E-Cat World wants your video for LENR/cold fusion movie

A crowdsourced video on new energy needs your 30-second spots.

Frank Acland, proprietor of E-Cat World, will compile video clips from the public on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). The purpose? Increase awareness about the current revolution in energy happening now unbeknownst to the majority of people.

After two-and-a-half decades of science, a technology is being engineered that will transform every aspect of our lives. Yet the field is not even acknowledged by policy-makers and energy agencies from most countries around the world.

“I’d like to play a part in helping people understand that there is something important going on that could benefit countless lives all over the world — and I know there are many others who have been following this story who feel the same,” writes Acland.

“What we are dealing with here is not just another cool gadget, or an incremental improvement on an already existing technology. It’s something fundamentally new, which can be used to improve lives everywhere.”

The content of submissions should be facts about the science of LENR and the new technology now emerging. The project is directed towards the general public, so the message should be easy-to-understand.

Ideas can be:

  • Factoids about the science and/or technology
  • Description of historical events
  • Speculations on the effects of LENR technology on society
  • Environmental implications of clean, abundant energy

Those interested in submitting video should put their contribution in a 30-second good-quality video format such as .MOV, .MPEG4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, or WebM.

Include your first and last name, your physical location and profession.

If you are not speaking in English, please provide the text of your remarks, and sub-titles will be added to your video.

Send all work to Frank Acland at ecatworld@gmail.com.

Acland has “no idea what the response will be” so videos may be edited, and while there is no guarantee that your video will be included, he believes this endeavor “could be an effective way to share information.”

Don’t be shy! Just a few seconds of your time is all it takes, and you’ll be contributing to a global art project that supports a green energy future for all of us!

Cold Fusion Now!