–J. Varney June 16, 2010 (update November 15, 2010)

The emergence of the electric car [and of course the electric truck and bus etc.] is now possible with the new technology of the ultra-capacitor battery. This technology provides units incorporating parallel plates and a barium-titanate powder and the total construction is of non- toxic materials.

The critical features that make this battery such a game changer are as follows:

When mass produced will cost much less [per unit of capacity] than all current battery types.
The capacity rating of – 280 watt-hours/kg. [is far higher than current batteries].
Hundreds of thousands of discharge cycles are available before unit becomes dysfunctional. [current batteries provide orders of magnitude less than this figure – perhaps in the hundreds of cycles].

Compact Sedan Electric cars with an ultra-capacitor battery of say 100 kwh storage capacity and 357 kg. weight will give a range of between 400 to 500 miles between charges.

This same technology has a potential valuable application to the renewable energy industry such as wind and solar power.

By storing any excess power during windy and sunny weather, this technology can compensate by providing steady power during cloudy or calm weather. When applied to a nationwide grid then calm, cloudy days in some regions can be balanced with stored energy release.

For several years Dr. Randell Mills and his company Blacklight Power Inc., have leaked news and a little information about a Hydrino battery that would possess remarkable storage capacity and extremely low weight and which is claimed to have the potential to power a car for a range of 1500 miles whilst consuming [for derivation of fuel to charge the battery] a mere liter of pure water.

With both the “Ultra-capacitor ” and the “Hydrino” battery research programs, there is that lurking probability that the oil and gas corporations in concert with most vehicle manufacturers will conspire to invest in [and ultimately control] these programs in order to effect a stealthy suppression and eventual extinction of these world changing batteries.

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