Transformation Protocol Canada

Transformation Protocol Canada

A cabal of politicians, forming the present government of Canada and representing the interests of various corporate entities rather than the public good, have hi-jacked the spirit and momentum of Kyoto in order to appease the mindless and selfish agenda of a ruthless and soulless capitalism. From the ashes of Kyoto, like a rising Phoenix, inspired by human empathy and cohesion of purpose and driven by the fuel of honorable and noble endeavor, we give the world the new way forward through transformation with PROTOCOL CANADA.

We can now accept the reality, that a dawn of enlightened progress, can now begin its delivery to the global village.

Various forms of controlled plasma streams, [the Hydrino plasma, LENR and LANR plasmas and the emerging technology of nuclear fusion via the Dense Plasma Focus Device] herald a transformation of global industry toward a non polluting regime that may not only introduce direct electrical power generation from these plasmas, but also apply them [via direct injection] to turbo-machinery and to the existing furnaces of fossil fired power plant [where the fossil fuel supply systems, the ash collection systems and the flue gas treatment systems, are all deactivated and removed].

This strategy will ensure that recent and ongoing massive worldwide investment in fossil fired power plant can be relatively easily upgraded to plasma power plant [salvaging the major portions of the existing plant and speeding up the conversion down time].

It would appear that one of the critical features for maximizing the “Gain Ratio” [output energy/input energy] of the various plasma streams, is the progressive pressurization of the plasma producing reactor [in concert with adjustments to the system component design and special qualities inherent in the materials of construction]. The pressurization of the plasma forming reactor, will facilitate the injection of the plasma stream into existing fossil fired power plant, the Plasma Turbojet, the Plasma Rocket engine and the Plasma Gas Turbine [for marine electric propulsion and for land based power generation].

We have a great opportunity, at this moment, to exercise faith in our collective scientific and technological capabilities, to leapfrog the more modest, methodical and comfortable research programs that are now in operation, to secure for our children and grand children, a real opportunity to thrive in a world that can recover from the devastation that our collective stupidity has brought upon them.

December 6th.2011
Attention of: Turbo-machinery and Plasma Scientists and Engineers
Subject: Transformation – From polluting combustion to clean and powerful plasma

Ladies and Gentlemen

In an attempt to prolong the era of the internal combustion engine, a group of major international corporations comprising of engine and vehicle manufacturers and the fossil fuel suppliers, have participated in a covert practice to effect the stealthy suppression of new technologies that threaten the future of the internal combustion engine [and thus also threaten the relentless and growing markets for combustible fuels].

The Ultra capacitor style battery, offering low cost and environmentally friendly mass production with superior capacity and performance to any other battery style on the market today, could be powering all road vehicles but the technology is now languishing in the backwaters of stealthy suppression, for the simple reason that it constituted a serious threat to the survival of the internal combustion engine.

Blacklight Power have identified a clean and remarkable CIHT [catalyst induced hydrino transition] based system for road vehicles that when proven should also be applied to the industry with the utmost expediency. CIHT and Ultra capacitor technologies may well provide the transformation required to end the use of the combustion process in road vehicles.

At the present rate of acceleration of global consumption of fossil fuel [for power generation and the expanding fleets of aircraft, marine craft and road vehicles], environmental degradation and the onslaught of global warming and climate change, will ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a withered and bleak world.

Do we, do the corporate executives, want the grandchildren to discover the traitorous role that was played by their grandparents in delivering for them such a damming inheritance [in the name of greed, convenience, expedience and mindless stupidity].

Almost two decades ago Dr. Randell Mills [with his company Blacklight Power], discovered a plasma forming process that, in a vacuum and in the presence of various catalytic materials, induced the electron of a single atom of hydrogen to progressively collapse to lower orbits. It has long been claimed that pulses of energy liberated through the progressive electron orbit shrinkage represents over 200 times the energy of hydrogen combustion.

Other research teams developing plasma streams from the nuclear fusion process [the Dense Plasma Focus Device] and from the LENR and LANR processes [sometimes referred to as cold fusion] are progressing steadily towards the point where application to devices for power production are a practical and competitive proposition.

The approaching disaster of global warming make it imperative that these remarkable new energy sources [not involving combustion and reducing pollution to zero] be developed and applied to all industries with the utmost urgency rather than developing and integrating them into the status quo at a leisurely pace over a period of many decades.

Many of the corporations that manufacture engines and power plant systems [in league with the fossil fuels and nuclear corporations] feel such a rapid transformation that will involve the end of combustion engines, will disrupt their present and profitable business regime.

Based on the emerging evidence of these plasma processes, it is my engineering vision that they be rapidly developed to not only be applied to direct electric power generation but also be injected into turbo-machinery for power generation [including marine electric propulsion] and for aerospace propulsion [via the plasma turbojet and plasma rocket]. This means that together with electric road and rail transport, the era of fossil and nuclear fuels could end within the decade and vast re-energized industries could be established including [but not limited to] the following:-

Electric power generation via plasma gas turbine, direct plasma to electric systems, wind, solar and hydro-electric.

Electric cars, trucks and buses via new era batteries or direct plasma to electric systems.

Electric rail transportation [freight and passenger] via electric rail or direct plasma to electric systems.

Small marine craft via electric propulsion from plasma gas turbines or direct plasma to electric systems.

Medium and large shipping [of all categories] via electric propulsion from plasma gas turbines.

All commercial, private and military subsonic aircraft via propulsion from plasma turbojets.

All commercial, private and military supersonic aircraft via propulsion from plasma turbojets.

All space planes via propulsion from plasma turbojets [in atmosphere] and plasma rockets [in space].

With regard to aircraft and space planes, because the quantity of hydrogen [as feedstock for the plasma process] represents a minute fraction of the weight carried [as kerosene] by today’s aircraft, the new era aircraft will be more compact, be far lighter and have global range if required.

The three major hurdles that must be urgently cleared, through round the clock development [via coordinated university teams including their manufacturer partners] are as follows:-

[a] To achieve a continuous and controllable pure plasma stream.

[b] To have the plasma reactor sufficiently pressurized to facilitate injection of the hot plasma into the adjacent plasma/air mix chamber of the turbo-machinery.

[c] To deliver the hot plasma [via a short passage] from the reactor to the adjacent plasma/air mix chamber for dynamic/intimate/instantaneous mixing with the air leaving the compressor.

This is a worthy challenge for our brightest scientists and engineers and never has their timely success been more important to our survival and enlightenment.

The attachments identify the conceptual designs for the various plasma engines, systems and vehicles that will exist in the clean energy era.

John Varney
Toronto, Canada


  • August 12th. 2010

  • June 16th. 2010 – update November 15th. 2010

  • The Plasma Turbojet and 21st Century Aircraft [.pdf]
  • Waste heat recovery applied to plasma gas turbine [.pdf]
  • Plasma Gas Turbine [.pdf]
  • The Small Plasma Gas Turbine [.pdf]
  • Plasma Rocket for Spacecraft [.pdf]
  • Global Fast Ferry [.pdf]
  • Plasma Turbojet for a Space Tour Bus [.pdf]

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