the Bistlecone Pine

As the SAGA of Cold Fusion Energy Unfolds
The Bristlecone Pine Bears Witness
As Do We
At Cold Fusion Now
Forever and Eternally Grateful for the Works of Sergio Focordi – et. al.
A Tribute to Sergio Focardi from the Poets Corner
Cold Fusion Now
In Remembrance to All
Care – Listen – Learn – Teach
Asleep at the Foot of the Bristlecone Pine

See Sergio Focardi in Remembrance

E-Cat World wants your video for LENR/cold fusion movie

A crowdsourced video on new energy needs your 30-second spots.

Frank Acland, proprietor of E-Cat World, will compile video clips from the public on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). The purpose? Increase awareness about the current revolution in energy happening now unbeknownst to the majority of people.

After two-and-a-half decades of science, a technology is being engineered that will transform every aspect of our lives. Yet the field is not even acknowledged by policy-makers and energy agencies from most countries around the world.

“I’d like to play a part in helping people understand that there is something important going on that could benefit countless lives all over the world — and I know there are many others who have been following this story who feel the same,” writes Acland.

“What we are dealing with here is not just another cool gadget, or an incremental improvement on an already existing technology. It’s something fundamentally new, which can be used to improve lives everywhere.”

The content of submissions should be facts about the science of LENR and the new technology now emerging. The project is directed towards the general public, so the message should be easy-to-understand.

Ideas can be:

  • Factoids about the science and/or technology
  • Description of historical events
  • Speculations on the effects of LENR technology on society
  • Environmental implications of clean, abundant energy

Those interested in submitting video should put their contribution in a 30-second good-quality video format such as .MOV, .MPEG4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, or WebM.

Include your first and last name, your physical location and profession.

If you are not speaking in English, please provide the text of your remarks, and sub-titles will be added to your video.

Send all work to Frank Acland at ecatworld@gmail.com.

Acland has “no idea what the response will be” so videos may be edited, and while there is no guarantee that your video will be included, he believes this endeavor “could be an effective way to share information.”

Don’t be shy! Just a few seconds of your time is all it takes, and you’ll be contributing to a global art project that supports a green energy future for all of us!

Cold Fusion Now!

Mystery or Knot Science “Cold Fusion” – LENR

DownloadedFile-3Mystery or Knot Science


Mystery is a Knot…  Intertwining

Science is an Art…  Unraveling


Love is a World – Operation

Love is a Lattice – Vibration

Love is a Source – Energizing

Love is a Life – Learning


Love is the Earth – We Birth

Love is the Water – We Drink

Love is the Fire – We Live

Love is the Air – We Breathe


An Art of the   Love of Science

The Rites of    Well Being


For All Life


Essence of Spirit

Heart of Matter


The End

The Beginning


Love Is


The Cold Fusion Quantum

Energy – Knot       Now






Ravel (the phase before unravelment)





raveled, raveling, also  ravels


Verb Transitive

1. To separate the fibers or threads of (cloth, for example); unravel.


2. To clarify by separating the aspects of.


3. To tangle or complicate.


Verb Intransitive

1. To become separated into its component threads; unravel or fray.


2. To become tangled or confused.


Noun  – A Raveling

1. A broken or discarded thread.


2. A tangle.


Ravelen – Obsolete Dutch


Ravel – [ˈrævəl]

raveller n. – ravelly adj – ravel vbs, also -els, -elling, -elled / in U.S. -els -eling, -eled


1. to tangle (threads, fibres, etc.) or (of threads, fibres, etc.) to become entangled


2. (often foll by out) to tease or draw out (the fibres of a fabric or garment) or (of a garment or fabric) to fray out in loose ends; unravel


3. (tr; usually foll by out) to disentangle or resolve to ravel out a complicated story


4. to break up (a road surface) in patches or (of a road surface) to begin to break up; fret; scab


5. Archaic to make or become confused or complicated


Ravelen –  A Middle Dutch Noun


A tangle or complication.

(quantum energy is presently attaining unravelment)


Cold Fusion Now!


Explore The Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Unravelled


Images from

“Ancient Celtic Knots Inspire Scientific Breakthrough”

Minute knots and chains have industrial and medical uses.

The Irish Times Science article 

Spam Allstars with new atomic jam

Cold Fusion Now Associates will have greater supervision in new location.
Cold Fusion Now Associates will have greater supervision in new location.
Cold Fusion Now is on the move again, back to lovely Eureka, California.

We left our residence in Eureka two years ago to do interviews and advocacy in support of the new energy movement, and we succeeded. Using movies, art and activism, we turned a myriad of people on to the possibilities offered by cold fusion energy.

Now, all efforts are focused on locating the new HQ. With all the stress, I listen to alot of music.

Last year in Florida, I hooked up with my old pal Andrew Yeomanson, a Miami DJ and bandleader of the Spam Allstars who spins with a CFN sticker on his gear.

Miami, Florida DJ Le SPAM has fusion-powered gear
He played me some tracks of a tune he was mixing in his City of Progress Studio.

About a month ago, he finished the mix and together with filmmaker Juan Maristany, made a video titled, er… Ruby Carat!

Woo hoo! Thank you Spam Allstars and Juan Maristany.

Yeah, I dance around just like that.

Cold Fusion Now!

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