Mystery or Knot Science “Cold Fusion” – LENR

DownloadedFile-3Mystery or Knot Science


Mystery is a Knot…  Intertwining

Science is an Art…  Unraveling


Love is a World – Operation

Love is a Lattice – Vibration

Love is a Source – Energizing

Love is a Life – Learning


Love is the Earth – We Birth

Love is the Water – We Drink

Love is the Fire – We Live

Love is the Air – We Breathe


An Art of the   Love of Science

The Rites of    Well Being


For All Life


Essence of Spirit

Heart of Matter


The End

The Beginning


Love Is


The Cold Fusion Quantum

Energy – Knot       Now






Ravel (the phase before unravelment)





raveled, raveling, also  ravels


Verb Transitive

1. To separate the fibers or threads of (cloth, for example); unravel.


2. To clarify by separating the aspects of.


3. To tangle or complicate.


Verb Intransitive

1. To become separated into its component threads; unravel or fray.


2. To become tangled or confused.


Noun  – A Raveling

1. A broken or discarded thread.


2. A tangle.


Ravelen – Obsolete Dutch


Ravel – [ˈrævəl]

raveller n. – ravelly adj – ravel vbs, also -els, -elling, -elled / in U.S. -els -eling, -eled


1. to tangle (threads, fibres, etc.) or (of threads, fibres, etc.) to become entangled


2. (often foll by out) to tease or draw out (the fibres of a fabric or garment) or (of a garment or fabric) to fray out in loose ends; unravel


3. (tr; usually foll by out) to disentangle or resolve to ravel out a complicated story


4. to break up (a road surface) in patches or (of a road surface) to begin to break up; fret; scab


5. Archaic to make or become confused or complicated


Ravelen –  A Middle Dutch Noun


A tangle or complication.

(quantum energy is presently attaining unravelment)


Cold Fusion Now!


Explore The Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Unravelled


Images from

“Ancient Celtic Knots Inspire Scientific Breakthrough”

Minute knots and chains have industrial and medical uses.

The Irish Times Science article 

2 Replies to “Mystery or Knot Science “Cold Fusion” – LENR”

  1. “We are the primitives of a new age” unraveling our future. Thank you Greg for all your poems. They bring me a moment of peaceful quietude, and a linguistic lesson to boot!

    1. Yes success, I’m glad!
      I wonder if we could weave a lattice with these carbon nanotubes for tiny or large
      LENR fractal architecture? NASA hints at this.
      The Irish Times article was a great lead you posted… dig it Ruby.
      As quantum energy hits the market many will be thinking in Middle Dutch…….
      “Who’s responsible for putting the world in such a continuous and sorry state of Ravelen, (a tangle or complication) in regards to low energy nuclear reaction research… popularly known as cold fusion?”
      “Let’s try to disentangle it all and strengthen our resolve to ravel out this complicated story.”
      On another note…….
      I have a hunch, from the gleaning of my reading, that some sort of fusion of sub atomic particles with atoms (or nuclei) is taking place in the low energy nuclear reactive environment.

      I am also fairly certain that no where in “cold fusion” is fission taking place.
      Should this make us joyful?

      LENR Tramsmutation of Elements and Remediation of Radiactive Waste

      A floodgate of promising research and development is about to open up in this field of engineering.
      The imperative is enormous.

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