Battery Analysis

Boeing’s Dream-liner problems with lithium-ion battery fires, is a grim reminder of suppression of technologies [technologies that threaten the future of fossil fuel vehicle propulsion e.g. the ultra-capacitor battery described in my Protocol Canada document].

GM and elements of the Military-Industrial complex became involved in ownership of this new technology for the express purpose of burying the program in the back waters of suppression so that vehicle propulsion [land-sea and air] will survive in the profitable domain of combustion engines.

All these attachments directly relate to the efforts of the energy corps., the car, aircraft and shipping corps., to select battery technologies that will not threaten the immediate future of the combustion process [and of course threaten the tremendous sales, world-wide of fossil fuels].

The Ultra-capacitor battery would shut down the combustion engine in all road vehicles almost over-night and also when used in conjunction with wind and solar power generation, would seriously cut into the use of fossil fuels in power generation.

These attachments prove mathematically and philosophically how flawed the selection of the lithium ion battery is on all aspects of consideration, in relation to the ultra-capacitor.

Since GM and the military-industrial complex got in on development, the ultra-capacitor has gone nowhere in 3 years.

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The previously published document Transformation Protocol Canada fully reveals the earlier strategy of utilizing various forms of pressurized cold and hot fusion plasmas into traditional thermal plant processes for both power generation and propulsion systems [for land, sea and aerospace].

The technologies for the propulsion of road vehicles are presented in some detail in the Electric vehicles – new battery technology doc.

John Varney
Toronto, Canada

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