Cold Fusion Radio James Martinez on Rossi report: “This is a gift for humanity”

“Sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for the great news that the world’s been told.”

JamesFinalBW10 (2)Cold Fusion Radio’s James Martinez devotes a special broadcast to the recent third-party report on Andrea Rossi‘s E-Cat HT technology which confirms big anomalous heat from hydrogen-infused nickel powder.

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Martinez rails against politicians for ignoring this, but offers avenues for people to get involved. He is particularly critical of US leadership, which has consciously turned away from cold fusion, also called low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), lattice-assisted nuclear reactions (LANR), and quantum fusion.

“This technology will be coming out, and those who have been in control for all these years, their days are numbered,” says Martinez. “You the public are now in a position to take back your power. It is time to now assert yourselves onto your local officials who have failed us – for not talking about it, not supporting it.”

“There are cold fusion companies still looking for financing. That tells you how far and gone we are in terms of our priorities.

“Our leaders have failed us in informing the public on what is possible, and where our R&D money should be going.”

“There is massive amounts of money being wasted on nothing.”

Martinez walks listeners through Marshall McLuhan‘s Tetrad applied to cold fusion, to better understand the tectonic effects of this technology on our society, so that we do not become its slave.

This October he intimates the release of a huge news story on this subject matter, and that a well-known figure will publicly support the science and technology.

He also discusses the movie The Believers, a documentary on the early controversy of cold fusion, and its relevancy now that the Fleischmann-Pons Effect (FPE) is real. Martinez is featured in the film, soon to be released on DVD.

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  1. Great broadcast James. The mainstream media does its job well and their job is to keep us (“the rabble”, the “worthless eaters”) in the dark while the big boys find dumb saps to unload their soon to be worthless assets (oil, gas, coal and other technologies that will be rendered obsolete by LENR) onto. Boys will be boys.

    1. “worthless eaters” Can you find the origin of that quote? It seems attributed to Malthus, Hitler, Nietzsche, Kissinger, et al….

      An awful concept, but that’s what happens when life goes unvalued; apparently we’re nothing but biomass in a math equation.

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