Keep talking. Keep typing.

It is pretty overwhelming watching humanity destroy itself; allowing whole systems to collapse, rather than change course.  Cultures rise, and they fall.  At the limit of global expansion, we now confront ourselves, squarely. Do humans have a limit of irrationality

Giant methane lakes a half mile under the ocean?  Water samples blowing up?  Calls for MORE deep ocean drilling?  If this wasn’t reality, I’d think I was losing my mind in a Twilight Zone episode.  If we humans have a future, the immediate one looks rocky, and the anxiety in the chip body is palpable.

Time to unplug and get outside!

So I’m walking around my little town and I decide to stop in the Shoe Repair and check in with Mark, with whom I had had a wonderful conversation a while ago when I had dropped off a pair of shoes for maintenance.  In the course of our transaction, I discovered that he was born in Greece, and, he collected ancient coins.  When he was a kid growing up in the Mediterranean, they could find ancient coins on their beaches regularly just as they played around!?

Early 5th century.
Early 5th century.

Late 5th century.

Mid- 4th century.
Mid- 4th century.

Well, I am an ancient coin lover, and as a student of media, I’ve learned the relationship of the phonetic alphabet and the beginning of science and math in ancient Greece.  This alphabet effect is also reflected in their coinage.  (Indeed, coinage itself is an effect of the alphabet.)  Earlier pieces are classified as Archaic, and are raw, wild, abstract symbols juxtaposed, while later coins from the Classical period show a refined character, with increasing perspective and realism throughout the design. 

The coins pictured above are the ancient coins of Athens, called owls. The obverse shows Athena, the patron goddess of Athens. The reverse, not shown, has an owl, which Athena often appeared as. Of course Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, is the origin of the word palladium, by way of the asteroid, that is!

Well, I don’t know about you, but the thought of having something from 400BC in my pocket when I’m walking around just puts an extra spring in my step and I just happen to have my Athena with me on this jaunt, my original destination being our local Antique and Coin Shop.  I’d go show my pal Mark the piece first, knowing he’d totally dig it.

Now before you start crying that this is a Cold Fusion Now blog, and not a personal diary for an ancient coin lover, let me beg your patience, as all will be revealed.

I roll in the Shoe Repair and show him my Athena (mine’s the one in the middle of the pictures above). Mark isn’t busy, and he loves the Owl, so we start in on a little conversation, in the course of which, I lay a Cold Fusion Now sticker on him, and show him the copy of Fire from Ice I’m draggin around with me. Yes, I start ministering the CF.

He reacts astounded and says, “My son and daughter both worked at the fusion center!” And he runs to the back of the shop, and when he comes back, he shows me his jacket with the National Ignition Facility stitched logo on the front! One of his kids had been at Lawrence Livermore at some point as well. I am just like “Whaaaatt?”, aghast to find someone who even knows what I’m talking about, let alone whose kids have fusion research experience, albeit the other kind!

Well, I began to describe some of the differences between laser fusion, and cold fusion.. Turns out he had heard about it in 1989, but then heard it turned out to be a “fraud”. Thus the conversation continued.

He was interested in hearing about the story of CF and I ended up giving him my hardback copy of Fire from Ice, the very copy I’d gotten in 2004 after learning about CF myself (again, from Bob). He didn’t want to take it, and we went back and forth until he relented. He had to have it, and I know he’ll read it.

That’s it, that’s the story. It just goes to show, you never know who’ll you’ll meet. And everywhere you go, you got to keep talking about cold fusion. Sometimes the conversation slides your way, and a light is turned on. It really brought my spirits up.

Arthur C. Clarke said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Before the alphabet, words had magic. Just saying something evoked power. Isn’t it funny when the most important thing we can do for our future is to keep talking?

Keep talking cold fusion. Keep typing cold fusion. The words are cloned over and over the more say it, the more we add to the critical mass, and then, at some point, awareness will bifurcate, and instantly, our world is changed.

Oprah interviews cold fusion scientist!

That could be the headline, if you can describe, in 2000 characters or less, why Oprah should interview a cold fusion scientist!

For a limited time, we can fill a form from at and request Oprah interview a cold fusion scientist!

From Oprah’s site:

The Oprah Winfrey Show will come to an end in 2011, but before ‘it’s a wrap’, who do you want to see sitting next to Oprah?

We always love hearing from our viewers so now it?s your turn to tell us who YOU want Oprah to interview before the show ends. Maybe it’s someone she’s never talked to? Or maybe it’s your favorite guest you want us to invite back? A famous actor? A musician or a politician? An athlete? International icon? The cast from your favorite movie or TV show? You tell us ? they can be unexpected, notorious, head-turning, tear-jerking, headline-making…we want to know who you’ve always wanted on Oprah. Email us your ideas now!

Oprah is the real President of the planet and the power of the TV landscape is great. Let’s send her the message of cold fusion to propogate. She is Wise, and will not fail to recognize this powerful solution to the energy problems the world faces.

There is huge public support for green energy, but cold fusion has been left out of the discussion. Cold fusion is real, and the public-at-large should recognize this. Getting the words spoken and written by a critical mass will enable public support to accelerate the process of development. We need to get fusion power back into th discussion and Oprah can do it.

Here’s what I sent; character count with spaces 1679. Copy, paste this into Oprah’s box, and edit to your liking:

Hey Oprah!
“Cold fusion” refers to a safe, green energy source with no harmful byproducts and could supply 100% of our energy needs, replacing dirty sources such as oil, gas, and coal forever.
Cold fusion was the name given to the energy effect announced in 1989 by Professors’ Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann. Energies produced were unable to be explained by the conventional electro-chemical processes, but by fusion reactions.
Conventional theories have fusion reactions occur under conditions of extreme heat and pressure, like inside stars. The Pons/Fleischmann effect was produced inside a glass, on a table top, at room temperature.
Controversy erupted when not all scientists could immediately reproduce the power-generating effect, and it was shunned. But some scientists did reproduce it, and have been working on this ever since.
These scientists include, Dr. Edmund Storms, a long-time researcher in nuclear physics and author of The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions; Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI International, and Dr. Robert Duncan, Vice-Chancellor of Research University of Missouri.
Despite their technical background, they’re very communicative and absolutely eloquent when speaking to the public.
There are others who write and publish in the New Energy Times and Infinite Energy. Librarian and translator Jed Rothwell could also survey this promising energy source.
“We’ve reached the end of the beginning”, says Michael McKubre. Now, greater funding is needed to develop technologies useful to people.
This kind of energy could liberate humanity from the need for dirty oil and coal and usher in new world where we don’t have to fight over scarce resources.


This form is easy to fill out.
Activiate all your bodies for a clean energy future.

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